English 12

English 12


Christmas and New Year 2009 went quietly out with some family visits and gifts. Very peaceful and not least the New Year is here where we merely see all the beautifull Newyears "puf" the sky, the other shot of all while we enjoyed a Coke and the cat "Pjuske" hide herself in the closet because of the noise.

January and February 2010 went without the big gestures, until early March, where we boarded Singapore Airlines, bound for Singapore. 
Now we have gradually become quite picky with which airlinecompany we are going to travel with, as there has increased so many unknown airlinecompanies with a dubious reputation.

But just barely Singapore Airlines is ranked as the world's safest and also has a statistic that underpins it. Likewise, service on board in first class and even if you "just" sitting on the "cowboy row",  you feel it is first class because the seats are wide and legroom is not just good but great. Hostesses and stewards rushing around constantly and reads your slightest hint.
All meals are impeccable, not least, there are several menus to choose from, like cold drinks etc. come to you in a steady stream as you wish.

We landed early in the morning in Singapore Airport and look forward to getting our room at the hotel. But here it goes wrong cause of the travel agent Toptours. Here are a set price, or rather the lowest price highest on the wish list.   For there is no room for guests from Toptour because they first have booked the room until after 12 o'clock. 

Here we are at the front desk at the hotel and is mildly slightly negative at Toptour in Denmark. Naive as we are, we have taken it for granted that there was a room ready for us.
It was there for all the other arriving guests at the hotel, while all the guests from Toptour stood and look like naughty schoolchildren, thumping tired after being awake for over a day and the 12-hour flight seated in the body.

It's totally crazy of Toptour that prioitere a low price to sell trips. Quite okay if someone wants to save and get destroyed the first day,  BUT here Toptour should at least have given their customers a choice between a save travel and the opportunity to book an ready hotelrum upon arrival. It was of course not to complain to hotel staff, they could not help it. And there were no guides from Toptour except that one might could call one in Bangkok. 
And what would it help when you stand here in Singapore?

So we captured a few seats on the sofas in the reception and relaxed a little. It means now just fine with all the noise around us.
But suddenly we see a few familiar faces come across the floor.

That is really sweet Lise-Lotte and Magnus (Jan) ! We know them from home and not least myself who have known them from the mid-1960s where I was apprenticed as a mechanic together with Magnus in Lyngby Motor. We get a quick chat and arrange to take a meal together later.
They are on the same trip, only they come a day earlier than us, so we are going to collide a few times during the trip.

Singapore is a beautiful city, very clean and orderly in all. We fizzle around and sees a lot and enjoy a few days before the trip goes on towards the next goal, the city of Kuching, capital of Malaysian Borneo. Furthermore, we fly with Silkair, which is on par with Singapore Airlines in safety and service, so once again we enjoy the trip across the ocean before we land in Kuching International Airport.
Everything works and quickly find transportation that transports us to the hotel where we need to be some days.

Perfect landing in Kuching and fast through customs with more and out to the waiting transportation to the hotel. Now I will not dwell on the trip here, but please click and see the folder "Borneo and Singapore" .  I have chosen to tell about it in pictures and texts to them. 

Back home from the trip it is "normal" days again and you gotta turn fulfilling your duties as unemployed. No a life on roses, but a "life" filled with (some stubid if You ask me) duties, which probably also is quite okay. Of course one should look for a job, but it seems somewhat pointless as soon 60-year-old, having to convince potential employers about job search is real.  At this point I have probably tried get a Job 120 to 130 places next the job on Rewair Nakskov, which ended because of a not very competent operating executive who spent layoffs of pleasure.  And out of all these applications, I only got 2 answers.
The rest of the venues have chosen that silence is the best answer.

Meetings on the JObnet and 3F union also feels as pure waste of time, since it's no secret that the meetings are held, because these sites must do the meetings certain legal requirements. Both places are coming to realize that there are no jobs, not least because the age presses me. But nevermind, I'm now willing to take early retirement when I reach the age of 60 here in the seventh August.
Very nice arrangement I'm glad that I joined when it was "invented" in the dawn of time.

So it's just about getting enjoyed while you wait. The weather's great so it makes no problems. Lisa also get a brilliant idea that she would like to get on a women-only tour to Turkey with her friend Sweet Lena from Copenhagen. It's just quite okay and the 2 girls traveled to Marmaris in Turkey, the 19 of June.  
Lisa and Lena got a supertrip trip and you can read about it in the folder "Lisa i Tyrkiet" where there are also pictures in the subfolder.

Otherwise a fairly quiet spring and early summer. I had expected to go out on my Harley, now that my shoulder has gradually come in order after the time in Rewair where my back and shoulders get bad. But gods it's different now that I discover that my Harley Panhead, I bought from Frank in "Mc Parts" in Søborg, not are very ready to go. It's put in extra ordinary good condition, with broadly new parts everywhere. But then I discover that the belt´drive between the engine and gearbox does not fit, but rather have been raped on because when they have repaired the bike.  At any rate, the so-called mechanic had absolutely no respect for his work and has worked with his head under his arm.
Sadly, someone will be familiar to deliver bad work.

