May 10, 2014 -----


May 10, 2014 ... A very special day. 
My Lisa and I was in Lund (Sweden) with a night at the Hotel "Djenkis Khan".  A super cozy Hotel with good food.  We walked a couple of times to the center of Lund and enjoyed life with each other in the busy city center. 
Well, it was the first 25 years together with my Lisa and then we might as well start off the next 25 years together.  Thank You for Your way of being Honey, it all had not been the same without You. You and I are enjoying life in our own unique way. 
Thanks Lisa for Your way of being... 😀
Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday. May 8, my middle (12 years old) granddaughter Caroline and I left for Harley meeting in the city of Gullab in eastern Sweden.  So off we went,  first over the Oeresund Bridge and meet with Ulla and Sigurd on their Harley, right on the first parking on the bridge. I have known Ulla an Sigurd since late 1976,  the Danish Harley-Davidson Club were founded. 

We drive at the E-22 all the way east to Brömsebro where my old friends Carina and Bosse owns and operates a large smokehouse where we were treated with a nice lunch. Well fed, we continued to Bergkvara ... and from there into the country through Torsås and on towards the Gullaboträffen (träffen=meeting), held every year on "Brörkângen" (Birk meadow), owned by a local football club.

As always (for mee 18.time attending) a nice rallie, where 3 out of 4 has been there before , so there is every year a lot of "updates" and words of wisdom to share.

I'm sure my grandchild Caroline got a lot of new friends, for many would greet and welcome her, that's the way Harleyfolks do.  And at the same time came Caroline and I even closer together, with everything we experienced together...  Believe me,  the old man here have realy enjoyed getting closer to Caro a nice long weekend..

After the first night, drove Ulla, Sigurd, Caroline and I went to City Market in the Gullabo (located 5-6 kilometers from the HD Meeting), where we walked around a bit before we drove to Torsås and bought some lunch and enjoyed it together on a bench in city​​..  As always, there was some competitions on Saturday and in the evening good music and talking at the party. Also got a warm chat with many old Harley Friends from near and far.
Unfortunately crashed one of the Dutch on his Harley and came pretty badly hurt and he was taken by ambulance to hospital in Kalmar and should be in good health for now, after surgery and rest...  Just heard he will be "send" home to Holland after a day or two.  We send Ruud the best wishes wishes for continued a good Harley summer when he and the bike has grown nicely together.

For one reason or another, there is almost every year for this rally, colder than cold and it did not failed this time... Ulla and Sigurd was harsh and slept in a tent, while I lucky hadgot a few indoor square meters for Caroline and me... we two would like having a little luxury...
On Sunday morning, huddled one up and looking at the frost covered Harleys, but my old stille going strong 1974Harley started willingly and later in the morning went home, together with Ulla and Sigurd, with a few stops on the trip home

Back home after a total trip of about 650 kilometers, we were greeted by Lisa and Mathilde (my oldest granddaugter), who had had a couple of days shopping and more than fortunate came Malthe (my youngest grandchild) together with Mother Stine and Father David, who featured nice lunch in "Dalle Valle" in "Amagercentret"... (a nearby Shoppingmall)

A super nice weekend, culminating with Lisa and I in evening enjoying the rest of this speciel Sunday, May 10, the day we have been together for 26 years...
Always together ❤❤
 The summer of 2015 is gne with little driving on the Harley and otherwise nothing particularly exciting when my Lisa is still on sick leave and has still a battle with the municipality about what the future should hold.

On 7 August, I bacame a retiree and that is something quite new to be "promoted" to this status, so it must be well get used toBut it goes well over the autumn and winter, there was neither white nor cold, but almost fall continually and now in 2016 is spring on the way, so I suppose we reach the summer without experiencing snow.?

March 24, 2016

It has been a quiet time lately, but now the spring sunshine announces that the summer of 2016 is upon us, great. !!

I have been in the garage and start the Harley up...  started immediately and reported ready for the roads.  Have done nothing about it since it was switched off in November last year and there is also nothing to do now, it spins the pleasant.  Looking forward to roll again.


Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'ts a little surreal today, because I have not been at the labormarket, since the beginning of 2010, when the crisis in the labormarket began in. Both my lovely wife Lisa, and I was suddenly terminated in the company where we worked.  And it was not just us, but up to 100 employees in the company have lost their jobs since the crisis began.

My previous thought was, continue to work until I turned at least 65, because my lovely wife Lisa is 12 years younger, so it's probably no idea where I just went home and did nothing. But fate had another plan, so post-employment and unemployment, I went on pension when I turn 60 in August 2010.

Different bad did it for my lovely wife Lisa, who was in pain throughout the body, after an arduous life in the labor intensive cleaning, including 22 years with SAS primarily in cleaning airplane which is a very strenuous work. It made its mark and tear in the body and Lisa was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which is the term for severe pain throughout the body, a condition all sorts of doctors have not yet been able to heal, but only dampen temporarily with very strong pain killers and perform daily exercises to keep body in the process.

