As far as I can find out this may be the later Emma Peel with regular hands from the 80's

If the informations I find on the internet are correct the platinum is also a version of Emma Peel

Emma Peel dolls are wearing Honey West outfits as is Honey herself.

Honey West

I guess this is the most well known Honey West outfit. It's very much like Barbie's Golden Glory from the same time. The differences are the color of the tie/lining and that the Honey West outfit has a jacket and Barbie's has a long coat. The shoes are the original Honey West shoes. Dette er nok det mest kendte sæt til Honey West. Det er meget lig Barbie's sæt Golden Glory fra samme tid. Forskellene er farven på sløjfen/foeret og at Honey West's sæt har en jakke mens Barbies har en lang frakke. Skoene er originale Honey West-sko.

It's the second time I have found Honey West outfits in Denmark, this time it's her Karate outfit, missing the comb, shoes, head band and the original belt - I made the one she is wearing.

Original leotard with golden belt and coat. Of all places I found the coat on a Danish fleamarket!! Original dragt med guldbælte og frakke. Af alle steder fandt jeg frakken på et loppemarked i Jylland.

Fairylight Lady Penelope Thunderbird doll in original outfit

Now I got Emma Peel too I decided to give the Action girls their own category so here Emma is with Honey West. You can read more about Emma Peel's history here:

I have owned the platinum doll for some year now and haven't had a clue as to who she was, but looking for info about Emma Peel I came across a couple of places showing her as Emma Peel. I also got the impression the my Emma Peel is a later version from the 80's, she doesn't have the "gun-fingers" but the flat feet. Every body is wearing Honey west outfits.

Honey West is a action figure from a US TV show in 1965-1966, the star of the show was Anne Francis. You can read a lot about her and Honey West on the internet. I got 2 dolls an a little original outfits. As far as I know there were more nice outfits but these are the only ones I have ever seen on ebay and anywhere else.

Honey West er en aktion-figur fra et amerikansk TV show i 1965-66. Stjernen som spillede rollen var Anne Francis, man kan læse meget mere om hende og Honey West på internettet. Jeg har 2 dukker og en smule tøj. Så vidt jeg kan forstå er der flere sæt, men jeg har aldrig set andet end det, jeg også har, på ebay eller noget andet sted.

Now I finally got a Lady Penelope doll and a bit later I'll get around to write a little about her too.

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24.11 | 06:37

Hi, I was wondering which Petra doll is marked on the back of her neck? Thank you!

20.10 | 16:26

Hallo Annette, could you send me this page? I research Plasty dolls and would be very interested: beatnikx at gmail. com

23.09 | 19:32

Hello, this is called "Beim Fernsehen", which means Watching television.

20.09 | 16:41

I´m not sure, but these could be "Peggy Disco Queen" shown in the fashion booklet from 1978 . I can send you a pic when I get your mail adress.

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