M-litter 7 weeks

The puppies are doing so great - they are growing, playing, eating, sleeping and playing all day long 😀

They have developed very nicely all of them and I am so proud ❤

This week they have been chipped and gone by car to the vet to be weighted. They have also had another roadtrip to a big garden where they played well with their two foster moms Nova and Fanta 🤪  Both the mothers are still nursing the puppies and they play and educate all the puppies as well!  Also auntie Agnes and Mille are playing with them so they learn a lot of dog language 🙂 In this comming week the puppies will drive car almost every day. They will go to the beach and to the vet and get vaccinated and their health papers. They will try leash and dog collar and go to the wonderful big garden maybe every day!

M-litter 6 weeks

Rieckholms Merlin

The M-litter are growing and having the best time-

They are so funny, adorable and cute and I love watcing them all! They are playing all day and then they crash and sleep whereever they are. They also love to sit on your lap and just have a good time ❤

They are really showing their personalities now and the house is filled with action 🤪


M-litter 5 weeks

Rieckholms Mustang

The 7 boys and 1 girl are doing so great 🙂

They are blessed with now 2 moms with milk and 2 play aunts!

They are so happy and lively, and it is a pleasure to see their always wagging tails ❤

They have in this week, been shortly outside and that was fun but cold. They have had their nails cut and been dewormed and that was disgusting 🤒 

They love the new play tunnel, the babytoy and the toyrats.


M-litter 4 weeks

We love our new mom

The 8 Ms are doing great - they have now learned to eat themselve and they are growing and thriving. they now have 2 foster moms that both have a milkbar so they are so lucky. Right now we have 4 bostonterriers and 3 pups- The mom to the pups Nova is giving all the  puppies milk and play with them. My other bostonterrier Fanta has in the past week got milk and are taking care of all 11 pups and are nursing and licking them. Our youngest Agnes is playing with all the puppies and the oldest Mille is learning them what a growl means  - so they are learning a lot of dog language 😋

All the 7 boys are having their ball down - I am very proud as a breeder!

It is so rewarding to see the 11 puppies grow up with eachother and play, I could sit and look at them all day, and I love all the kisses ❤


M-litter 2.5 weeks

Unfortunately Gucci stressed a lot with all that lively puppies that were moving around all the time, so she didn't have enough milk, so the puppies ran around a lot to find the milkbar and they were sucking and sucking. We are nott sure why, but suddenly Gucci was hitting one of the girls and touched so unfortunate that the skin of the puppys jaw fell half off. Gucci was so unhappy and didn't know what to do and licked the puppies. we went to the vet and she sewed the skin on. But the next day it fell off again and we unfortunately had to put the puppy to sleep.

With the guidance of 3 vets and a dog behaviourist, we decided to move the puppies to my bostonterrier that had puppies a week older and it was an imediate succes-

Nova loved them from the beginning and I was feeding the puppies every 3 hours and Nova was breasfeeding and licking the little ones- we are so happy that it all went well-

M-litter 2 weeks

The 9 puppies are a very lively bunch. They eat and walk around and sleep.

They have all opened their eyes now and are about to open their ears!

They have all pigmented eyelids🙂

M-litter 1 week

The 7 boys and the 2 girls are growing and thriving ❤ Gucci is an exelent mum and she enjoys  her new title 🤩

She is very caring and carefull!

The puppies are very lively and can almost walk in search of the milkbar!

They have started to open their eyes a bit so it will not last long before the eyes are fully open 😘

The puppies are here

The puppies arrived the 24th of october.

Gucci had a nice easy and uncomplicated birth and delivered 9 fine brindle puppies.

There are 2 girls and 7 boys and they are all looking great.

Gucci is a very caring mother and just to try an weigh the puppies or try and take pictures of them alone she interferes and put her head of the puppy, so we wait a bit for that. I know I have promised to take pictures of them individually but uít has proven very diffucult so we wait a bit. Hopefully I can do it tomorrow!

Gucci delivered the first puppy - a big male at 5 pm. Then there were 4 more males within the first hour 🤪 We thought she was finish at 10 pm and we went out with her and´cleaned her bed. She lay down and slept very heavily and suddenly there was a last male just lying there!

Thar was a very great experience and mama Gucci proved to be a very strong and calm bitch that gave birth like a veteran and did it with nobility and grace - I am so proud of my girl ❤

Gucci 8 weeks pregnant

Gucci is as happy as ever ❤ She eats and sleeps a lot, but also enjoys to run and go for walks. She doesn´t want to play with Agnes anymore unfortunately - Agnes dosn´t understand!

Gucci has gained over 5 kg and we will have a last scan monday to see if she will give birth wednesday or friday!

The puppyroom is nearly done and her box is ready for her - but Gucci doesn't like it 🙃 So maybe the puppies will be born in the couch like my last boxerlitter 8 years ago 🤪

Gucci 7 weeks pregnant

Gucci is about to get very big. She sleeps a lot and she is hungry all the time! She takes apples and pears in the garden - she prefers pears and if Agnes has one she takes it from her 🤪 But as the saying is: An apple a day keeps the doctor away - so she must be very healthy 🙂


Gucci 6 weeks pregnant

Gucci is now 6 weeks pregnant and doing great! She is sleeping a lot, but she is also very active. She has gained weight and we can now clearly see that her stomach has gotten bigger!

The puppies now look like small puppies and the vet can now hear the little hearts in a stethoscope.

Gucci will have a new scan next week, and we are so exited 😀


Gucci 4 weeks pregnant

We went to a new scan this week and the vet could now see 7 and maybe 8 puppies with perfect little hearts that were alle beating❤

The puppies are now 2 cm long and has their forlegs. We are so excited and are about to build a new birth box and make a room ready for the puppies.

Gucci 3 weeks pregnant

We went to the vet and Gucci is pregnat with at least 5 puppies!!!!!😎❤🤪 We are over the moon - I am so happy.

The puppies is only about 1 cm, but growing as they are supposed to!

Giselle ( Gucci) 2 weeks pregnant

Well well - now we just wait. We will go to the vet the 17th of september to have her scanned, and I can't wait 🤪

Dette sker der i Guccis mave: Celleklumper - befrugtede æg - Embryomer gror ind i livmoder slimhinden.
Syns-kernerne og øreformationerne er til stede. Nerve-systemet begynder af dannes.

Gucci 1 week pregnant

Gucci is now 1 week pregnant and is doing just fine. She is her happy self, but maybe she sleeps a little more? I have booked a pregnancy scan the 17th of september, them we will know 🤪 Just can't wait!

We are looking forward to our M-litter

Gucci mated

Our beautiful and crazy girl Gucci has been mated to the stunning Italian boy Quattro from the famous and great kennel  Dell colle dell'infinito.

We expect the puppies to arrive in the end of week 43.


If you are seeking a brindle boy or girl with more or less white markings, and suitale for show -working -  breeding or a great family dog look no further😎🤩 But follow us here at or website!

We will update every week of guccis pregnancy and when we scan her from 3 weeks and until the birth to see how many there are, how big they are, if they are boys or girls and wich day she will give birth.

M litter in the planning

We plan our M-litter in autumn 2018🙂 Gucci has gone into heat in week 33 2018  - and will be mated when she is ready