English 11

English 11


Super!  Then  off to pick up my Queen Lisa from work at the airport and home. Lisa do not know we should go on vacation, so she is surprised and we are packing and sleep, so we in the early morning rush to the airport and fly to Funchal at Madeira, where we got a nice room at the Hotel Buganvilla, near Funchal, which is the capital of the island. Wonderful place where Buganvilla flowers hanging everywhere galore throughout the hotel, so the smell are here constant.

Now it is in February and by happenstance we dump straight into the Carnival time in Funchal. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the world's largest, but the carnival here in Funchal is number two, we are told. Then we come quickly in the carnival mood and goes around town and experience a fantastic show with the most imaginative costumes and clothes you can imagine. The streets are filled with festive and happy people in thousands.
An amazing experience in a fantasy world of music and color.

We rent a car and drove around the island, seeing everything from cold lava to the flowers in infinite quantities. So it becomes a wonderful holiday where we come out and see many things, including a winery with tasting of several fine wines.
Good food in many small family owned restaurants around the island is something that can really be recommended if you ever come to Madeira.

After a few glorious weeks at Madeira, we return to our job which not running anywhere. In early spring, we see an ad for a cottage for sale near Dragør of Amager. It is really worn, but the price is as low also. We buy it and demolish nearly everything. So we build it up again with super-insulation, heating and everything for a egohouse of 35 square feet plus porch and a separate insulated outhouse. It takes all summer in 2001, but then it is also ready for the summer of 2002 when we moved out there in late March. Wonderful time here, not least because we are celebrating Lisa's 40 years birthday, with the house full of festive guests all day.
Large amounts of food and drink consumed late into the night, so it is a day we can not just forget quickly.

There are also summer, so I run to several Harley Gathering in Sweden and Denmark. It will probably never be Lisa's true passion driving to rallies. But it's also a little special world where you have to be a little crazy to hang on year after year. But you build lots of wonderful friendships and meet many colorful people, b
oth in Denmark and Sweden, I have friends who are almost closer than family after so many years in a world of Harley-Davidson.

Later in the fall in early October, we drive around in the car on the island of Falster and looking houses just in curiosity. Even more curious the trip continues to Lolland, where we also look at the "supply" of houses for sale. The weekend after we order an overnight stay at Hotel Krukholm in Nakskov from Friday to Saturday. We get up early and see some houses before we find a house in Utterslev north of Nakskov. We both seem it looks nice, especially since we came in and looking. And to make a long story short, we toke a quick decision and sign the papers so we can take over the house first of December 2002. The entire skirt perhaps without knowing anything about the area at all. But what, we like the house and then the rest come as it comes.
Just we are together.

Now Lisa had a bad back after 19 years at SAS, Copenhagen Airport. Then the Queen was pleased to say final goodbye to the job and find something new, not getting too much wear on her back. But when Lisa goes into the office in SAS and will submit her resignation, she gets to know the company can not accept her resignation. What ?? Can we now not even allowed to say the job up? Noo, SAS clearly recognizes their responsibility for Lisa's bad back and instead gives SAS a dismissal with immediate withdrawal from work and full pay for 12 months! Very nice resolution of SAS, which really meant a lot to Lisa's back, which got better and better with time. One can only guess how Lisa's back had been, if not have the year to rest in, came as a welcome gift from SAS.
Very nicely done by the company.

We put our summerhouse up for sale but there are not many buyers who are interested in a house that is specially built. It was renovated from our mystical ideas and we should probably acknowledge that the sale probably requires that there be a buyer who is exactly as weird as we are.
But we just have to wait and surrender the sale to a broker who specializes in this area and such houses.

We say hello Maria and Brian, who lives on the opposite side of the road where our house are, at the day we signed the contract. They were very friendlet and we ar looking forward to get know them better.   And when we take over the house first December 2002 we also welcomed by our neighbors on one side of the house. This is Lotte and Palle with their sons Thomas and Martin. And we look forward to seeing more people on the road when we've made some repairs indoors. Both of us will
be open here and not be too much Copenhageners (whatever that is) because many newcomers from "up there" has committed some mishaps and "special rights" down here.

Just move, sounds easy. But when half moving truck is filled, partly with 86 boxes, it takes some time to adjust to the new room. Amazingly we were able to have everything in a 2-1/2 bedroom of 65 square feet on the 4th floor.
It's just impossible, but true nonetheless.

