Sighthound links 

Kennel Adagio - breeder of Milan 

kennel Naturatas - bred a litter by Gucci 

kennel Utzon- bred a litter by Gucci
breeder of 3 of my beautiful boys
Main club for sighthounds in Norway
Homepage of Lure coursing in Norway
The Swedish whippetclub
The whippet section of the Sighthoundclub in Norway
Homepage of four lovely whippetgirls in Trondheim
Breeder of beautiful greyhounds
The sighhound-club of Trøndelag, Norway
Lots of information about dogs and kennels in europe
weblog for Sabine Brenner- beautiful pictures, lots of news!
Kennel in Norway
Kennel Lancar Dream - Sam's second litter, breeder of Gucci

Silja and her dogs in Rognan:-)

kennel Oscarberg in Trondheim, breeder of whippet and Rottweiler
Kennel in Finland- owner of Sam's Daughter - Maggie

Site for whippets- showdogs in Scandinavia and Europe
The Norwegian Kennel Club
The Swedish Kennel Club
Lure coursing in Jämtland, Sweden
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