Well, that's it and it gives me gray hairs just to find some scraps that can be used. I need a pulley (gear) with only one tooth less in order to solve the task. But no dealer in Denmark either have or will get it and apparently there is not online.
BUT then I ask my old friend Peter, who lives in McQuire, Wisconsin in the U.S. if he has the opportunity to obtain such a cog.

No problem! Peter goes down to the local Harley dealer and a couple of days later, he delivered it. Peter would like to send it to me, but confidence in the postal service is in a very small space with me, so I'd rather wait 3 weeks extra, when Peter moved back to Denmark again. So he takes the gear with him.
Thank you for your help Peter!

FINALLY!  I've got the new beltdrive  and after a little constructive change of the coupling housing and a little magic tricks, fit belt correctly and the bike starts and runs like a dream. Actually I had just one trip around Horslunde to test, but it became 50 km before I was back in Utterskev. Wow!
I was like a little child and saw the roads ahead of me, with the wheels rolling again.

Summer 2010 is ticking away so we can say congratulations to my Lisa, the 19 of July at her 48th birthday.   And suddenly it's the seventh August and the old man here are 60.   Fine, then it's time of retirement, now when jobs are not exactly grow on trees now when you belong to the very fine and often mentioned "Grey Gold" at the Danish labor market. I think that "gold" is surely a little publicized and only works if you have a permanent job in advance. I could have continued to be vacant for a few years yet, as I was hoping for a job until the end. But the way you get "chased" on both "Jobnet" and the union with a lot of pointless meetings and are pressured to indifferent courses (I had same course 2 times in a row) means that after wages were an end in itself, to drop
the unemployment system, instead of feeling like a naughty schoolboy who did not do as the teacher says.

And it's more than difficult at my age to find jobs, although the desire to continue to 65 and intension are real, but the same intense ions are fast to illusions. But having said that, I understand well employers that they do not really courage to having to train a 59-year-old who might slip shortly after the early retirement even though you say otherwise.
But that's it, basta!

And early it is and okay. But it is a little difficult just to go there and go, but I wonder if I can learn it after a while? But there is now no reason to be bored because of it.  My lovely Lisa struggling with her knees and had the right knee surgeryed on "Hamlet",  but it certainly has not been an qualified success. There is still the same pain, same place and have been added some new ones.
Plus,  when left knee was overloaded because of the operation of the right, so it also starting to make trouble now.

Have the feeling that physicians might have difficulty hearing and did not hear what the patient says.  As we went on "Hamlet" so the doctor could look at Lisa's knees after surgery, the doctor seemed a little surprised.   Make it hurt there? AHAA!   Yes!  That's where it has been hurting all the time and it's been said all along.
So you think a little of what's being done in the surgery.

OK, something is done, Lisa falls no more like before, when her right knee without warning broke and she sprinkled across the floor without showing special graceful behavior while as she rolls off.  Nor is it fixed up, but the pain is almost worse than before and the knees should be scanned for a closer look of what is wrong.
If you then can see it?

Well, it all gotta be sad to unemployment and disease.
So I'll just skip back a little to early spring where Queen Lisa and I drove to Fyn,  to Hvedholm Castle outside Faaborg.

Lovely place where experience is the main course, with a lovely room and a wonderful garden to wander around in, like the castle can be explored through all crossings with the beautiful old furniture and a beautiful gold framed pictures on the wall so the whole spirit of the place brought us back
to the last century.

In the evening the experience is obviously the 5-course meny were served by waiters in the fanciest clothes. Delicious cooked meals with a Chaplis wine and afterwards a nice Amarone wine to the main dishes. The dessert we enjoyed a soft port wine of the best.
An experience for our stomachs as we enjoyed the 3-andahalf hour with quiet music, not to mention the waiter who also made sure that the impressions were full on this night.

Good saturate we moved us around on the castle, before there was a little Goodnight serve with some delicious cake and more to the neck. It was late and we went to our room and gave us the night sky in the bed. 
A lovely day, with experiences on the polished floors.

In the morning there was a sumptuous breakfast in the dining room where we could gorge ourselves in everything you could wish for breakfast "thing" for stomachs. 
A nice weekend at Hvedholm Castle, we already thought of doing again some day.

The rest of the spring and summer went quite peacefully, not least because we put a 5000-Liters pool in the garden, where we dipped almost every day and just enjoying life the best we could. It schould be forbidden to have duties and other things that absolutely must be done besides eat, drink and relax.
Does anyone have any objection?

May, June and July go without major changes and I reach retirement age as mentioned earlier and is quite happy with it. Same time round I also the 60 and the day are enjoyed on Hvedholm Castle again, with my Lisa and my old friends Hanne, Knut, Brigitte and Nana, who makes the day very special for me with their company.
We've known each other long, dating back to early 1970es from around Vejlesø in Holte, so we know each other on foot layer.

