Close-up of my 2 beauties, one is ashblond the other more lemon

The blue outfit I also found today, without the black swimsuit, I had that already

#1134. Black swimsuit and yellow jacket, found this in Silke Knaak's book. Badeanzug und Strandjacke

Unknown Stock number.The snap at the waist was missing, i replaced it with a new metal pin I painted blue.

#1109 Popelinkleidchen - Poplindress I got that with the doll

#1120 Dirndl. The outfit is in wonderful condition, the Steiff Poodle is missing the tag but is in nice condition.

#1124 Ball gown.This dress is in a horrible condition with a lot of tears and rips in the tull but as it's rare to even find Bild Lilli outfits I chose to save it. There are a pair of matching panties to the outfit.

#1141 Eisläuferin - Ice Skater

#1152. 3/4 lange Hose und Dufflecoat. 3/4 length pants and dufflecoat. Beautiful condition

#1154.The tennis outfit misses the original belt and the racket. Tenniskleidchen mitTennisschläger.

It's almost impossible to find accessories not to mention outfits for Bild-Lilli, but luckily my friend Lilli knows how to 3D print so she created a tennisracket for the outfit - exactly how the original was made.

#1156 Flower Taffeta dress. Blumentaft Cocktailkleidchen.The flower at the waist was missing,but a good friend gave me an old one just like the ones used so now the dress is better. She also made the stand herself with the wire going up inside the leg.

#1175 Dirndl mit schwartzer Mieder. 2-piece outfit in perfect condition

Stock number unknown for this summerdress. Very nice condition

I've seen these undies in Silke Knaak's book so I know they are Lilli's. For what is supposed to be a sexy girl they are not very flattering.

#1168.Blouse with slim skirt. No longer in my possession, but sold.

#1121.This blouse is common with #1153 Bordürenrock but I don't have that skirt so I show it with this. No longer in my possession but sold

#1113. There's a slight discoloration on the white top but other than that it's nice. The belt is not the original. No longer in my possession but sold

#1117.The pants and blouse could be right together but I found out later that it's the blouse that came with a version of this hat. There would have been a belt too. The hat is from a beach outfit with pants in the same fabric. No longer in my possession but sold

This isn't a Bild-Lilli wedding dress but I simply wanted to show it, it's unknown to me but wonderful, with underdress in satin and overlay in shear nylon and the veil is original to the dress.

I just got a small - 7½" - Bild-Lilli, she needs a little TLC and when she is done I'll take a good picture of her. She came with homemade outfits, very well made

Small Lilli in homemade dress

Small Lilli in homemade dress

Small Lilli in homemade outfit skirt, top and coat in matching fabric.

3 small Bild-Lilli dolls, the on in the middle is wearing original outfit and the one to the right is wearing Hungarian and has original stand.

I just got really, really lucky today, I was at a market and found a bag full of outfits and recognized the Prym snaps and bought it for what equals $5 or 4 Euro. And now I finally got myself a Bild-Lilli doll to show all the wonderful outfits. Her hair was a little worn but she is still good looking.I just found my second Bild-Lilli at a private flea market.

Jeg har lige været utrolig heldig på et marked, fandt en pose tøj og genkendte Prym trykknappen og købte hele posen for bare 30 kr. Og så fik jeg endelig en Bild-Lilli dukke, hendes hår er lidt slidt men hun ser stadig godt ud synes jeg.Jeg fandt lige min 2. Bild-Lilli dukke i dag på et privat loppemarked

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Lisa Astrup | Svar 14.09.2016 14:20

Lilli er så dejlig :)

Martha Andersen 14.09.2016 15:32

Hej, ja, det synes jeg også og det tog mig da en del år af få en, men den er jeg også glad for, især fordi jeg har en del tøj.

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Hadde også en med hestehale, og et fantastisk vakkert hår, engang. Det tapte seg under vask, var ikke lengre glansfullt og luftig. Vet du hva det er laget av?

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Hi, I was wondering which Petra doll is marked on the back of her neck? Thank you!

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Hallo Annette, could you send me this page? I research Plasty dolls and would be very interested: beatnikx at gmail. com

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Hello, this is called "Beim Fernsehen", which means Watching television.

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