The puppies 8 weeks

Now the puppies has left for theit new homes:

Rieckholms Lumanji (the white male) is now living with his new family in Glostrup Copenhagen.🙂
Rieckholms Leonardo da Vinci ( now Oscar) is now living with his new family in Northen Jutland.🙂
Rieckholms Luke Skywalker is now living in Belgium with his family and 2 other boxermales. Luke will be trained for working.🙂
Rieckholms Lucky Lady stays with us😘

Lucky sleeping on he father and with their friend Rosa

Puppies 2 weeks

The little ones are getting bigger and bigger🙂

They are now walking around and can see what they are doing😘 Their ears have started to open a bit now!

The puppies 1 week

Now the puppies are 1 week and doing very good🙂 They are growing and eating and slleping😉
Now their eyes are almost open and there are no unpigmented eyelids at the coloured ones!

Joana has plenty of milk and taking so good care of her babies😘

The puppies are here!!

Joanas temperature started droppning tuesday at 11 o'clock in the mornig. After a long waiting - I was waiting and impatient - Joana was sleeping and panting a little🙂 She gave birth to a big red/white male at 20.28 the 10/3🙃 2 hours later his little brother came- also a big red/white male. 1 hour later a white male appered.
Then Joana rested for a bit and then came a very big red/white female - unfortunately dead  I was so sad because it is Joanas last litter and I wanted so much a female from her!

Then Joana seemed finished and sleapt for a long period and the puppies were satisfied and ate and sleapt as they were supposed to

Thursday afternoon Joana behaved like there was something wrong so we went to the vet. She took an x-ray to see if the birth had finished and could see one more puppy. The last puppy was born at 01.45 so my hopes to get a living puppy was very little.
But at 19.00 there was a living red female with a little white I was thrilled😎

Joana 9 weeks pregnant ( 7/3)

Now Joana is 9 weeks pregnant and still doing great🙂

She has now got her puppy box so thats where she sleeps now, and I am sure she knows what she is supposed to do there😀 Jack is not leaving her site and are allowed to sleep in the box so far!

But she also wants a place of her own so she is digging some holes in our garden where she also hides food and bones🙃

Joana 8 weeks pregnant (1/3)

Joana is now 8 weeks pregnant and doing so good. She still sleeps and eats but she also plays with Jack and with her beloved ball🙂

Her stomach has grown a lot the last days and has "fallen" down so it is now very clear that she is pregnant.

Joana 6 weeks pregnant

Joana is doing very well.
She still sleeps a lot, but she also plays and wants to go on long walks in the wood🙂

She is very hungry and eats a lot so we have to be carefull how much food she gets!

We had a second ultrasound at the vet, and the puppies are doing fine and are growing how they should! We could see the little hearts beating at the ultrasound That was very rewarding!

Joana 5 weeks pregnant (10/2- 2010)

Joana is now 5 weeks pregnant.

She is still doing great but doesn't want to play so much anymore. The only thing she is thinking about is food - she loves food🙂 When I go to the kitceh she follows me, when we sit and eat she sits beside the table  - maybe we droped something🤩
She just loves to sleep besides the fire  and go for a walk but not in to heavy snow ( this winter we have a lot of snow!)

L-litter 2010

This litter will be Joanas last litter and Jacks first. We hope that there is a red female puppy for us this time🙂

Joana 4 weeks pregnant

Joana is now 4 weeks pregnant and doing very well🙂

She sleeps a bit more than before and doesn't want to play as much but still plays a lot in the snow with Jack or a ball - she loves her ball🙃

She has a bit morning sickness but we now feed her twice a day and it helps! She is hungry all the time now!