It was again a wonderful weekend at Hvedholm Castle which I will remember for a long time, not least because the company with wonderful friends means a lot to me and is something that makes things worth experiencing.  Again it was an unforgettable experience to visit Hvedholm Castle, with the wonderful food and just enjoy life in the palace garden with a serving of goodies in the garden on a sunny seventh of 
August, 60 years after I made my entry into the world.

Thinking also right on another Castle stay we were on. Some of our lovely friends had spent a Gift Card for Os, an agency that also had Castle stay on the "Menu".  
So we supplemented the voucher and booked into "Sauntehus Slots Hotel".  Full of expectations with our 2 stays at Hvedholm Castle in mind.

It was well enough something of a cold bucket of water on the brain. First we had to wait long to receptionist appeared.  And not an well and  pretty dressed one as the Hvedholm but sloppy in crumpled jeans and more, like his little daughter were rushing around and banging. Equally we find same daughter toys floating around the castle.
It seems it do not belong here when you have paid a very handsome sum of money for the stay, one should also expect the Palace illusion was not punctured in that way.

Our room was impeccably, with a balcony facing the garden. But later when we went down in the dining room, punctured the illusion again. There was apparently only 2 people to get things done here. An absolutely great cook and so one which would act both in the kitchen of dishes and still be serving the guests.
So our 5-course menu with Chaplis and Merlot wines were served by someone in cookclothes with a towel over her arm instead of an waiter in appropriate clothing as at Hvedholm.

I do not know if I am weak, but when you pay for something which had to be top if we are to believe the brochure, you should also expect that it will be honored. Food was a Castle dignified, but the rest of the stay and especially attention and services was a 3. classes lower.  Of course it is well the lacseason, but then you do not charge High Season prices when you do not want to deliver. 
Simply too bad!

Or maybe Sauntehus Castle Hotel just not  are better, so I will strongly discourage others to go on staying there.  It would be a total waste of money.
Try Hvedholm Castle or elsewhere !

But back, or rather forward again to October 2010 and the real world.   Lisa still struggling with her knees,  particularly the right following surgery in "Hamlet".  
But we hear from others who have gone through the same thing that can easily go a year before you really feel improvements after such surgery, which cleaned really good in and around the knee for osteoarthritis which has left its mark.

Otherwise go days at home if not we are running a little out in the blue and look at life around us.  If nothing else, so as not to get stuck and just look at the house. 
Incidentally, our house now been for sale since January, but the crisis has of course a good grip, so it is not easy to sell houses when there is good 65.000 for sale and probably only about 4000 to 5000 buyers.

Unfortunately, we asked EDC (realtor) in Nakskov to sell the house, but there are not many activities on their part, certainly not seen with our eyes. So we decide to "buy us free" of the contract with EDC, which in Denmark today cost 12600, - but we think that money is well spent, because we have found the "E-broker" who can do the same work about 48,000 Dkr. cheaper.  So "buying out" is probably given right, apart from saying that we should have seen us better before we put the cottage for sale.
But it's the real world, so nevermind.

It is now mid November and the summer has gone on tilt even though the weather is pretty nice as for the season.   Hope to see some stars in this time when the constellation Leo sends around 100 "shots" off across the sky to us in hours.
Usually there's only 3-4 hours of shooting stars as you rarely see, so we hope for a little show at this time.

Too bad! This Saturday the 4th December I should have been participated the Christmas memberparty in the Swedish Harley club, which I participate each year in "Grottbyn" a little north of Höör.  But the weather gods wanted something else and sent snow in large quantities over the country in big volumes here,  got me to cancel.  Emailed with several of my Swedish friends who told me that the situation in Sweden is similar to Denmark.
So wisely I stayed at home with Queen Lisa and enjoy the warmth here instead.

Christmas and New Year was quiet without too much debauchery and nothing happens until we 31st March gets isolated the house xtra in the hollow walls.  We actually thought (due to wrong vendor information) the house was insolated in the hollow walls, but then I got curious one day and drilled a hole in the wall and found them resoundingly empty for insulation.

So we found "TagXperten" by Flemming Teut and got him and his people to fill the cavity with paper granules.  It was incredible!  The difference could be felt immediately, because the cold feeling there was before from the walls (did not think about it) was gone and the house is now warm everywhere WITHOUT special much warmth from the heating appliances.  And now, our estimated total heating costs easily fall down below D.kr 8-9000 a year, maybe less. But time will tell. Supergood investment, which coming the buyer of our house receivables.

In March we also got a very good idea to pamper ourselves with a visit on a inn, with arrival for coffee at "Bromølle Kro" near the town Jyderup near Åmose Å ( www.bromoelle-kro.dk ), where we were welcommed by the super nice landlady Betinna Bresnov, who gave us the key to our room. Down in the room, there was just super clean and comfortable with a double bed, television, balcony and free internet.  Then over to the the coffee table and buy a nice piece of a calorie bomb that slipped enjoy full down the throat. Then we walked around a little outside a short time but then it started raining so we went to our room again.
With this weather there was no more sense than turning on the computers and read some mail and have fun together.