But back to Thursday,  June 30, 2016, where I come from Kastrup Airport to Thule Air Base in northwestern Greenland. I have previously worked in Greenland during the years 1987-88-89 and 2005 and I was evenly distributed on both the Thule Air Base and in Kangerlussuaq, or rather "Sondrestrom Airbase", that place was called when the USAirforce also was at the scene.

Departure with Air Greenland where the trip crossed the inland ice, where it was scary to see the huge areas of meltwater lakes.  One of the biggest lakes took about 10 minutes to overflow, which must amount to about 120 kilometers in diameter, which in itself means a huge meltdown of the ice sheet, just here..   And since it's as early as June, it's not much imagination to imagine how much it melts the rest of the summer and it must definitely be due to climate change.  This is NOT good...

Now, the town is called the Greenlandic name Kangerlussuaq, where Air Greenland plane should carry me to.  It was thought that the tour soon after tshould continue north to Thule Air Base, with a Dash 8 aircraft, but there was notice of bad weather at Thule, so the departure was postponed at least a day, to Friday. July 1, 2016.

I had a quiet hope this would happen, so I could get a reunion with Kangerlussuaq, where I worked in 1988-1989 during Greenland Contractors, having worked in 1987-1988 at Thule Air Base in the same company.  My job then was "heavy" mechanic where I mostly have repaired all the heavy equipment such as excavators, loaders and tugs.

Well, now I was here, and immediately went around and took it all in good look at to see how things stood on the same way since I left in the fall of 1989...  Actually, it was not recognized, because everything was totally worn down and had been empty and unused for several years. My trip went to the airport, where I had to stay overnight at Hotel Kangerlussuaq. I walk over on the other side of the flightline, which earlier was called the "military side" because it was there USAirforce "ruled", with workshops and dwellings, as clubs, dininghall and "Roklubben" lay on the other side, over behind what I called "Crow Mountain", because there were always plenty of the big black birds around the mountain. Regarding the Rowing Club, we often get a dinner at the fine dining place towards the "Lake Fergusson" where we regularly went out back in time when I worked in Greenland Contractors workshop here.

Well ... Back to Hotel Kangerlussuaq and my room. Just got confirmed the flight the day after then everything should be ok when the weather was good for the following day.

Next daye we took off to the north in the Dash-8 that would fly directly to Thule Air Base, a journey of just over 3 hours up along the west coast of Greenland, with the overflight  the rare towns along the way, before we get to Pituffik , Thule Air Base.

Once at Thule Air Base, I got to stay in Barack 334, Room 10, which is toward the back, away from the road. Very good, this is more quiet without the noise of cars and machines, although they are rare.

My new employer within the GC is the "P&G", "Pavament and Grounds", where there are all sorts of work on road, gravel pit, signs, houses, even mentioning it, this is where it is done.

I started to repair a stone crushers which must have new crusher jaws, but stalled because of lack of spare parts. So I have run an old excavator on "Larsens Place", which is the base quarries.  It was hard for my back to jump around there 12 hours a day.

So instead I drove around the entire base and laundry signs because it is constantly get a lot of road dust on so that they are unreadable. Likewise flusher I containers  I meet on my way to make them look presentable.  It must of course be made. It has so far taken a few days and continue for a while.

On August 7, 2016... when I was 66 and it floated in with congratulations on Facebook and I got a letter from my Lisa, with was a beautiful homemade small book with the front page titled "From Amager to Thule" (Amager is where i liv ien Denmark). The booklet is filled with good wishes for now and the future of our future life together.  I must trap A tare when I read it.

Well, it went worse with the back, so I had to be hospitalized again and were prescribed more strong medicine and rest, so I had to stay home in the barack to save the back,  I went into "Basegym" and trained my back, but without pretty much effect.

It ended up that I had a conversation with my boss, who along with his boss had come to the best would be that the employment relationship had to end.  Normally, the employees self should pay the travel home if the contract is terminated prematurely by the employee, but here payed the company due to the work injury.

But fortunately my back is super again...

Summer 2018  

Departure for the Harleymeeting ...

Of it go on my Harley Friday 4.May to the Gullabo Meeting in Sweden as I usually do the first weekend of May ... A little special this year, because it is both the 25th anniversary of the meeting and the last time this meeting are done, sadly ...

I went over the Øresund Bridge and across Sweden, first to Brömsebro to have lunch, which my old friends Carina and Bosse offered in their restaurant and smokehouse, "Bromlöfs Rökeri"... Lovely lunch with warm accompanying as always.

