Marcie Melillo's book is imo a must if you want to collect Barbie dolls, It shows the markings, unfortunately it only shows the Barbie dolls sold in USA so non of the German or European dolls are shown here, but still it's the best there is. Steffanie Deutsch I bought because I thought I could use it to identify the contemporary Barbie dolls sold in Europe, unfortunately it shows the dolls in the boxes and I often find them without outfits, and the markings of the dolls are not in the book.

Barbie and her MOD, MOD, MOD, MOD world of fashion by Joe Blitman shows the outfits from 1967-72. I got this as a supplement to Sarah Sink Eams Vol II because Joe knows more about the shoes where Sarah only mentions one possibility and often there are more than one kind of shoes to the outfits. I also got the Francie book now showing outfits from 1966-1974.

Vol I shows outfits from 1959-1967 Sarah Sink Eames's book are imo the collector's bible when it comes to the Barbie outfits, I couldn't have done without it. Vol II shows the outfits from 1968-1974 This is a must if you are going to id the MOD Barbie outfits. Vol III shows outfits from 1975-1979 mostly newer than my collection but I still needed it.

Barbie in Japan, showing the exclusive Japanese dolls and outfits by Mattel.

I just got this book from a good friend in Germany, it is more specific than Sara Sind Eames Vol III, at least I think so, I don't really collect from these years but do keep some European only outfits and a friend of mine are a collector of dolls and outfits from this era so I need something to identify dolls. This version was printed in 2004.

The history of Sindy Colette Mansell's book about Sindy, I don't collect Sindy but often I find outfits that I believe are for her in Denmark so I'll treasure this as a way to identify these outfits. British dolls of the 60’s I found this book in London and wanted it to see if there were other dolls mentioned than Sindy and there's not many fiting my collection but it's still an interesting book. Poupees mannequins annees 60 Kathy Moreau's book about Fashion dolls from the 60's. This is where I learned about the Faerie Glen doll on Tina Cassini body.

Not very usable books for identification but interesting to have in the collection. The first 2 by Sandr Bryan contains black/white photos of outfits and the Skipper one by Linda Pilkenton shows drawings of Skipper outfits with descriptions of the outfits.

Connie Craig Kaplans book about Barbie doll vinyl cases is very useful. The Janine Fennick book in the middle was my very first Barbie doll and that is was what made me love the vintage Barbie dolls. It also shows the markings of the dolls. From Worn to Wonderful by Aimee Eckert is a guide to take care of Barbie dolls

Cindy Sabulis & Susan Weglewski's guide book to Tammy. In many ways an okay book but the know amazingly little about the Tammy competitors they show. The second Tammy book is by John Axe sadly with black and white pictures.

Silke Knaaks book about Bild-Lille, Schwabinchen, Gaby etc and a little Petra is a book that is valued a lot by me. Don Jensen's book is nice if you're into Horsman dolls but I only needed a few pages in the book but that's okay, I found what I was looking for. Patricia R Smith Teen Dolls ID and value Guide. The content is in black & white only - sadly - but very informative if you are a clone collector. Glamour Dolls by Polly & Pam Judd This is also mostly with black & white pictures but nice.

Beth Summers made this book about the Barbie doll from 1981-1991 and I often find outfits from this era and have friends collecting this type of modern dolls so even though I don't collect them myself I can easily use the book. Barbie What A Doll in the middle was made by Laura Jacobs. Barbie the visual guide to the ultimate fashion doll This book is larger than my scan so not all images are visible. This is authorized by Mattel and has a lot of pretty pictures of both vintage and modern Barbie dolls

Ghe Barbie Doll years by Patrick C. & Joyce L. Olds. Glenn Mandeville's Doll Fashion Anthology books

The Collectible Barbie Doll This too is a very large book by Janine Fennick with lots of beautiful pictures of both vintage and modern Barbie dolls. Glenn Mandeville Sensational 60’s By Glenn Mandeville showing not only Barbie but also a lot of other dolls like the pre Barbie dolls by Horsman, Revlon etc. There's a little about Tressy, Penny Brite and others. The Wonder of Barbie Dolls and Accessories by Paris and Susan Manos

Fashion Doll Wardrobe contains patterns for not only Barbie but also for dolls like Gene Marshall and Tyler Wentworth and similar dolls. The middle book is with knitting patterns and is by Evelyn Sjøvold from Norway. The 3rd is a book with patterns for Sindy and other similar dolls is very nice indeed.

The first Kate Mitsubachi stylebook with patterns for Barbie in vintage style

Kate Mitsubachi's wonderful book is a highly valued book in my collection, I have been looking for the first one she made but so far without much luck. For those who don't know it the book has patterns for a lot of vintage inspired outfits for Barbie

Mari Dewitt patterns for Barbie, some are looking like the original Barbie outfits and some are in the vintage style

Because of the stupid providers of this page I can't expand so in stead I'm forced to delete some pictures, I have chosen to show more than one book in each picture now, when I finally get to make a new homepage these pictures with only one book will get back, I save all the pictures.

Here I'll show the book I use for identification, I know some of them are value guides as well but I can't really use that, since some of the books are outdated, and if I want to see the actually value right now on a doll or an outfit I go to ebay and search the completed auctions.
I just bought a batch of books from a former collector and some of them I'll show here.

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