My impressions from Denmark by Nina Marcec, Slovenia

Article printed in The Danish poodle yearbook 1995

I was glad to hear that your Poodle Yearbook 1995 will be printed in English so readers like me, readers from other countries, not only the ones from Denmark will be able to know what is going on in the poodle world in your country. Until this summer, I was able to get familiar with happenings in Denmark only through other magazines like Poodles in Scandinavia and Poodle Variety.

I was lucky to come to your country this summer to learn more about your poodles, breeders and judges. While trying to buy myself a quality standard male from the well known kennel, Jouet poodles, I was invited by Lene and Connie Jakobsen to come for a visite and stay the summer over with them. Of course this was an unique offer I just couldn't turn dawn.

I arrived to Fredericia with my favorite toy, black male named Mak and left mt mother with other two bitches back in Slovenia approximately 1500 km away from Denmark.

I immediately felt like home, welcome and part of the family. It was impressing to see how all the Jouet poodles were loved and treated. Of course I was eager to see my new dog, named Jouet Quirite De Joliette "Attila". He was 5 months old at the time, a black ball of coat, with shaved foreface and feet, ready to meet me. I could say there was love at the first sight between us. I would like to thank Connie and Lene for keeping him so long for me and to be such honest breeders, telling me about his ancestors, their strong and less strong points.
It is very unusual to meet somebody who explain so openly about their dogs and sharing experiences with me.

I was of course most interested in the shows and it surprised me very much that you have only indoor shows. In Slovenia most of the International shows are held inside and the nationals are organized outside.

The first show I attended in Scandinavia was the one in Östersund, Sweden. It took us two days driving to get there, one day at the show and two more to get back. This was quite a surprise for me, because I usually go to shows up to 600km away from Ljubljiana, the city where I live. But all the driving through Sweden was worth the enery we had to put in.
Jouet The Prime Sparkler "Prime", wonderfully handled by Rikke, Denmarks best junior handler, won the best standard male and Jouet Plaisir De Jasmine "Naomi" won BOB, Group and BIS 4 handled by Lene.

With time I became familiar with the everyday routine with Lene's poodles. Bathing, grooming and clipping. The most enjoyable part of the day was the time the dogs spent in the large garden playing and having fun. I was amazed how well they have accepted the presence of the little intruder, my Mak. They were so gentle while playing with him.

The first show I attended in Denmark was a sanction match. This sort of event was totally new to me though, in Slovenia and this part of Europe we are not familliar with events like this.I found it very interesting, because this is a nice opportunity for young dogs and handlers to practice. This was the day for my new friend Louise to win Best puppy in match with her bitch Jouet Querelle De Joliette.

In September we went to the European Dog Show in Maastricht where Jouet Plaisir De Jasmine became European winner. I was surprised to see a lady successfully handling her dog from a wheelchair.

The most thrilling day at the shows during my stay in Denmark was the Speciality show in Silkeborg. The atmosphere was more relaxed from what I was used to. Everybody was helping each other, giving good advises and a hand when needed. I was impressed by the number of poodles entered in all the varieties. Especially in standards and toys. In Slovenia and counties around here we usually do not have so many poodles entered in those two varieties. I was very interested in seeing the quality too. It was a nice surprise that most of the poodles were well groomed and handled.
I was quite nervous on the day, because I had entered my toy Mak Od Stahera. The day before Lene had done a wonderful job clipping him to perfection. It paid off because he managed to win the certificate under the Australian judge Lyn Edmonds, and placed BOB 4th. in tough competition. I was happy to get some help from the stuart, who was helping me to follow the procedure for the best of breed competition.
In Slovenia we have a slightly different way of choosing the best of breed, similar to the one they have in Germany.
I prefere the system you use because it gives a clearer picture of the quality for the individual dog. The joy of the day was seeing Jouet Plaisir De Jasmine winning BOB, Group and Best In Show under the Australian judge Gregory Ross.

Another day I shall not forget, was the evening when  Ch. Jouet Jasmine De Chaperon gave birth to four lovely puppies in September.
 I have had three litters with my two bitches at home, but still every time it happens, it is so unique!
Everything went well, but still Connie had moved her bed to the nursing room, to make sure nothing would go wrong during the night. For the following couple of days, while Connie was at work, I was looking after the proud mother and her lovely puppies, feeding her and watching the babies.

The nice end of my stay with the Jakobsen family was a goodbye-party for me the day before we left for the show in Germany. The show was another succes for Lene and the Jouet poodles. It was hart to say goodbye to Lene, Connie and Bent after the three thrilling months I had spent with them. During my stay I met many new friends, learned a lot about poodles and Denmark, and spent lovely days with Lene at the dagshows winning brilliant wins I felt part of, too.

Nina Marcec, Slovenia

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Hej, I wonder if you have any plans for a litter of White mellem pudel puppies this summer or fall (2020)?
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No, not right now, but if you want to hear about our breedings plans for 2020 you are welcome to contract me on

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Hello ,
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