We work hard on until we suddenly get enough and we rush off on a small 2-week trip to Gran Canaria for relaxation. Think by the way, it will be the last trip to the Canary Islands, where everything has changed over the many years we have been here many times. Tourist culture has changed a lot and not for the better. It has come very many English people and they have brought a drinking culture, with football on TV to host the bars and restaurants where the television absolutely must run on at full blast, with English football and the screams all the time. Who wants to listen to it? Not us at any rate! And so the many occasional sellers who almost drops one on the street with their offer. It is quite simply become too much, so we think it was the last time we visited Gran Canaria and probably also the other Canary islands.
A little shame might be because we have enjoyed life down here 20-25 times over the years when we felt it was time to leave on the warmth of relaxation and celebration here on the islands.

It was really nice, with Queen's "severance pay salaries" from SAS, which runs into the account each month for a year, so there is no reason that Lisa had to find work, but instead take care of her back, so it comes fine again. The back  also get better and better as the months pass. One can only guess what had happened to her back if Lisa was still on the job at SAS. I find fairly quickly a job as busmechanic in a local bus company, which lies north of Nakskov in a small town.
They have always had their vehicles for repairs at another bus company in Nakskov, but now they will even build a garage for the purpose.

Very fine, because it sounds like an exciting challenge for me. There are no more tools now than there may lie in an old tool box and in a plastic bag, so I start to write up what I need for any tools, machinery and much more. Now I will not mention names at all, but the owner of the bus company has the best intentions, but leaves it to his son to have the last word on purchases for the workshop. But when I gave him a list of what I need for tools and other things to just have a little opportunity to repair the buses properly, turning his eyes the whites of the high prices. Too expensive tool, he says, and instead he finds a catalog from "Harald Nyborg" which of course is mainly concerned with tools for the hobby.
Excellent tool much of it, but a much weaker kind than what I need.

OK, it's him who decides. So I write up what I think to use, but at least half will be stressed out again. I must for one example only buy one (1) safety buck and therefore can I only have one wheel removed at a time. Two bucks is too expensive.  And autogenous welding plant is too expensive, like a good electric welder is pointed out.
Instead I can get permission to buy a little weak 220 volt electric welder for hobby purposes.

Well, now I have to repair as best it can be done a few months and I have indeed renovated 2 buses, like I made 2 whole busses painted by myself in the 2 colors as the "Storstrøm buses" should be in. It goes in a few months until he wants me to weld the frame near the front suspension, with the little "bike mechanic" electric welder to 500 Dkr, he bought me. Here I have to say stop! I simply can not take responsibility for it, to drive out in traffic. So he gets pissed and insulted and already in the evening about 23 o-clock, he comes sneaking with a letter and put in my mailbox and was quickly gone again. It was a dismissal with immediate departure, with one week's salary. So I was now unemployed again.
But it is also just as well because I can not continue under these working conditions if I wore save eagerness to put people's health at risk in traffic.

Spring 2003.

So that was it! Forget him and out to be vacant again and doing job search on the program. Not very easy here in suburban and Lolland in general. Firstly, there are almost no vacancies and if there is any. In my age one must lie in the bottom of a pile on a hundred candidates. And furthermore, when they discover I'm from Copenhagen, it's closed.  I
t's not smart to be over 50 in these days.

In Copenhagen, I have always been able to get jobs because of "the network" that works really well and there has always been one who could get me inside, as I not infrequently have obtained other jobs within the company where I now was.
It was mostly in various bus companies, which I surely had a good name and a reputation as a stable employee.

My Lisa is more lucky and get a job at Joka Plastic, if it is fortunate to being trapped in a factory. But certainly here are fine fellowworkers and on top a really good foreman named Jan, which creates a good climate so it is worth coming on job. I also try to search for jobs at Joka, but either nothing or they are not happy to recruit couples. It is not unusual, so no complaining about it.
The impression is that "network" in the job purpose is not something that exists in Lolland or maybe people are afraid to recommend others in their workplace.