When stomachs began to rumble, we rolled over to the restaurant and got assigned a good table.  A s weet and gracious servant in immaculate black clothes and super short black curly hair. Here I think the waiter is responsible for half the experience of the time you use the restaurant. And I must say that "Curlytop" had a phenomenal ability to be there every time we needed her, and otherwise let us look after ourselves and enjoy the food and each other.   First we got a little yummy "appetite" (do not ask me what it was) who prepared the troat for the next three delicious dishes of food. Whew, there was also plenty of food so no one went hungry from the table.
Well fed, we went to our room again and "enjoyed" the rain which poured down outside.

It was time for a little television until we crawled into bed and let the night take us.
Good morning to enjoy breakfast in, before we went home with talk about the delicious food we got here at Bromølle Inn, where we agreed to visit again when we were hungry for a little luxus again.

April was not exactly filled with adventure, with the exception of our neighbors Lotte and Palle celebrated a huge silver wedding where nothing was missing, as always when they partyed.  Lots of wonderful food and music and dancing until late at night.

Come May, you sweet mild!   Lovely weather does and what can you expect more?  10. of 
May I am invited to a meeting where the journalist Jørgen Laurvig will unite the seven who attended the inaugural meeting of the 23rd September 1976, when Harley-Davidson Club Denmark was founded. The meeting was held in Skælskør at Jan Kock and here we gave all our say on how we remembered that the club was founded. All these stories and opinions should Jørgen use for writing of a book on the genesis of the club and how it has evolved out through the year. Jørgen now get busy if the book should be published on 23rd September this year, at the club's 35th birthday. We can only wish good luck with the work and look forward to the book being published.

It was same 10. of  May as my Lisa and I actually should have had a good time away with some good food here on our 22. anniversary. ButBut
, the ones we get many of the future so we must take revenge for this year.

There are some anniversaries at the moment. We are invited to Ditte's 25-year anniversary.  25 years at SAS, Copenhagen Airport are, after all, many years at the same workplace. Plenty of food and drink for the fun-loving people, as always when Ditte and René on Amager invite to a party, and the house stands on the other end.

So now we just relax a bit and we went to Bromølle Inn again on May 22.,
so we can again enjoy our stay at the inn as we have just appointed our "sanctuary" where we allow ourselves to indulge in nice room and again with a dining experience beyond the ordinary. Again we were lucky to have "our own" smiling waiter to servers with a male colleague. It's unbelievable as 2-enhalv hours at the dinner table disappears quickly when there just is not anything to complain about.

6, 7, 8 of May 2011, there's Gullabotræf in Sweden as always. It is the Swedish Harley-Davidson club that annually the second weekend in May, with this rally which I faithfully attend to.
Always nice when the participants are 50-60 repetitions and then there's every year 10-20 new ones just to see what it is. A lot of talk and music and dance if not stomachs are filled with delicious grilled food. See photos in "Fra min Harleyverden"

17th June 2011, I started the Harley up and running to the rally in Raftarp, Snogeholm, where the District B in the Swedish Harley Club holds a "Pig Party". The trip provides some rain, but my new Harley Rainwear keeps me dry, though probably a bit of oozing from the large amounts of water into the stomachs skin.  
The trip is just under 300 km, but luckily the rain stopped for half an hour before the rally site, so I have dried a little before I land on the site.

It's always nice to come already on Fridays, where it is always a "beforeparty" with barbecue, music and dancing to the daylight hours.
There were enrolled 85, but there were only about 60 because of the bad weather, so there was plenty of food for us, in the 2 delicious rosa pigs with accessories that the chef was started to prepare for Saturday night.  Again, a festive evening at the Swedish club, where I eventually have been a member for 33 years and have many wonderful friends, not least came Rosemarie and Leo, who I've known since the happy Landskrona Days, in the late 19-seventies. Incidentally, not very wise that people sign up for the rally and did not come.

It is such failures from participants which close rallyes, then the economy can not bear the cost if they are registered do not show up.
But we hope that the District Chairman Dan and his aides, causing it to run around so the rally is not going to close because of declining attendance. Everything works on the rally and as usual I am "on Coca-Cola" the entire Saturday, so I can run safe home Sunday morning when I wake up.   Again, a little rain show up, but otherwise quite nice weather on the way home to Lolland on my Panhead where my lovely Lisa are waiting with a little breakfast.

So I want to thank Dan and his helpers for a really nice event, filled with charm and good relations in the Swedish. For once, I remembered the camera, so I took some pictures that can be seen late in the folder "Min Harleyverden".

This Friday July 8 puffed me to "Enuddeträffen",  a Harley meeting on Øland in Sweden. Just a super fine rally, with many fine people to socialize with. Met a lot of old Swedish friends, including Rosemarie and Leo, Katarina and Anders Stein, Lars-Uno and Rose-Marie, Barbro and Jan, Siv and Lasse, Carin and Claes, Lars from Bornholm with his son, plus many others I unfortunately can not remember names of. Hope I am forgiven. Remembered to buy some smoked fish and the "Favoritsauce" at Carina and Bosses smokehouse in Brømsebro (www.blomlofsrokeri.se  rember the link if you come at this part of Sweeden).  Just super good smoked fish as usual, which Lisa and I can sit and enjoy the next few weeks
at home. Photos from the rally in "Fra min Harleyverden".

