Important past time producers at Jouet

WW.74 Int. F. B. DK. D. Eminent Jou-Jou Noir - our foundation bitch

The strength of our breeding program is and has been outstanding bitches but they didn't do it alone.
Take a look at our males who have contributed to our succes too.

 The bitches


(Ch. Leander Regal Air X Ch. Eminent Jou-Jou Noir)
Top producer - winner of 2 cert. & 3 CACIB

 "Ronge" was bred by us before we got our reg.  prefix

Int. DK. VDH. D.CH. Jouet Jasmine De Chaperon

(Multi ch. Pamala Bibelot Jouet Noble X Chaperon)
Top producer

Int. DK. VDH. D. Ch. Jouet Joliette De Chaperon

(Ch. Pamala Bibelot Jouet Noble X Chaperon)
Top Producer

Int. DK. S. VDH. D. Ch. EUw. Jouet Plaisir De Jasmine

 (DK. VDH. D. Ch. DPKsg. Jouet Shinning New Hallmark
 X Int.DK. VDH. D. Ch. Jouet Jasmine De Chaperon)
Top producer

 Jouet Ravissante De Jasmine

(Ch. Ellery The Prime Mover X
Ch. Jouet Jasmine De Chaperon) 
Top Producer

The males

Am. Can. Int. Nord. D. VDH. L.
Ch. Pamala Bibelot Jouet Noble

(Ch. Eaton Tsavo X Ch. Pamala's Darling Lil)
Top producer - Canadian import

DK. D. VDH. Ch. Ellery The Prime Mover

CH. Pamala's Affair Of the Heart X
Ellery's Andromeda)
Top producer - Canadian import

DK. D. VDh.  Ch. Jouet Shining New Hallmark

(Am. Ch. Ledjen  Immortality CD X
Can. Ch. Sanvar On The Mark At Sandant)

Int. Can. Dk. D. VDH. PL. NED. AUT .L.
Ch. Jouet Samourai De Plaisir

(Ch. Jouet Noble Made Footsteps X
Ch. Jouet Plaisir De Jasmine)
Top producer

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06.06 | 19:07

Hej, I wonder if you have any plans for a litter of White mellem pudel puppies this summer or fall (2020)?
Best regards

25.04 | 22:03

Hello. We are very interested in adding a poodle to our family. Will you have any puppies available in the next few months ? Thank you. David, Anna and Jamie

29.12 | 21:06

No, not right now, but if you want to hear about our breedings plans for 2020 you are welcome to contract me on

29.12 | 16:23

Hello ,
Do you have any black standard females available?

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