N litter 8 weeks

What a week - so much has happened and the puppies have had a lot of experiences this week 🙂

We started out with a short car ride with all 8 puppies and aunt Fanta. We drove to a nearby grass field, were the puppies enjoyed to run around ❤

Some days after we went to a dog place called Fun4dogs, it was 1 hour drive each way, so the puppies would get used to ride in the car and see new interesting places before they go to their new homes. They didn't mind the carride, and they enjoyed the time spend at Fun4dogs 😎

The next day they went to the vet as written below, and we trained the puppies one at the time to walk in a leash. It wasn't easy, but it sure was fun, and the puppies enjoyed all the attention they had, being alone out with me 🤩 

The day after we went to the beach - 4 at a time ( we were 3 pepole, so it's difficult to have more when you also are filming and taking pictures ) The puppies loved it 😘 It was a bit difficult to walk in the lease, but after some time it went well and when they felt the sand they thought it was so fun. The water was very interesting, and it was so funny to see how different the puppies reacted at the water:

Nikuya loved the water, after walking around in it, she just went out and started to swim😲 I was so empresses - she has got her mothers love for water❤

Nugget loved the water to and tried to swim a couple of times, but I think in time she will learn it!

Noisy (Molly) also enjoyed the water and nearly started to swim, but then she walked back in, but I think she will learn quickly

Neo Noir loved the water just to cool down and have her toes in🙂

Newton (Bastian) also loved the wate to cool down and walk in it.

Nitro ( Rufus) thought the water was lovely but he only walked one or two steps out😉

Nelson would rather just dig a hole in the sand, but thought it was great to be cooled down in the water 😎

Nugga (Argos) was like: is that all 😀 The water was wet, but it was fun playing in the sand🙃


Every night we go for a walk in the garden with the puppies. We have 5000m2 garden and the all love to run free and check out all the funny stuff there is in a garden. We all enjoy this walk and then the puppies are ready to go inside and play for half an hour and then straight to bed❤


At the vet

Today the puppies went for their first vaccination and to be microchipped. As you can see at the pictures they were all very relaxed and calm. 
They had their whole body checked and the vet listened to their hearts ❤

They stood very still at the table and I am so proud of them🙂

Both my vet and the vet nurse were very impressed by them and thought they had great temperaments and looked good🤩

N litter 7 weeks

The puppies have a party all day - they just enjoy life 😋 They play and eat and sleep. They have had their last deworming this week, and they had their nails cut.

Once a day we throw some food in the grass and they just love finding it - and afterwards they are very sleepy.

Every day we go for a walk in the big garden and the puppies love it, and love to explore the whole new world.

In the following week they will go for lots of car riding, we will go for the wood and the beach, and monday we are going to a place called Fun4dogs where there are different dog fields for the puppies- Tuesday they will be vaccinated, chipped and have their health certificate.

They will try to walk in a leash, they are used to the collar - so that is no problem🙂

We are training new sounds every day from YouTube and the puppies are just ignoring it😀

To us the time is flying, all to fast, but I know that the puppies new families can't wait anymore❤

N litter 6 weeks

The puppies are now used to be outside all day. They get out when I come home from work at 11 and get inside again at about 19 in the eevening depending on the weather.

They love being outside and play with the swing and the go around plaything they have. They also love their 2 tunnels and they often sleep in one of them. They now have the whole terrace and a very big playground at the grass.

They have their play aunts the 2 bostonterrier girls, Fanta and Agnes visiting every day and they all enjoy it🙂

'They have also been out in the big garten and they enjoyed to run free and stretch their bodies😎

They have all have visit from their new families, and they have all the best families for them❤

N litter 5 weeks

Oh my - time flies so quickly 😮


This week the puppies have been outside every day and enjoyed every bit of it With all the sun.

The last 2 days it has been raining all they, so we have expanded the puppy area to all of the living room and hall and bathroom. It is very exciting  They have met the 2 bostonterriers Agnes and Fanta and especially Fanta want to sleep with them and play with them - she is the perfect aunt❤

Since this weekend the puppies has started to bark and to play with toys, they love rope and teddy bears. They also want to play with balls but they are not quick enough yet to see where the ball goes 😀

They all love to cuddle and sit on our laps


N litter 4 weeks

There have happened so much this past week😀 

The puppies is outside every day in the good weather. They love it, and are walking around and look into their sourroundings. They are very courious and likes the grass. They now have 3 meals a day besides the milk from their mum and they all just love food. They love it so much that they actually bath in it 😲 They nearly walk in the food and when they have finished they have food in the head and all over the body🤪

They have had their first deworming - and they didn´t like it🤔

I have clipped their nails for the second time, it wasn't easy, they wouldn't lie still so we had a lttle fight about it😉 But in the end they have nice short nails❤

They have now learned to drink water of the waterbowl and they almost bath in the bowl when they drink.

N litter 3 weeks

The sweet 8 is now 3 weeks - time flyes🙂

A lot has happened this week: 

They have had their nailes trimmed

They have had their first deworming 🤪 They didn´t like it at all

They have been outside in the warm quiet wetter and they loved it. It was very interesting to see their reactions on the grass - they tried to eat it!

They have tried to eat canned food - they really liked it and tried to drink it, and they were standing in it so they had food all over their bodys and in the box 😋

They have opened their ears 😲


They are oficially now little dogs, that can walk, pee and shit by themselves, bark and growl and now also eat. They are the cutest little things and I love being around them❤

N litter 2 weeks

The puppies are now 2 weeks and are developing nicely🙂 They eat and sleep, like puppies do in that age.