 Here 16-17 of July 2011 Lisa and I drove off with our lovely neighbors Lotte and Palle against Bromølle In ( http://www.bromoelle-kro.dk ) which my Lisa and I have visited several times before with accommodation and wonderful food. First we drove around the city of Kalundborg to take a closer look at the pedestrian street and had a little break at a sidewalk cafe and get a little moisture to our throast.  And then off we go to the inn and get our rooms.

In a Bromølle stay are there a little good to eat in the afternoon with coffe/tea and a sumptuous evening meal as we sat and enjoyed for 3 hours, with nice wines and cold water, finishing with pastries and coffee/tea before we went to our rooms, carrying a dish filled with beverages to enjoy together on the terrace.  Again we were fortunate to have our "own" servant Anne to spoil us.  Anne was like every time super efficient and took care of us like we were her own children. A really lovely day surrounded by
wonderful people.  Sunday morning we enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast
together before we drove home.

31st July 2011 and just returned from "Fyns Harley Meeting" at Marslev on Kertemindevej 38th I drove off to Friday and had found Kertemindevej on Google, but when I stood at the address there was absolutely no hits.  Deeply weird and I was up to drive home again when an elderly man came to me on the road and asked if he could help. It was lucky, because he told me that there were 2 different Kertemindevej, but each with their own postcodes. He told me the way and certainly not if I found the rally.  I chatted with the organizers about the "phenomenon" and they will next year tell better which Kertemindevej the rally kept on. It's not all who had a GPS on the bike, but just have the map inside the head as me.

But nevermind, it was a really good and well organized rally it had put on Funen. Everything worked and there was no shortage of wet or dry. Great mood and old and new friends. I enjoyed being with Ib and Bo, the Harley twins who have been there from the start of the club same as Ulla and Sigurd (see Ullas website in the Link Partner directory) I also enjoyed being with, and the always smiling Flemming Thaysen also appeared and, not least, Morten and Janne who has many years in the Harley world.  And Jimmy from Thy, I surely sunk a good bucket of beer with, so we had said many wise words. Oh, I could go on to mention many, but memory is a little worn by now, so the names have slipped into the mists but friendship is strong even when it is only the faces we remember.

A nice rally, with the only drawback the fire roads were closed by the tents in lack of space for the many who turned up for the rally. But it went anyway and there was only "fire" in it, when I discovered that my rear wheel had lost the air, so I had to loan a compressor and impeller. I then decided early evening Saturday I'd go home and take the ferry Spodsbjerg-Tårs, so I could fix the wheel at home on Lolland, since I do not have tools in my garage on Amager, where the bike usually stands. But surely at home, it's time to relax and socialize with my Lisa again.

August 2011 came and my 61- year day will be held at Gentofte Hotel, where Lisa and I take a fun evening at the restaurant with accommodation. Lunch we gather at a local pizzeria and enjoy   in the hotel room . Dinner we go lightly over , as the cook apparently could not figure out how to buy the most basic things for the 3 possible cuisine menu consisted of. In fact , we ordered 2 appetizers instead of the menu, to put together our own menu , but here was also  lacking on the plates . So never again Gentofte Hotel, it is simply a too primitive kitchen here .

And now it was September and we took an overnight at " Debbies Bed & Breakfast" just outside of Kalundborg, on our way  to lunch at Ulla and Sigurds place. I 've known them right from the start of Harley- Davidson Club Denmark in 1976. So it was really time to pay them a visit. They live here at a  wonderfull place  and we enjoyed being together over the food , the beach hiking and " updating " of all the years we 've known each other. As always wonderful to be with old friends and take a trip back back to the past . A l ovely day we 'll remember long and not least to look at Ullas work as a painter , where she over the years has " done " many great artworks that can be found on the link in my "Link
Partner" folder if you are curious.

September 23rd, 2011. Just think, today is exactly 35 years ago Pelle, Ib, Peter, John, Jørgen, Knut, Brigitte and myself, of course in contact with others in Denmark, including Flemming from Fyn, were united and founded the Harley-Davidson Club Denmark (Look in the "English 2").

It would obviously be celebrated appropriately and 35-year anniversary was held on Funen in Marslev in Funen district's large club rooms, with a party to the wee hours. I was told there throughout the day came just under 400 for the event, so it was great.
At the same time published a beautiful book, authored by journalist Jørgen Laurvig, who self drive Harley, and told a little of the club's history through the years. The book is a bulky work, super nice set up with many pictures and stories about what has happened over the years, from the very beginning where we would just pick the few Harley owners who were in Denmark at the time and now the club has evolved into a large organization.

On the way over I met Peter Hansen on the ferry, so we obviously had a good chat about the phenomenon we started back in 1976. We landed at the meeting early and was greeted very many as they arrived later that afternoon. Later we gathered in the banquet room where Jørgen Laurvig welcomed on stage and ask us from the club start to come up on stage to ordinary contemplation and photography (see images in the folder "Fra min Harleyverden").

