Merry Christmas

Kennel Rieckholm wish everybody a merry christmas 🤪

Puppies 2 weeks

The puppies are now 2 weeks and doing great 🙂 Read more here

The puppies 1 week

The puppies are doing great - they have all doubled their weight and Mille has a lot of milk🙂 Read more here

The puppies are here ( 9th of december)

Mille has had her puppies❤ There are 4 boys and 4 girls ! Read more here

Mille 8 weeks pregnant (week 49)

Now Mille is going into the last week of pregnancy. See more here

Mille 7 weeks pregnant (week 48)

Mille is getting bigger and bigger but doing great. See more here

Oberst show - end november

Oberst  - West Lund Danish Dynamtit by Dandy was at the last show of KSS this year. He was for the last time in junior class and had Excelent 3 🙂

We are looking forward to the show year 2017, where he will be shown more , and to see his first litter in the mittle of december 2016!

Gucci show end november

Gucci ws at the last show in DK 2016. It was the frst time in Champion class so we were very excited.

The jugde was Arne Haugen from Norway - and it was the first time he was jugding in Denmark! He was a very pleasent jugde, friendly and kind and knew his boxers🙂

Gucci had Excelent and was number 2 with CK. In best female she didn't have time to run and show proberly so no placements for her. I hadn't trained her since last show because of pneumonia. But Gucci had a paty in the ring, and I met with all the wonderfull boxer people so it was a great day and a great show ❤

Mille 6 weeks pregnant (week 47)

Now Mille is in her 6th week of pregnantcy and everything is great🙂 See more here

Mille 5 weeks pregnant week 46

Wow Mille is already very big😮 See more here

Mille loves to be in the bathroom because of the bathroom floor heating 😎

Mille 4 weeks pregnant

Read more here

Mille 3 weeks pregnant

Mille is now 3 weeks pregant and doing great. She eats and sleep and is so loving as ever ❤I beleive she is pregnant  - she has all the little signs that proofs it 🙂 She will have a scan the 31. of october, so we know for real!

New boston mating

Divadogs Bera Banana aka. Mille

We have mated West Lund Danish Dynamit by Dandy (Oberst) patella-0, with Divadogs Bera Banana ( Mille) patella -0, back x-rayed with 0.

This will be our G-litter 

This is Milles last litter - she is also the mother of the D - and F litter. Both fail free litters❤

It will be Oberst first litter, and we are looking so much forward to see what he will give, now when we know what Mille gives.

I will udate the site G-litter every week so stay tuned here!

Gucci heart test 6/10-16

Gucci has her heart test today and she has a very fine heart and had AS 0 and PS 0 so Heart is 0.

We are very happy and very proud 🤪

Gucci Danish Champion

The of september there was a show in the Danish boxerclub Sydkyst/Ishøj. Te jugde was Vesna Curcic. Gucci should start in open class with 9 other females, but did a very good job and was excelent 1 with CK 🤪 Now we were really exited because if Gucci had the Certificat she would be Danish Champion!! And in the best bitch she was number 2 after a Champion - so she had the certificat and is now officially DANISH Champion DKCH 😎


Giselle (Gucci) vom Bruchsee was at a double show in Boxerclub Aalborg in Denmark. She was in open class and the first day the jugde was Ursula Heidelberg from Germany. She had Excelent and was nr 3in her class.

The jugde wrote: Gross, Dunkel gestromt, Kantiger sehr gut gewölpter Oberkopf, kurzer voller Pfang, Die Nasenspitze sollte höher liegen, sehr gutes Kind, Dunkler Augen,mittelbreite Zahnleiste mit leichter Neigung, Etwas Kehlhaut, substanzvolles Gebäude, sehr gute Brusttiefe, etwas tief angesetzte Rude, Vorne gut und Hinten sehr gut gewinkelt, in der gleichmässinge Bewegung sollte der Rücken ruhiger ligen,

The second day it was the Yearwinner show in Denmark and the jugde was Radim Fiala from Czech Republic. Gucci was Excelent 1 CK, and in the end she was number 5 best bitch in a very strong class of beautyfull bitches 🙂


Giselle (Gucci) vom Bruchsee was at a show where the jugde was Bela P. Szabo from Hungary. The jugde likes Gucci a lot and she was Excelent 1 CK from open class. Then she was best Bitch with certificat and the BOS. Gucci was a dream to show and in the end where the jugde should find the BIR the only thing she was thinking was to play with the best male- as he is a playmate for her 🤪 And a very nice and gently dog❤ But now Gucci has 2 certificates to be Danish Champion, so she only needs one😋

AK - Danish breeding test

Giselle (Gucci) vom Bruchsee was at th AK - Danish breeding test. The jugdes was Margot Egeblad og Knud Rasmussen.

Gucci passed with flying collar and had a very nice description🙂

Elfie Patella-0

Rieckholms Elfie has Patella-0 Congratulations to her owners at kennel Gammelbygaarden

Nova patella

Rieckholms Elora-Nova has received the result of her Patella luxation test and we are happy to announce that she has patella-0😎


Giselle ( Gucci) vom Bruchsee was at a Boxerclub show and the jugde was Torsten Lemmer from Germany. Gucci was in Mittleclass and was Excelent 3 - it wasn't really her day - she didn't want to stand or run very good, so I am glad that it went allright anyway !

The jugde said: fast 2 jahre alte dunkelgestrungenter hundin, gross, substansvoll, etwas schwerer typvoller kopf, dunkle augen, verkurzter naserucken, fast breite zahnleiste, gut getragener hals mit etwas kehlhaut, gut ruckenlage mit abfallener kruppe, knockenstark, sehr gute brustanlage, vorne und hinter gut gevinkelt, gut im bewegungsablauf,

Picture is taken by Birthe Damkjær


Giselle ( Gucci) vom Bruchsee was at a big CACIB 2 days show.

The first day the jugde was Pedro Bispo from Portugal and Gucci was in the mittleclass and got Excelent 1 CK, 3rd best bitch and CACIB - the jugde wrote: 18 months old, very good construction and body, very good head with very good proportions, very good under jaw, stop and expression, elegant and strong neck, very good topline, deep chest, very good movement

The second day the jugde was Horst Klibenstein from Germany and Gucci was Excelent 1 with CK. The jugde wrote: substansfull dark brindle bitch, breedtypical head, correct ears, dry powerfull neck, high withers, excellent top- and underline, well carried tail in movement, excellent angulations, parallel movement with long steps.

Again I am very proud of my girl - she is so good in a show ring 😎


Giselle ( Gucci)vom Bruchsee was at a big show in february and started in juniorclass. The jugde was Piet Roosenboom from Belgium. Gucci had Excelent 1 CK, 3. best bitch and r. cert - I am so proud of my girl❤ The jugde said: 17 month dark brindle, very nice head, with good ears, dark eyes, strong mouth, with good stop and chin, strong neck, straight back good angulation strong bone, good substance, shiny coat, round cat feet, good temperament, moved easily with good drive.