Jack 25 months

Thanks to Bithe Damkjær we have these beautyfull pictures of Jack - Thank you Birthe;0)

Jack 24 months

Junior Årsvinder 2009, USASIEGER2013,  Jack Sparrow the Fifth Element HD-A, Jugendspondylose-0, knees-0, AK (Danish breedingtest), MB ( Danish mentality test). Jack will be heart - and spondylose tested in autumn 2010!

Jacks 2 sisters: Jamila and Jubilee and his brother Jaws also has HD-A , and Jamila has Heart - 0 and Jaws Knees - 0 Well done Inge and Richard breeder The fifth Element😘😘

Jack is now 24 months and doing very well🙂 

He has had his first mating with our Joana von Monsalvat ( she had 3/2 puppies - with no faults( Ok 1 white !)
He had his 2. mating with the Gaio daughter Hybergaardens Gabriella AK, HD-B which resulted in 4/2 puppies without faults.
He had his third mating 11.06 with the sister of Gabriella: Hybergaards Gucci HD-A - and the puppies will be bornmid August 2010🙂

He has settled down nicely here in our home and are the perfect dog for us🙃 He is very kind and gentle to our children and their friends and he allways wants to play and have fun!

He is the best friend of Joana and Rosa and ofcorse our children. The new cats haven´t accepted him interely- but he really wants to play with them😀

We have started to train just a little bit and it looks good:,he has a good nose and wants to work for me and for treats - jack loves food🤩

Jack has got 2 new sites:



Jack is our new arrival.

He is born the 26.th of june 2008.
He is a beautyfull young male with very dark eyes and the correct boxerlook! He is well angulated, has a neck to kill for, nice feet, rich dark red color and symetric white markings. We have high hopes for this little lad🙂 He has an easy and outgoing temperament and is very loving

His father is: Zippo del Trinitad Herz-0, HD-A, ZW:74 -German index for HD -  in germany the HD-Index should be under 100 ( CH Nick del NettunoHD-0, IPO1-Xarline del Trinitad)
His mother is: Heidie van Boranka Herz-0, HD-B ( CH Aragorn The Fifth Element HD-B- Ferieke van Boranka HD-A)

Thank you Inge for this fine boy😀

Jack 6 months

Jack 6 months

Little Jack 7 weeks

Jack 7 weeks

Jack 6 weeks