Gucci is a very good mother and lies with the puppies all day and night, but she also enjoys a little walk or a run in our big garden😀

All the puppies has now opened their eyes and now they look more like dogs than like a mole😋

The puppies has shown their personality more and more the past week, and they has become better and better to walk at their legs, although they still look like sailors at a ship in high sea 🤪

Today ( April 10th) there are weekpictures and I have made some videos that I have published at my YouTube channel. 


N litter 1 week

The first week has gone and everything is fine. Gucci has struggled to have enough milk because of the C section, so we have helped her and bottle fed the puppies besides the mother milk. 
Now Gucci has enough milk, so we only supply a bit to 2 of the puppies that don't grow as fast as the others. I think we will do it a day or two and then they will not need supply anymor.

Gucci is such a sweet and gentle mother, and takes  so good care of her babies, and we are very proud of her ❤

The puppies has now gotten their names:

The boys:

Orange collar: Rieckholms Nelson Mandela

Dark blue coliar: Rieckholms Nitro the explosion 

Green collar: Rieckholms Newton the Wise

Light blue collar: Rieckholms Nugga the delicious 

The girls:

Black collar: Rieckholms Neo Noir

White collar: Rieckholms  Nugget of Gold

Rieckholms Noisy the Loud

Rieckholms Nikuya the Ninja Warrior



The puppies are here

Gucci has allways have her own will and this time she started the birth 6 days before time😀

We couldn't feel anything at her, but her temperature  went down and stayed down a few days, which is one of the signs of upcoming birth. She was very happy, loved her daily walks, ate her food and was just the happy Gucci we know❤

Friday the 27th of March I felt like something should happen and got an apponintm at the vet. Gucci was scanned and the puppies heart rates suggested that they were stressed and needed to get out immediately!
So the vet started to prepare everything for an emergency C section.

They were very professional and it all went very well. 

Out came 4 boys and 4 girls - 1 white and 3 brindle/white boys and 1 white and 3 brindle/white girls🤩 We are very proud of Gucci and the puppies 🙂



Gucci on her Daily walk

Her er vi ude at gå tur efter 8 ugers scanningen. Gucci nyder at løbe frit og løber og snuser og hygger sig❤️

Gucci 8 weeks pregnant

Today Gucci had her last scan and Everything looket fine. The babies have good heartrates and have a very fine size. Unfortunately Gucci is not the most patient Girl, so she is not Lying still for a very Long time, so it was hard to count the puppies🤪

But there are still plus 8 puppies so now we are just looking forward to the birth❤

Gucci has been very picky With her food and prefers canned food or raw meat, so that is what she gets🙂 

We go for a walk every day where she is running free and enjoying herself.

We have taken some of the livingroom to use as puppy area and put the delivery box there as well. I have a bed next to the box and a good armchair, so Gucci and I Can enjoy the birth and puppies together 🤩


Gucci 7 weeks pregnant

Gucci i still a happy Girl that loves her Daily walks🙂 She now has food 3 times a day, because the puppies fill up so much of the stomach! She still sleeps a lot, and preferencer to sleep at the couch in my arms❤ We both enjoy it very much😘

We will do her last scan next Wednesday to see if there is more than 8 and find out the birth date and maybe my vet can scan the sex of the puppies 

Gucci 6 weeks pregnant

Gucci is now 6 weeks pregnant and doing great 😉 She eats like she did before, and is now hungry as a Wolf 🤪 She is so happy and loves her Daily walks. She also loves to PLAY, so we play a lot With her toys! 
She is very Big already and she is bigger than last time when she had 9! puppies😲 


Gucci 5 weeks pregnant

Gucci has been scanned again today and the vet could see at least 8 puppies😲 They are lying very close, so it was a bit hard to see. She has already gained 4 kg and she is not fat, just full of puppies😀 At the picture you can see a perfect puppy brain - I think it's absolutely amazing❤


Gucci is still sleeping a lot, but she also has to bake all these puppies😉 She has had some days where she couldn't care less about her food, but now she is as hungry as ever! 



Gucci 4 weeks pregnant

Gucci has alread gained 2 kg and has become a little stomach 🙂

She is still a bit more tired than usual,but she also plays a lot! She loves her daily walks, and is very active when she is outside😀

She is now a picky eate, so in the morning she wants Greek yoghurt with an egg yolk and then she can eat her dry food later❤

She will have her 2nd scan the 4th of March 👍

Gucci 3 weeks pregnant

Gucci is now 3 weeks pregnant and a happy energetic Girl ❤ We went  to our vet who is an expert in reproduction to have the first scan. And Gucci is pregnant 🤩😎🙃👍😘 We are so happy and can't wait until the birth in 6 weeks.

The vet could see at least 7 little puppies - 4 in one side and at least 3 in the other ( Gucci wouldn't lie stil, when we moved her around, so it was hard to see🙂) She will have another scan the 4th of March, maybe we can see more there👍


Jeg er en paragraf. Klik her for at redigere mig og tilføje din egen tekst. Jeg er et godt sted at fortælle dine besøgende lidt om dig selv, og hvad din hjemmeside handler om.

Gucci 2 weeks pregnant

Gucci acts like she is pregnant: she sleeps a lot and is hungry all the time 😀 We can't wait until the the scan next Wednesday ❤


Gucci 1 week pregnant

Gucci is doing great. She is a bit more tired and sleeps a lot ( she also did that in her last pregnancy) 

She is very hungry and eats her dogfood with good appetite - but her special treats she just looks at them and wont eat them. For me that is a sign of pregnancy because she normally just loooves food🤪 

We can't wait until the scan to see if there is babies in her❤

Gucci has been mated

We expect our N-litter in the end of march 2020.

This will be a most wonderfull litter . We are looking forward to keep a girl from this litter❤

We expect brindle, white and maybe red puppies from this combination!

Hispano is a great old guy - 10 years old 🤩 and doing his job to perfection like a young dog - I am over the moon that I was so lucky to use this very speciel boy.