Hybergaards I-litter

Jack mated Gabriellas sister Hybergaards Gucci🙂

It resulted in a faultless litter of 4 puppies - 1 male and 3 females - all darkbrindle with white markings!

Præstebros G-litter

Jack mated Hybergaards Gabriella AK, HD-B  - Father to Ella is our own Gaio von Monsalvat

Ella had 6 puppies - 4 males and 2 females without any faults🙂

They are all Dark brindle with white.

They have all found new good homes🙂

Rieckholms L-litter

Jack mated Joana von Monsalvat in february 2010. The puppies were born 11.04.

It resulted in 5 puppies - 3 males and 2 females. Unfortunately 1 female was stillborn.

It was a litter without any faults:

Rieckholms Luke Skywalker - now living in Belgium
Rieckholms Leonardo da Vinci - now living in North Jylland - DK
Rieckholms Lumanji - now living at Amager Copenhagen-DK
Rieckholms Lucky Lady - she stays here!