May 2005

So it went a little slow with job and I went vacant until May 2005. Lisa had thought about things and suddenly one day she said that I should seek summer jobs at the airbase at Thule Greenland. It supprised me tremendously and I would then just chew on the invitation. After a few days "are you now sure of it" I was convinced and contacted an old friend, Arne Frandsen, at Thule Air Base, who made contact with the supervisor at the Central Workshop, "#580", which sent a mail to me for 3-month job this summer. I said thanks and a few days after it had been changed to 6 months.
Quite ok, as was minimun joblength to be paid Greenland Tax instead, which is somewhat lower.

Rapid preparation and travel with the aircraft to Northwest Greenland and the base. My Lisa has check on it all at home and manages the "cast" throughout the summer while she took care job at Joka. I worked in the heavy SP Department (Special Purpose) for repairing of various large vehicles and machinery, but will also have few buses and other light vehicles to repair. When the port opens, I am asked to work there because I have some experience from the past. It is indeed quite nicely until one day when it starts to blow strong up being reported as up in Storm-2, which according the rules on the base means that you must be where you are. Coincidently, I am equally at home in barrack for lunch, so I try to call my boss, the supervisor of the harbor.
He is totally impossible to get hold of and I succeed only after the half hour constantly ringing from the barrack.

He becomes very angry when I say I have followed the applicable Storm Rules, as set by the Airforce and the company. I will not enjoy anything to break the rules because it can mean firing and so had stayed in barrack. He was completely indifferent to the rules because he had his own he tell and I did not otherwise should come down to the port anymore, now I had been in the barrack, so he would find someone else instead of me.
So now you will be thus also denounced to follow company safety rules.

Well nevermind. I meet up in #580 instead and starts in the heavy department again. Head here shaking his head something upside down over the incident and say "forget it". But there is also plenty to do here at the workshop, so the days pass with lightning speed over the summer and King winter are starting to announce his arrival with cold and somewhat sparse snow. I've had a really good time on the job, not least in #580 with super good colleagues and of course, Supervisor Jørgen. I think the cooperation has gone really well.
Not so much a hitch, black is black and white is white, - just my style.

But otherwise the summer went really well here in the barrack, with many cozy moments with the other residents. Among them also live Palle, who also runs a motorcycle, so we often get good talks about it all. Nice guy I'll try to keep in touch with home in Denmark too - Well, he did not run a Harley, but it would not surprise me if he did not jump on the wagon one day.
The other colleague, Christopher, who also came on a 6-month contract at the same time as I also drive a motorcycle and think he someday also will buy a Harley, as he and Superwoman Oline home in Denmark can come out to ride the roads.

We partyed sometimes a bit in the barrack, with some good food and a wide selection of drinks, so most people get smarter than usual. Very nice!
Also try a few times to get into the NCO Club "Top of The World Club" to continue the party. But here are every time not happen anything, so it is only for a few hours in the bar before we go home. N ot like back in the eighties, when there was always crowded here in the club, with music and dancing and merry people. There are very few Danes and the Americans are not at all to pull up to celebration of any kind, although we're working on it.
Well never mind, we move on and find a party somewhere else on the base where we know someone.

I'm good far from home and far away from my Lisa. But luckily no further away a phone. I've got myself a "Tele-Greenland" connection where I call home to the Queen almost every day at lunchtime.
Great to get a warm chat with Lisa and everyday.
Time passes and we move swiftly December, when I'm returning to Denmark after 6-½ months of work. Only a few days before the foreman contract me, and asked if it was something to continue the contract. Too late to ask about it, now I was set up to go home. Had they asked for a month ago or earlier, I could have talked to Lisa about it and maybe have taken some more months, who knows? But here right up to departure, nothanks.
It is too late.

So luggage packing continues and I'm ready to go with the DC 10 to Copenhagen. There has to be said goodbye to many new friends you got during your stay. A little hard becaused you come pretty close to some when you are together almost around the clock. It was also really nice to revisit old colleagues and friends back from 1987-88 when I was here first time. Here I have to mention both Arne Frandsen and Henning Thomassen, both having worked here for a lifetime. Both very nice friends you want to remember and hope to see back home in Denmark during the same friendly manner.
And so many new, including Palle, Christoffer, Jørgen, Lemmie, Uffe, Henning, Flemming and many, many more where the name slipped but the faces and the mood will be remembered.

