We have puppies born on september 1st. 2008!

The mother is our Joana🙂- DKCH, Unghundeårsvinder, AK, HD-B, AD-1, and the father is our Gaio😀 - DKCH, VDHCH, BK-KLBV, AK, ZTP, VPG3, IPO1, AD, FP, HD-B, Herz-0, Spondylose-0.

This is a repeat mating of our H- and I-litter!

Joana 7 weeks- my puppies will be as cute as me;)

New pix of Kalle and Kassio 15 weeks

Kassio 15 weeks at the beautyfull beach in Estonia

Kalle 15 weeks

Friends - Kalle and Jonas

The puppies 10 weeks

The puppies are now 10 weeks and Kassio and Kastanje has both left for their new very good homes😀

We still have Kalle and he is really enjoyng himself - he is getting all the attention He plays with his mamma Joana and aunt Rosa. He tries to play with Bob the cat, and palys and cuddles with us and the children.
He enjoys playing outsie and is not afraid of anything but its too cold for him to play outside for very long - then he sits infront of our front door and barks:" I want to get in!"🤩

Kalle, Joana and Bob the cat sleeping together!

7 weeks

Now the puppies are 7 weeks - how time flies😮

They are now very very active. They play all the time - with eachother, with Joana, with Rosa, with us -  bothe the children and the adults and they also try to play with Bob the cat but he has had enough He has been the play uncle to 8 litters but now he feels to old ( he is about 11 years old).

When the puppies have played they get very sleepy ans then they sleep where they are - under the sofa, in the bathroom ( in the shower) or under the table.

They love having guests and we let thm meet all differnt kind of people and children. They have gut their last deworming paste and their new kennel klub numbers.

We enjoy to play in the garden when its not to cold - but it's a big world out there!

Kalle 7 weeks

Kassio - 7 weeks - its so diffucult to take photos of the darkbrindles with no white - it took 26 pictures to make this and itsnot perfect.

Kastanje 7 weeks

Kastanje and our daughter Liv - she loves Kastanje - she also decided her name!

Puppies 4 weeks

Now the puppies are 4 weeks and developing in high speed. 😎 They run and play, plays with toys and bites in our fingers and toes!
They love to lie on the floor on a blanket with Jonas and Liv and being cuddled🙃
They love solid food but mummys milk is still the best😘

Big Kalle is sleeping on the best pillow - his little sister Kastanje

Kalle 4 weeks


Kastanje 4 weeks

Kassio 4 weeks

Kassio and Jonas

Kassio and Jonas - love is: a cute puppy

3 weeks

The puppies are now 3 weeks old and doing so good They run, play, growl, bite eachother and their mother. They have had their first meal and loved it They have had their first intestinal worm remover and hated it🤒 They have been saying hello to Bob our cat and playing a bit with Rosa when mum is not watching🤩
They love exploring the house and are very active when they are awake. But then they are also very tired afterwards😉
They have been outside a very warm and sunny day, and that was very exiting😀

Love is: arms full of puppies!

2 weeks

Now the little Ks are 2 weeks They are really doing well and both their eyes and ears are now open😎
Joana has plenty of milk and again the best mother. She is nursing them perfectly and doing a very good job😘
Rosa has now milk as well and are really interested in the puppies, but Joana won,t let her near them yet and Rosa are so jelaous of her and the puppies🤭

Rieckholms Kalle 2 weeks

Rieckholms Kassio 2 weeks

Rieckholms Kastanje 2 weeks

1 week

Now the K-litter are 1 week old and they have got their names:

The darkbrindle male with no white: Kassio(reserved)  - he is named after our first boxer
The darbrindle male with white markings: Kalle
The red female: Kastanje ( chestnut in danish😀)

They are all doing very well and they do what puppies do in hat age: sleep and eat😉
Joana has plenty of milk and again the best mother

Rieckholms Kalle

Rieckholms Kassio

Rieckholms Kastanje

The puppies

Joana had her puppies the 1st. of september 2008🙂 It was a bit long birth but she did a very good job She wanted me to be there all the time so I was very honored😘 The first puppy she tried to push out 3 o'clock in the morning. She had good contractions and pushed well but nothing happened. I called the vet and told that we would come. Joana into the car and of we drove! When we had been driving 3 minutes Jonas our son said: what is that sound Joana is making? He looked and saw that Joana had given birth to a darkbrindle male😉 We were so excited! We started to go back, but before we went home Joana had given birth to another - but unfortunately dead puppy- a big red female with white markings- there was nothing we could do.
Well home Joana took a little break, and then came a little brindle male with white markings - alive and well.
The next one was unfortunately also dead - a big red male😥. Joana had a long break now, but I could feel at least 1 puppy and after some while she gave birth to a little red female - alive and very lively.
Then she was finish - she nursed the puppies so well and was tired but satisfied😘 The litter was without any faults and are weighing from 400 g. - 520 g. Joana has a lot of milk and the puppies are drinking and sleeping so all is well😎

Joana 9 weeks pregnant

Joana is now 9 weeks pregnant and we are just waiting for her to give birth Her temperature has fallen and rised again so we hope she will give birth tonight (sunday to monday). She is now sleeping and I am waiting for her to start so another sleepless night - it is so exciting to see the puppies🙃🙃

Joana 8 weeks pregnant

Now Joana is 8 weeks pregnant 🙂 She sleeps a lot and her main interest now is food and dig holes in our garden She is trying to find a perfect spot in our garden to deliver her puppies as she has done every time - but offcorse it ends with her deliver them in the litterbox😉


Now Joana is 7½ weeks pregnant and her stomach is now quite big She is hungry all the time so she is now eating 3 times a day She doesn't want to play with other dogs anymore but if yoy throw a ball she i ready to play🤩🤩 She loves balls.
We are starting to build a new litter box ( the last one we had we threw out when we moved because it was much too heavy-it took 3 men to lift it🤒)

Joana i 6. uge

Joana is just fine🙂 But she is extremely happy about food🤩 She has become a cute litle stomach and some big "tits" 

Now it is beginning o look like something!