A great day for us all and was greeted very many close friends from before and up to now. A really fun day with lovely reunion with old and new friends from the Harley world. When we founded the club, none of was us imaginative enough to imagine the club being as big as it is today. But we must remember that it was not just us getting back then who created it all and we must remember not to glorify ourselves, because we only came with the first stone.
Later, every new member subject each their own stone in the creation and we have not been able to make the club, without a single member of the club, it could not grow to what it is today. All have each put their own personality in the clubs history, no one could been spared over the years.
Now it wears a dull autumn. My Harley is put in the garage in start November, when the heat is not just the whims of the old man's fingers more. Of with the licenceplate and thinking a little service to make it ready for next season on the road.

Third of December I run to "Grottbyn" in Sweden where I am looking forward to reunion with many Swedish Harley Friends of the annual Christmas lunch. It is an annual celebration with great food and music and dancing to the late night.
As always a festive evening in layers with talk about this year's rallies and gatherings, and we're talking about next year's reunion to.

The year ended a little sad because Lisa's grandmother was tired of days and passed peacefully away 30th December after nearly 90 years on Earth.
Peace be with her.

Equally died our cat "Pjuske" the same day, after a long time with pain in joints and bones when she suffered from advanced arthritis, which often meant that she rated her jump wrong and landed in some cases quite wrong. Likewise did the pain in her body somewhat grumpy if you came to touch the wrong places. Therefore, we were also nervous when a child began to fondle her wrong and "Pjuske" then would attack the child in "self defense".  A Norwegian Forest Cat has some rather big, sharp claws, so there could be major damage. Therefore we decided to let "Pjuske" pass away by the vetenarian before others might harm her because they thought she would attack them when she hisses instead of spinning when she was petted. 
Peace be with "Pjuske" whereever cats now go beyond.

New Year Lisa and I hold with ourselves in Utterslev, with some delicious food and looking TV. 
At midnight we went out and looked at the little fireworks that were around here.

Third January we went to Copenhagen to take over our new apartment, as we need to renovate and move into when it is ready. And then we hope there will be a buyer for our house that both may be used as a "normal" and cottage. It will be interesting to move back to Amager after 10 super successful years here in Utterslev of Lolland, where we shared the road with great neighbors.  
Maybe a big decision to move back to Copenhagen, but we feel it is the right time and we look forward to the reunion with the big city.

Fortunately, the apartment are quite nice with wooden floors, so there's only painting of walls and panels missing AND then just the kitchen that looks like something that was a lie and has been at least 50 years without any maintenance and nailed together with some tremendous long spiers and screws were completely rusted in the brickwork. But it went and voila, come our lovely friends Ditte and René with the trailer, and loaded all the waste to the scrap site. Big thanks to You for your help!

So there's just go ahead with the demolition, measuring and planning the new kitchen, mainly from IKEA, which has many very good things for the purpose. I t goes fat and a new wider, non-standard tabletop ordered specially from "Bauhaus".
Wait, wait 3-4 weeks because it must be specially manufactured. We could live with the 3-4 weeks, IF Bauhaus just had remembered to give the order along to the supplier. A lot of Bauhaus people just had to blame others instead of help us. But eventually one took responsibility and got the order off and we were actually the new tabletop after "only" 2 weeks. Home and cut, customize and install the rest in the new kitchen and enjoy it,  just super.

Great, we are now in place and now we just wait for a buyer for our house on Lolland, so we can get it all in place and get a "normal" life.  But we are fully aware that the housing market is at a standstill because the various financecompanyes eventually set income requirements so unrealistically high, so that ordinary people with average incomes can not afford to buy a house.  My opinion is that the requirements are set so high to avoid lending money to the very low interest rates prevailing in the market today.

Summer 2012 is upon us and hopefully there will be some exciting experiences in the time to come?

First weekend in May, it will be and the price is set against the "Gullabomeeting" in Eastern Sweden, where I, as usual, shows up to the year's first Harleymeeting on Friday among the first participants. The Dutch are as always on site and I get a good chat with my old friend Gerard, but since my head does not remember verybest any more, I would rather say none mentioned, none forgotten.  But it was a warm reunion with many familiar faces and warm talks to the "music" of a cold bear.

Lovely weather, but the cloudless sky also give a cold evening so it's about finding over near the open fire and take a little heat.
The talk is about everything and problems do not exist or else they will be hidden. I can not really remember when I first came here on the "Gullabomeeting", but we agree it is probably the last 14-15 years I've been a regular participant here. But otherwise it's the 19th meeting this year and the organizers has decided that next year, representing the 20th meeting must be the last time and it's time to stop while it is at the top, because they are afraid it might die because of declining interest.

It happened to the "Barnakällameeting" some years ago when we were only 12 appeared to rally, against the normal 60-70. The reason was that there was unwisely arranced another Harleymeeting elsewhere in Sweden the same weekend and it took apparently more than Barnakälla. Too bad, because it was just perfect for me, not too many participants, and most were "repeat" participants.