But everything has an end and suddenly land the aircraft at Copenhagen on 2 December, 2005.   Sit and relax a little in the plane with a cola until congestion is over and then walk down to the tape and find my suitcase. Out through customs, and here are lovely Lisa waiting, along with our neighbors Lotte and Palle, who immediately offered to drive to Copenhagen airport to pick me up today.
It's nice with a couple of wonderful friends who just offer help without being asked.

It's just great to be home with Lisa again and we enjoy life. Job opportunities  located at Lolland are around zero, at least when it comes to me. There are a couple of months with job search until I accidentally been offered a job on a municipal laundry, where I was the only man among a team of girls washing clothes for the council's senior citizens.
Maybe not exactly a dream job for me, but it goes just as well and I enjoy being among girl fellowworkers.

One of them named Kaja as I go well with. And one day I find out that her named Heising surname. It's funny, I say, because I once had a very good friend named Dan Heising and I went to college with. HaHa, Kaja laughs and tells she has married him. Not seeing eachother and  after all these years we are meeting in Nakskov, far away from Copenhagen. Strangely enough, because I was convinced that Dan lived in Australia, he emigrated to when he had finished his apprenticeship as a mechanic. The time I stayed in Australia, I tried through various channels to find Dan there. There were some who recognized the name, but they did not know where he lived, so I gave up eventually. And so we meet here - we should then just have a reunionbeer to celebrate.
The world are sometimes small.

Well, the laundry was only a temporary replacement and it would soon end. So I went out to find something else and came by one of the municipal sites, which kept some garbage trucks. Jaaa why not? So I stuck my nose into a door where I heard some talking. I asked the boss and then there were all 2 of them here, Kurt and Ken they called.  Nice  people and Kurt the "overboss" actually lacked a trash collector for holiday replacement from tmaj (2006) and over the summer if it was a job for me? Yes, that I did just as well and before I looked around, I'm now a "trashcollector" of God's grace in Nakskov and surrounding towns.  Just f
ine with me.

Tough job? Yeah, maybe. But it is pretty free and it means a lot to me.  There  will be up to 22 kilometers of hiking daily, emptying garbage, and I sometimes also helps to bulky and the like. Runs mostly by the wagon no. 13 and get here some fine gentlemen as coworkers with good cooperation. Actually I enjoy the daily walk and fresh air, all in while you could exercise your body. Unfortunately, I am an autumn day off accidentally when the emptyautomatics on the wagon beats rattle "bucket" back and all the waste smoke down onto me. Not something I'm right there think about, except that it is just a little icky to be inundated with garbage.
There will be laughing about it and there is little time for the day, so the clothes can be washed later when I get a shower at closing time.

Thinking no more than the accident until some weeks later when it starts itching in my ears. I go for a while, but then searches an ear doctor when it starts to hurt. He noted that there has been a hole in one eardrum and there has been because there is now a whole colony of fungi and staphylococci in my ears which has started to eat my eardrums.
Most likely it come after I was overwhelmed by all the garbage by accident with the empty mechanics on the truck.

Then I go to the ear doctor Henrik in Maribo and gets vacuumed my ears 2-3 times a week and have completed some long gauze pieces into your ears with special "cream" which could destroy both fungi and staphylococcis in my ears. I fit my work with the garbage while until we get to June 2007, where Kurt and Ken ( the Heads) suggests that I report me sick and sanctify me so I will recover.  It  continuing small 3 more months before I was finally healthy and get reported both ears good again.
So the question is whether I should start running garbage again?

The union has now also been inside the case and coincidentally has brought a query from an company on Skibsværftsvej in Nakskov whether union has some members.  Here I could be recommended as new employees for them. So it goes really quickly, because after 3F (my union) ask me, it only takes a few hours before I sit and talk with a nice man named Jesper, who would like to employ me. Yes, why not?
And before I know it, I stopped at the ratchet and are employed in "Rewair" on Skibsværftsvej, which manufactures materials for wind turbine manufacturere.

There are also just told that Lisa's work at Joka hung by a thread because of declining orders, so when the opportunity arose, Lisa was also employed at Rewair, just in a different department than me. Whole fine with the same hours, so it fit just fine together. All in all, we went and had a good time here in Rewair where there were about 90 employees in production and office.
A company that had grown rapidly at the time.

