This is all about boxers and my boxer story

A boxer is the best friend you can ever have - both children and adults.

Its a very bright and clever dog. A boxer loves to be close to his family and do whatever they do. If you go for a run, they love to run besides you, do you love doing your garden - the boxer will help you ! Are you a coach potato - the boxer would love to lie next to you under a blanket! If you have a fireplace you need a boxer - he loves heat and they look good together😎

They love to run free and play with both you and other dogs. They love to train: Obedience, IPO, tracking, agility you name it he loves it❤

They love to go for long runs at the beach or in the woods, or maybe run besides your bike? But the most important thing with the boxer is that it is allways a very happy dog, with a big smile in his eyes and wagging his tail🙂

The boxer is always a big clown - making things that will make you laugh - with a boxer in the house you will never be bored😉



The love of boxers

I have had boxers since I was 8 years. We had our first boxer to protect our home, and to be a loving family dog. We bought our first boxer in my childhood home from kennel Se-Ci, which was an old well estimated boxerkennel at that time. His name was Se-ci Junta and he was the best dog forour family and us children loved him to bits! 5 years later we bought our second boxer - a female from the same kennel. Se-ci Rosita and I had two litters from her - one with Junta that consisted of 6 puppies and another litter consisting of 7 puppies.The owner of the kennel Kamma Kyed became later a good boxerfriend of mine, but sadly she passed away a few years ago.


I thought it was a miracle to be witnessing Rosita getting bigger and bigger in the pregnancy, and finally the birth 💋 I was hooked and I decides that I wanted to be a boxerbreeder when I grew up. 

When I moved together with my boyfriend when I was 20, I couldn't wait anymore and I bought my first own boxer Cassio at a little kennel. To be continued...

Our boxer History

I (Didde) has had boxers since I was 8 years.

We had our first boxer in 1981 - Se-Ci Junta from Kamma Kyed ( now unfortunately passed away😥) breeder of the year many times in a row. He was the perfect family dog and with him my interest for boxers started. 
I started training him when he was 5 years and I was 13 in the lokal boxergroup in Solrød which was 4 km from our home and we went on bike! We started train what was called BLP1 and 2 ( now BP B, and ABC) which was tracking, obedience and defence. He passed the BLP1
In 1986 I had my first own boxer Se-Ci Rosita and started training her as well ( she passed BLP1) and I also started showing my dogs.
Junta was a nice boxer and had his breeding test with no problems. Rosita was a light boxer, not a showdog, but had no major faults, very sweet and the perfect family dog.
They both had good hips B and A so I had my first litter of 6 faulthles puppies.😀 Some years after I had 1 more litter of 7 😎with another male called Aron ( Junta was now dead) 

Junta was 9 years and Rosita 12½ years when they died.

Then I moved from home and didn´t have boxers in many years until  my brother wanted a boxer and wanted me to help him🙂 We found a nice red male( Boxerkildes Aston) and I thought that these puppies were so nice and cute that I wanted my own. 
I had just moved into my future husband Lars appartment, and he thought that boxers were ugly. But fortunately he was in love😀 So when I wanted a boxer I could have a boxer
Then we bought a red male called Cassio a halfbrother to my brothers dog. 
He was a very clever dog and became both my best friend and baby. We trained together with my brother and Cassio was the born working dog. He was a very good tracker, wanted so much the obidience and was very good at protecting
Lars now thought that Cassio was a lovely dog and that was it, but when he saw the protecting work with the boxers he said thatis what I want😎

More will follow......