Here in Gullabo I was as usual the only and therefore longest running Dane, but as such also I get a big bag of smoked salmon, from "Blomlöffs RÖKERI" with me home to a cozy dinner or two. It was as usual Carina and Bosse that give the awardprizes to the selected participants and big thank You, my dear friends.

Great festivities Friday as always and a little more quiet Saturday, at least for my part, since I always head for Denmark either late Saturday night or Sunday morning when I wake up.
Home on Amager again and so it stands on salmon in large quantities for Lisa and me. Lovely to come at the "Gullabomeeting" and it will probably be with some sadness to come to the end of next year meeting, if it is decided to stop by the organizers. ButBut , then one is out to find an other event or small Harleymeeting to start the season.

And then off to the Midsummer Harleymeeting in June near Enudden on the island of Öland, Sweden. Arrived Friday and quickly found friends so the talk got started, and we probably enjoyed a some cold beverage under the warm sun. Met many old friends and there was also one Dane here, namely Lars from Bornholm who almost always pop up at the Swedish rallyes.

It was my first "Enuddeträff" (Harleymeeting) so I had to also walk around the area where there were woods, fields and meadows. Nice place where the neighbors were not disturbed and here came a lot of Harleypeople so there was quick festive mood. Had some trouble finding the place, because the road was not particularly well described and the locals looked like a big question when we asked for directions, but after running probably 50 kilometers around, I dumped into the site. You should run only wrong once, then goes it all in the sink. Fine Harleymeeting that could be recommended, not least the place upto Kalmarsund (the sea), so bring your swimwear that can be dipped in the shallow water at the rally site.

Then came July when my wife Lisa rounded the sharp corner (50 year) and it was celebrated with close friends and family on a really nice restaurant, "Den lykkelige familie" (The Happy Family) on Englandsvej 32, 2300S, on Amager in southern Copenhagen. A place with a good kitchen that can be recommended. Lovely afternoon with family and friends so "Lisamin" getting ahead in life, fresh to take the next half century with me. And here in the start August I rounded the 62 years and enjoyed the day in full with my lovely Lisa.

Dull autumn without great experiences , but time drags towards Christmas and New Year which I hope will be something positive in Lisa's case with the municipality and Job Centre which has more than difficult to accept osteoarthritis and other joint problems , in spite of several hospitals and clinics diagnosis . But we are working on it and hope for prosperity in the new year , with the new laws in this area , but we now have some doubts.

Here today 24 December 2012 we headed for Hotel Radisson where we got us a room on the 21st floor, with an absolutely stunning views over the most of Copenhagen for our feet. We look forward to being waited a little up here when we are going over to 2013 and we have also being served 4 super delicious dishes of food that we enjoy in bits and piecesover the 3-and a half hours "washed" down with Coca-Cola plus Danish Water and a always tasty Chaplis wine. The plan was to go to the Casino this evening, but only time during the year are same Casino closed just Christmas Eve. But it meant nothing now, because we enjoyed our great room with television and peanuts.

December 30, 2012:

On 30th December we drove to celebrate the New Year in our house, but not least, just to keep an eye on it on the last night with the burn of much firework and many rockets, so it would be nice to watch for the house. Also 4 lovely days before we headed to Amager again and everyday life at home

 Lovely quiet New Year's Eve with some good food. Fortunately, we have not television channels in the house, so we had a good time with music and a videofilm, and at the end of the year we went out on the road and enjoyed the many rockets in the sky and one was prettier than the other. A really nice New Year's Eve my Lisa and I enjoyed together. In fact gloriously not have that great party for once.

January, February, March and most of April passed without too much fuss and festivity, but probably just with homely touch and from time to time together with wonderful and close friends you never get tired of, not forgetting the family where we had our grandchildren Mathilde, Caroline and Malthe visits and overnight shifts with us on Amager. Really nice to have the children on visits to socialize with Granny (Lisa) and Grandfather here. We are very fortunate to have some well-behaved grandchildren who have listened to Mom and Dad at home, so we can be proud of them and never afraid of what others think about them...just the best.

April 30, 2013 :

Are ready with Harley , to set sail for " Gullabo-Meeting " in eastern of Sweden here Friday May 3. when here are 20 Year Anniversary this time. I think maybe there is a little extra
on the program this time?

Away it goes Friday May 3 in the morning. The target is "Gullaboträffen" (Gullabomeeting) in Sweden, which for many years has been my start of the Harley season. A little fresh trip of 300 km, but somewhat longer "to" than the trip home. I must as usual drive around Brömsebro in Eastern Sweden and visit Carina and Bosse Blomlöf who has the "Blomlöfs Rökeri" (smoked fish) on Rökerivägen in Brömsebro, 37045-Fågelmara, if you come at the edges. They also have a cafeteria, if You are hungry you just have to look inside and say hello to the owners Carina and Bosse... and You are welcome to say hi from me.

