Rosa retired

Rosa is now retired from breeding and living the sweet life as a family dog at my brother and his family🙂 We sure miss her, but we know she has the best life and we can see her as often we want to❤

Spirgaardens Miss Rosa:

Born february 2007

Father: DKCH Jelo Toppy
Mother: Feodora von der Rottannen
Health results:

- Patella luxation-0 🙂

- Back/tail/neck x-rayed - everything normal and nice - NO wedge vertebra or hemivertebra(butterfly shaped) or spondylosis🙂

Rosa and her son Batman

Rosa june 2008

Rosa has matured nicely😀 She is very loving to all people- children and grown ups. Espacially children can almost do anything to her - but the best thing is to slep in their arms.
She loves to go for long walks and run beside the bike🙂 She is nice to Bob the cat when they are inside, but outside she chases him!

Rosa is now in heat and will be mated soon(december 2008)


She is just the cutest little puppy you can imagine! She is not afraid of anything and she is loved by everyone who sees her.
She is now best friends with Joana and they play all day.
Rosa also loves to sit on your lap, sleep in the couch and just be around the whole family.

She has also been a good ambassador of the breed:
I took her with me to Jonas school and Livs Kindergarden and all the children and also the adults thought she was so adorable and wanted to know more about the breed.

Rosa 8 weeks in the garden

Rosa 10 weeks

Now Rosa is 10 weeks and she has become friends with our cat Bob, as you can see at the pictures!
Joana has since we got Rosa chasen Bob out of the house to protect Rosa, but in the past few days she has accepted that Bob is here.

Rosa 9 weeks

Rosa has settled down nicely🙂 She plays with Joana and our children Jonas and Liv.
But she also loves to relax in the couch with our children as you can see at the pictures.
Jonas and Liv think that she is so cute and she also has the right size for children that know how to interact with dogs!

I have played all day!

Playing with Joana

Rosa 3 uger

Rosa med hendes mor