Happy new year

We want to wish everybody a happy new year with hope of a fantastic 2020❤

M kuldet 6 uger

We love the little devils😎 See more here

Agnes in heat

Agnes has started her heat and will be mated in the beginning of january 2020

M litter 5 weeks

M- litter is now 5 weeks and just happy little puppies ❤

M-litter 4 weeks

M litter 3 weeks

The 3 little panda Bears are doing great🤩 See more here









M litter 2 weeks

M-litter 2 weeks

M- litter 1 week

Fanta has gotten her babies

Fanta has given birth to her babies❤ 

Fanta 8 weeks pregnant

Fanta is now really Big, but enjoying life as ever ❤

Fanta 7 weeks pregnant

Fanta is doing great❤

Fanta 6 weeks pregnant

See more here

Fanta 5 weeks pregnant

Only 4 more weeks to go😀 See more here

Fanta 4 weeks pregnant

Fanta is doing great😀 See more here

Fanta 3 weeks pregnant

See more here

Boston terrier puppies


We plan our M- litter from our lovely homebred Girl Fanta 





I can see I haven’t updated my homepage in a while. It has been a very hectic spring and summer with packing and making the old house ready, and moving and refurbish the new house. The past years we have been making a whole new 1. floor in my boyfriends house, so my 2 children can have their own rooms and space. 

But we Kept Mini from the L-litter and the 2 other puppies have got their own great homes😀

So we will not have puppies until 2020 and I will only very lightly be showing Mini and Gucci


L-litter 3 weeks

The puppies are doing great - see more here

L-litter 2 weeks

See more here

The babies are here

See more here

Agnes 8 weekend pregnant

See more here

Agnes 7 weekend pregnent

we can´t wait. Se more here L-kuldet 😀

Agnes 6 weekend pregnant

See more here

Agnes 5 weekend pregnant

See more here

Agnes 4 weekend pregnant

Agnes is doing great. See more here