VDHCH,DKCH, BKKLV, ZTP, AD, FP, AK, IPO1, VPG 2, VPG 3, HD-B, AA-0, Heart - 0, Spondylose - 1

Gaio 5 years

This is an introduction to our studdog - Gaio von Monsalvat, HD-B, AD-0, Herz-0, Spondylose-1.😋

He is owned in partnership with Heidi Neumann in Zwinger von Monsalvat  - Germany, where he now lives.

He is offered at stud to approved bitches.He doesn´t inherit white puppies.

Gaio is a very happy and outgoing dog. Everybody that sees him loves him because he is so sweetnatured and loving, and loves to sit on your lap - he thinks he is a lapdog and not a 35 kg. heavy boxer! He is very lovable and likes all children, cats, small dogs and bitches. The big male dogs he can play with but if they provoke him he is ready for a quick fight. But that happens very seldom!
Gaio also loves to run besides the bike and when we took the AD test (run besides the bike 20 km) he loved it to be a race and was the irst from the beginning to the end, and didn't want to stop when the 20 km was over🤩 
Another thing he loves is to train, espacially tracking and defence work and he has the VPG3 to prove it🙂

Gaio is also a very beautyfull dog and is German Champion, Danish Champion, Danish Klubwinner!

Gaio 6 years

Gaio is now 6 years and still going strong🙂 He is such a sweet and loving dog🙃

Gaio at work - fall 2006

Gaio at training


Gaio april 2004

Gaio winter 2005

Gaio had his VPG 2 and VPG 3 in may 2006 in Germany.