Now one should probably not talk labor, environment and safety in this company. The whole thing is beneath contempt, at least at second floor where I work to cut up to 46 meter-long runways lattice laminate (fiberglass) in a machine built with 7 angle grinders that produces a tremendous amount of dust and loud noise. Really not very pleasant work and I get as never to have colleagues who hold very long. I stopped counting, but I would think that during the eighteen years I was there, they got about 25 new in through the doors and out again after a relatively short time with me as all that was to last track was cut and the department was closed.
It was shut down because the expensive up to 275 m long lattice laminate rolls, gradually came to us in a very poor and skewed fit, so customers could not use the product more.

That was it, but I was transferred to the same department as Lisa and went to lend a hand here like I was part of the production. It went a little month or until the manager one day and asked what I would say to be moved to another department. What should I say?
So I said that I was as little pleased, but if I had then was it okay.

One would almost think I had insulted him personally or said something cheeky to him.  I think that it was the words "very little happy" I said, which struck him in the chest.  For suddenly he was completely flushed and sputtered something about refuse and turned back and rushed out the door. What went on him? I thought briefly and then took my stuff back and walked over to the second division for the boys there, to start to work here instead.
Fine enough, for here are some nice guys to work with.

But it lasted only briefly, then I was called by the manager who wanted to see me in the office at 11. I went and got to know that it was necessary to terminate me because there was so much to do anymore. The shop unionrepresentative was at the sacking, but remained silent and just stood and looked down at the floor, against the normal she was always talking loud and wide about what was good and bad. But so silent when the operator fired a colleague - what a unionrepresentative!  The operator said that he would not denounce both Lisa and I, so he had chosen me as it was my department is closed. Ok,  and I then asked for 3 weeks holiday from now on, so it fit with the notice period.
There was no reason to work here more now that I was fired.

And since there was not much work in Lisa's Department right now, asked Lisa also about 3 weeks vacation, which he thought was fine.
He had said Lisa kept her job, so why not help the company to hold the holidays here where there was little time for it.

And so much for the saying "a word is a word". Manager's word that he would not sack Lisa, only lasted until she was back at work after the holidays. So Lisa was called over to his office and was briefly a dismissal notice with 3 weeks notice. Not much talking and it happened without the union representative was present which would normally have been. So he might as well have fired Lisa same time as me, so she was not forced to be on the job in the 3 weeks termination lasted. Of course, he has 3 weeks ago knew that he would sack Lisa, but he has embroiled himself into too many contradictions, so he has lost face here. But it was a great way to get me to clap, just for that Lisa could keep his job. Sad approach and very little professionally.
My respect for such a man may be at a very small place.

But as always enjoy my Lisa and me. And we are looking for new jobs, but it looks like an impossible task, given the decline in the labor everywhere and especially here at Lolland. 
Lolland is a black speck on the map when it comes to vacant jobs.  The best here are the lifestyle where friendliness is great and you feel at home every day.

Spring is wonderful and we get to summer 2009, when I take a quick trip to Lundeborg on Fuen.  5, 6 and 7 of  June to come to the annual Thule Gathering at the port in the city.  I'm a little late and all hotel beds are occupied, but I'm lucky to get a little beach hut with light and heat. It is just 7-800 meters from the port, so that's fine. The meeting  take progressing well with food and beverages and a lot of reunion and talk. I meet more people from Thule and is especially happy to see Holmes and Pow (Per Holm Nielsen and Torben Vindt).  We are enjoying an tremendous afternoon and evening on Saturday and remembered back full-time and shared many stories of our time on the Thulebase. 
Enraged cozy and it should certainly be repeated if it is possible for me to come over.

Lisa could also stand some total relaxation, so 30th June she travels alone to Bulgaria and enjoy the diversity from Denmark and the many interesting people and shops that are in abundance.
I stayed home and fed the cat "Pjuske" and has some lovely neighbors socialize with, named Lotte and Palle, like their sons Martin and Thomas with his lovely girlfreing Nanna often munching on.

Lisa comes rested and fresh home from Bulgaria and summer goes outside to find jobs.  Lisa got a halftime job, cleaning the police station in Nakskov. Now we'll see if she keeps it as another firm to take over there.
But no matter what happens, we have each other and look forward to Christmas and New Year here at the turn of 2009-10 and look forward to a new year together.

Continued in English 12


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