Before we start breeding our boxers we test them for different things:

HD ( Hip dysplasia)
Spondylose ( Back dysplasia)

We also make absolutely sure that their temperament is the best as the standard says, and that they look as good as possible to the standard.

We will never breed a dog with a poor temperament!!

Rieckholm stands for:
Type, Harmony and Feat
In danish:
Type Harmoni Præstation

When you buy a boxer from us you will get:

DKK- Pedigree
DKK- buyers contract
Healt certificate from the vet
2 years guarantee of health
Food for 2 weeks

The puppies also had:

3x deeworming
puppies growing up in our house with all the noises, children, other dogs, cats, try to drive by car, lots of fresh air
All the love we can give🤪

Joana and Rieckholms J-litter