There are some dolls I am missing in my collection, I never seem to be able to win the auctions for those so I was thinking that maybe somebody would like some of my dolls in return for the ones I'm looking for.
I can offer a few DDR Steffi dolls - not the very special ones but those I have more than one of. If the right doll for me comes along I may be persuaded to part with one of my European Francie dolls. Also I may be able to part with a Mitzi Ideal doll and maybe one of my Mitzi by Reliable, Canada could be a possibility. I do also have 2 Jacky by GeGe dolls and might part with one of those. There may be more so just ask.

I am looking to buy some french fashion dolls, Caprice and Sophie de Peynet are on top of my list, also Bella Nancy black or white are highly sought after. Also Ellen by Ottolini is high on my wish list.
In the Barbie section I'm looking for a head only for a # 3 Ponytail - preferred is a blonde with brown eyeliners, I do have a nice body for her. I also would like to find a black Francie and a baggie Francie and Casey are on my list. Some of the very hard to find ones like Talking Barbie with Stacey head and Hair Happenin' Barbie are some I am looking for. On top of the list for outfit is the european Gala Abend, the skirt and waist for Sorbonne (I got the body) and of course which collector wouldn't love to get some of the outfits made for the Japanese market in the 60's. 
I guess it's quite optimistic of me to hope for any response on my wishes but I just have to try.
Der er endnu ingen billeder i fotoalbummet.

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vintage outfit | Svar 17.01.2020 14:08

Hi, as vintage Barbie collector i have also a lot of other dolls outfit and have maybee some for you. can you mail me to c7elle@hotmail.com thank you

Karen Bauer | Svar 16.01.2020 19:37

I have a huge collection of dolls. Over a thousand from the 1960s .I really want a Jacky by GeGe . You can google my account @dollscenarios to see

Martha Andersen 16.01.2020 19:49

Hi, please write me on my personal mail, there's very little room here to answer, you find it when you open my page.
Kind regards Martha

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I går | 00:15

Hadde også en med hestehale, og et fantastisk vakkert hår, engang. Det tapte seg under vask, var ikke lengre glansfullt og luftig. Vet du hva det er laget av?

24.11 | 06:37

Hi, I was wondering which Petra doll is marked on the back of her neck? Thank you!

20.10 | 16:26

Hallo Annette, could you send me this page? I research Plasty dolls and would be very interested: beatnikx at gmail. com

23.09 | 19:32

Hello, this is called "Beim Fernsehen", which means Watching television.

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