I was lucky to meet Gerard from Holland, whom I have known for many years. Usually, the entire Dutch "team" of Harley Riders are to find here, on their way to the Gullabomeeting, but we are probably landed a little early or maybe late, whatever. After eating well, we drive together to Gullabo where already scars come many, unlike other years where I almost always come first. Here we find the rest of the Dutch and it becomes the warm reunion, as with the many Swedes have already appeared on the rally site.

It will be the start of a which as always nice weekend with many old Harley Friends from near and far. I am almost as usual the only Dane, exept from Carina and Eva who are Danes, but has lived in Sweden for many years, soo...

Great moments in the lovely sunshine with all the discussions on the year that has passed the summer there waiting. Always great to meet and start the season here in Gullabo where probably 90% are repeats from previous years who also enjoy this little spot on Earth with Harleys provided as a focal point. It's 20-Year Anniversary this time where the former organizers have chosen to thank goodby after having drawn the "load" now 20 years and made it super, in my opinion. I can't remember exactly how many years I have come here on the Gullabomeeting, but with a little mental arithmetic and a bad memory it appears to something like 15-17 years, so I think I considered a fixture around here.

On Friday afternoon and evening is as always in the party sign where a lot of reunion just done and a few beers as the party begins to take shape early in the day. There come a lot people this year already Friday, perhaps because rumor is this will be the last Gullabomeeting. But fortunately some other taken up the gauntlet and will try to arrange future engagements here and we wish them every good wind to get it up and go.

Saturday I usually run to Gullabo as there is a larger town market there the same weekend, but I got shown plenty to drink on Friday, so I'll wisely stay here should there still be too much alcohol in my blood, there is no reason to do something stupid. But it is also very cozy at the place where the talk is lively and a lot of memories and stories here at the season's first Harley meeting.

In the afternoon the usual competitions where winners and losers later receive prizes for participation and the accompanying glory. In the evening there dished food into long strips, with delicious smoked food from Carina and Bosse plus assorted fried meats, salads and bread, everything your heart desires, on the occasion of the 20-Year Anniversary event here in Gullabo. I myself also keeps my little own Anniversary, here where I have been a member of the Harley-Davidson Club Sweden for 35 years this year.

All in all, glorious hits as every time. Lots of celebration with live music Saturday nights and warm by the fire before I find my "bed" and get a good sleep before heading homewards on the Swedish roads heading for Amager again where my lovely Lisa waiting. Very nice weekend where it all went up to a higher level so the summer has started perfectly.

 Suddenly I got a serious problem, as the Harley would not start and it turned out that the crankshaft was simply "fell apart" during startup,  just "click" and then was the shaft that goes out of the engine come loose from the rest of the crankshaft.

Before I discovered how big the problem was, I enjoyed the fine help from my close friends Knut and Samuel "Nana" who showed up with the bag full of tools on the same day we went to my "place" together because the diagnosis was a bad starter as we could easily fix but then we discovered what it was and it would be a somewhat larger "thing" on the "operating table" than first expected.

Jubiii, then waited taking of the motor and total separation. I just had to swallow it a few days but then I went to my workshop. No major problems in it, except that the engine is heavyweight and the garage in only 6 sqm's are not perfect for such a big repair.

But out came the engine and I stripped it off so I could get "out of town" to my old friends and colleagues at the busworkshop on Columbusvej (road) in the town of Gladsaxe. Here I separated the crankshaft total with the "big tool".  I went back home with welded axle in the output side. Maybe not the correct solution with welding the crankshaft axel, but now it never will loosen again. The alignment fixed simple with a straightedge and it works... simplicity rather than advanced technology.

In the garage, assemble, mount the motor and now runs the bike really well. Whew.. what I first thought would cost a fortune, went to be an cheap repair. Summer rescued..

After the repair I spent a lot kilometers on the roads as the weather was god and gave a great deal of sunshine to enjoy the roads and the wind in.  My Harley goes really well and maybe I can find a little capital, so maybe I can paint the bike up this winter so it will look decent in the summer of 2014.

Christmas quite peaceful with Niels and Kim, Lisa's brothers visiting us on Christmas Eve so it was really nice. The days around New Year we spent in our house in Utterslev and we paid a brief visit by our neighbor and toast the New Year with Champagne and wreaths cakes.

What a sluggish spring, without much activitees.  But the outside temperature rises now and the Harley gets new tires and tubes, plus oil change so she's ready for 1st of April when insurance cover and the roads ar calling. Lisa and I are looking forward to getting out on the road on the Harley, not least because Lisa is far better at the HD than the car, which don't doing any good at her backpains.

May 10, 2014 ... A very special day. 

My Lisa and I was in Lund (Sweden) with a night at the Hotel "Djenkis Khan".  A super cozy Hotel with good food.  We walked a couple of times to the center of Lund and enjoyed life with each other in the busy city center. 

Well, it was the first 25 years together with my Lisa and then we might as well start off the next 25 years together.  Thank You for Your way of being Honey, it all had not been the same without You. You and I are enjoying life in our own unique way. 

Thanks Lisa for Your way of being... 😀


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