A book about Kiraz dolls

My very skilled friend made this outfit for my Mamzelle, she got the fabric printed and made an exact copy of the original Kiraz outfit as you can see from the picture, Mamzelle is larger than Kiraz was

Mamzelle De Paris and boyfriend

I just got my second repro Kiraz doll, the one to the left, my friend Lilli created a Chanel outfit for her and a beautiful red dress and new stands, so very happy with them all.

I bought a reproduction of the Kiraz doll, the vintage one is almost impossible to find. My friend Lilli printed her a boyfriend using 3D and pictures of Kiraz drawings. She also made their outfits and I'm so happy with that. 

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Tenho uma igual a essa.

25.06 | 12:31

Hi Martha,
Let me know if you get my email from here.

15.06 | 17:04

Er interesseret i hende
Vh Anette kambaja

17.05 | 22:02

Hej igen, hvis du skriver og ikke hører fra mig, så prøv at skrive til, der er somme tider problemer med hotmail. mvh Martha

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