We have puppies

Joana von Monsalvat has been mated with El-gaio von Jeropia in september 2007. This means that we expects puppies medio november 2007 and the puppies will be 8 weeks and ready for delivery medio january 2008!
At this site you will see pictures of Joana being pregnant, pictures and descriptions of the puppies from birth to arrival! Have fun🤩

Now the puppies are born: 2 males and 1 female. schroll down to see pictures.They are all sold!

Joana 3 years

The puppies 5 weeks

The puppies are now 5 weeks and getting more and more on their feet every day! They play all the time and both Joana and Rosa are playing with them - so they are 1 big happy family🙂 The puppies has all got new families and are ready for delivery the 7. th of January 2008.

Jonas and Liv cuddles a lot with the puppies and are looking forward to the holiday so they can be more togehther with the puppies every day😀

We plan to update with pictures between christmas and new year!

The puppies 4 weeks

The puppies are now 4 weeks and much more active. They play a lot with eachother Joana and Rosa when Joana gives Rosa permission🤭 Rosa adores the puppies but it is Joana thats in charge😉
They have now become their own room, but our children plays and snoggles with them at the floor and in our couch, and they all enjoy it😀

They now eats 4 - 5 times a day and also get a lot of milk from Joana!

Jack - 4 weeks

Jack 4 weeks

Jodie 4 weeks

Jonas 4 weeks

The puppies 3 weeks

Now the puppies are 3 weeks and just doing well. All of them can now jump out of the welping box and they have tried to eat meat, which was a great pleasure! They have now also opened their eyes and have got their little sharp teeth -and they can bite😮

Unfortunately we havn't gor new pictures of them, but hopefully it will come next week🙂

The puppies have also become their names:

The female: Rieckholms Jodie Fountain
The red male: Rieckholms Jack Sparrow
The brindle male: Rieckholms James Bond

14.th of november

The puppies are now 3 days old and they just eat all day! Joana has a lot of milk and the best mother ever. I have now taken some pictures of the puppies together and alone.

The puppies 3 days old

The red male

The brindle male

The brindle female


The birth

Joana gave birth to a litter of 5 the night between saturday and sunday the 11.th of november. She had an easy birth🙂 Unfortunately the first - a perfect brindle female was stillborn and the number 4 born a red female had to be put to sleep. But now we have 2 male: 1 red with white markings and 1 brindle with just a little white. And 1 brindle female with a minimum of white.

The puppies are doing very well and Joana is also doing great😀

The firstborn - a red male like last time!

Joana 8½ weeks pregnant

Joana is now really big. She eats, sleeps  and rests a lot. She doesn't play so much with Rosa as we are used to and doesn't want so long walks. We can now clearly feel and see the puppies moving around in the stomach - that is just wonderfull We can hardly wait for the birth now!

Joana 4½ weeks pregnant

Joana has now a bit bigger belly

The mating

Here you can see pictures of the mating the 9.th of september. Now we are hoping for a nice litter😀