DKCH,AK, Youthdogwinner2004 ( Unghunde Årsvinder 2004), HD-B, AD-1
Born 11.04.2003- dead 12.12.2012

RIP Joana
11.04.2002 - 12.12.2012

Unfortunately we had to put Joana to sleep. She had a lot of pain and she didn't have a good life anymore.

Run free Joana, we love you  - run free at rainbowbrigde!

It has taken me allmost 2 years to write this. It has been too painfull to write it, and I am sitting here crying while I am writing. I miss my girl so much!

September 2012

Joana is now 9 years and 5 months🙂

She has become very grey, but still going strong... She is an old dog now, but she is very happy and still plays with both Luna and Mille😋

We love our old girl very much and hope she has many good years left!

December 2011

Joana 8½ years and after 5 litters  - still going strong - and look at her underline - you can´t see she has nursed several litters🙂

March 2007

Joana has a great personality, she is just the perfect familydog and has the perfect boxertemperament. She is quiet and calm in the house, obidient and wants to work when we are on the trainingfield and  beautyfull and showing herself of in the showring. She loves our children and all other children and has a special bond  to our daughter Liv at now 3 years.

Joana has had 5 litters -
- 1 in january 2005 consisting of  5/2 and 4/0 living - Rieckholms H-litter 
-  1 in july 2006 consisting of 1/4 but unfortunately 2 were stillborn so there were 1/2 surviving puppies- Rieckholms I- litter.
- Her 3rd litter she had in november 2007 2/3 unfortunately 2 were stillborn so there was 2/1 - Rieckholms J-litter.
- The K-litter consisted of 2 males and 1 female.
- her 5th litter was born in spring 2010 and consisted of 3 males and 2 females - unfortunately 1 female was stillborn.

Joana has also won very well in the showring and is Danish young dog year winner 2004, and has 2 danish cert and 1 CACIB😎 Joana was the 22nd of march DANISH CHAMPION and BEST OF BREED!!!

May 2008

Joana is such a sweet boxer with a great loving personality😘She is calm indoors and love to snogle with Rosa and our children. Outdoors she wants to play with Rosa our with her beloved ball, run - she loves running besides the bike. She also loves the beach  -to dig, swim and catch the ball🙂

Joana 3 years

As puppy

This is an introduction to our breeding bitch - Joana. She is a very lovely, beautyfull, wellbred Bitch. At the picture she is 6 weeks old and just lovely!