From there on to the annual Harleymeeting, on a place a little outside of the town Gullabo. As usual, I have booked an overnight indoor stay and just have to blow up the air mattress before I can get out and have a talk with the many old and new friends at the campground. As always, the "team" from Holland shows up whom I have known for many, many years in the Harley world, just like the many Swedes I have learned to know through my 40 years of membership in Harley-Davidson Club Sweden. Lots of talk, party and enjoyment as always both Friday and Saturday, where also Saturday was used to visit the big market held in Gullabo every year.

But also sad this year because it's the last time this event was held, which I have participated in 23 times and have learned a lot of lovely people to know over the years. But everything has got an end and I'm just looking back and especially the Gullabo meeting hit as my favorite Harleymeeting that got a big place in my heart, not least because so many fine and allways friendly participants have been cloce friends through the years and become persons You can just continue the talking, where i stops last year... Thank's my old Harley friends...

Home it goes Sunday in one stretch of 5 hours drive, with only one stop for buying gasoline.. Nice trip in the sun, that gave a good color to my face like I've been in Spain for a week.

Now the summer has started


Summer 2019 ...


Home again...
Then we just roll back the time to Friday morning, August 23, where I  started my trip to Hadsund in North Jutland and the Harley meeting as District North in Harley-Davidson Club Denmark held this weekend .. There are just something special roaring over the prairie and enjoying the breeze and the vibrations of the bike and the road, while the miles are eaten in music from the engine that just spins so it's a bright, as a bumblebee ..
Have been driving Harley now for fifty years and never get tired of it, only the Gods know why ... Can't really imagine a life without it, though I probably don't drive as much as in the younger days when it went on for almost 24 hours a day.
The 400 km riding took 5 hours, in dry weather (jibyy) and went fine with a couple of tank stops along the way where the legs were just straightened out. Arrived at the meeting on Fruerlundvej at 15 o'clock and then the tent should be raised, fine... Met many old and new friends, including Ulla and Sigurd, Shorty from Esbjerg, Bo, Ib and and and ... so that the wise words were swapped in heaps, as well as a beer or two swallowed in pure coziness. In the evening there was party and music in long lanes, so no one went to rest in boredom ..
It was a fairly large campground with plenty of space for the many participants where the cohesion largely took first place, as well as walking around and looking at all the Harleys at the the campground, just amazing. than they are held, with wise words and party voices galore 😎
The return trip bak home was in high SUN and can You ask for more .. So the first 240 kilometers went in one fell swoop before I found a gas station that had some golden drops for the last 150 km home to my Lisa <3, which provided cuddles and a little crumbs for the palate. we could have fun with ... THAT'S just what we2 are really good for <3
Away is good, but being home together is best for Osto

September 28, 2019

Would otherwise have driven to Roskilde, to "GRAND OPENING" where "CAPS Copenhagen", the Harley-Davidson importer in Denmark, today wheN they move into the new large premises on Vestre Hedevej 24 .. Where the Harley import and workshop must hold for the future.
Have instead decided to cath a heavy cold with running nose at home and save the environment for my cough and canter ... Well, it sure is wise enough so that I do not get othet people infected... Then I just have to come down and see it all another good day. ... It should be BIG, because there are already over 1300 participants pre-registered, so "pressure" is coming.

Later heard that it was really big in everything, with guests everywhere to inspect the new premises of the importer. Funny to think 50 years back when the importer name was Aksel W. Hansen also called "Robber-Axle" who had the import in a basement under his house in Søborg, north of Copenhagen. At that time I had been driving Harley-Davidson for 3 years, but then I bought a new Harley Sportster XLCH by Axle .. Shortly thereafter my friend Knut, at that time better known by the name "Walnut", bought the other of two similar Sportsters that Aksel had standing ...

October 5, 2019

Nice weather with high sun today, so it was a pleasure to drive on the Harley in the late summer, to the OPEN HOUSE and SWAPMEET (used spare parts) as well as free food and drink in Søborg by MC-PARTS, owned by a Harley dealer named Frank and workshop that Frank's son Pede runs .. A place I often drive by to get a good chat and fun.. And of course I buy almost all my spare parts from Frank when I'm missing, but fortunately it is rare.

It was a great Saturday with many old friends telling new lie stories and old experiences could be shared .. Great to meet friends, here when the fall call the winter ...

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Then it is doomed Corona crisis in Denmark .. Anyway, my lovely wife Lisa, has been called from work, "Byggeri Copenhagen" and asked to stay home for at least 2 weeks. A strange "condition" we have never experienced before, but we try to live best we can.  The only situations we are going outside the door is on necessary food and beverage purchases. And a few smaller walks to get some air, but we take care not to interfere with other people.

Latest update March 12, 2020


We have now Maerch 12,  2020
Story continues soon ............

Dear reader .........

Many kind thanks and much respect to all of You, who through the years in Your own way has helped to shape my life positively and gave me many invaluable experiences and especially solid and wonderful friendships as the years do not delete.

The warmest greetings

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