English 7

English 7


Willi and I have a lovely afternoon, with steaks and sausages with salad and Coca Colas. Unfortunately it was the last time we see each other, at least for now. Willy goes on an extended holiday to Cairns in the next morning and when he is home again, I'm probably gone out of the country. Thank You for Your hospitality Willi, hope to see you later!

Well ! Now I have seen a lot of places and things since I began my journey around the country.  175 hours by bus, I run 13.129 km around Australia in the east. It has put some things in place and moved around ideas about what has been worth the trip to visit.
The long outdated books I have read prior to travel, definitely not tell about the modern country I've visited.

Back in Brisbane, I have been invited by Vibeke and Peter in Holland Park, to live by them until the final trip home to Denmark. Unless something unexpected occurs, the first of  August are the departure day from Brisbane to Bangkok.
The last few weeks will be used for total relaxation and think about my travels around the country, just as I would like to see as much as possible before my final departure.

And here was Dorthe and Henrik just really helpful. They "donated" the car and we drove around and see so many places. Among others, we drove one day to Coolangatta, where we found a quiet corner at the southern end of the beach to get some sun on our lazy bodies. It was actually meant that we should have been out to splash in the sea a bit but sharkflags was up and 2 helicopters flying around, not far away to spot the sharks.
So we think it probably makes sense to keep us at the beach today.

Dorthe, Henrik and I have also eaten along their table as a focal point. S weet Dorthe is really good making wonderful food and baking. She is probably not from Jutland for nothing.
Just super!

There also lived two other "immigrants" in Holland Park. These were some of Vibeke and Peters acquaintances. They earn their living by building houses near Alice Springs. And now they are on the way home to Denmark on vacation. Gunnar and Per they named.
Two super nice guys with a super mood and a large dry spot in the throat.

I am not very sensitive, but in any case for both of them have soap and water, been an unknown phenomenon during their stay in the hinterland. There is spreading a pungent smell of sweat and bush land. This particular smell, which many natives in the bush has around themselves and perhaps also because their clothes have not been specifically worn by the washer over the past year.  Also they dug out the Corn Flakes of the bag with the sticky fingers, although him Newton, who invented gravity, had also made a law that actually says that Cornflakes can fall out of the bag, if you turn upside down.
So therefore I should not have more Cornflakes from that bag.

But I will remember to say that both guys were super to be with. I just want to change my eating habits or go on a diet. Just not tonight, when Dorthe and Henrik conjured a steak with accessories. There is no way around and I naturally have a stomach ache again from too much good food. Dorthe!
It's your fault, with all the delicious food!

And dieting will probably not right here and now.  This  should Jette and Henrik (who is no. 2 Henrik) be the guardians of. Because of the cramped space I stayed in with my friends Vibeke and Peter after been "captured" from the wilderness, Henrik and Jette invited me to sleep the last time with them on Haig Street. It was just a super offer and is just the last thing that needed to make the last days super good.
Hugs to Jette and Henrik!

My last evening in Australia, held in Haig Street, where Jette and Dorthe had conjured and created a delicious steak with equipment such as Henrik and Henrik had purchased beer and wine in copious quantities. It was a really lovely evening where the world's problems were minor and friendships get greater.
It was quite late before we pulled the curtains down for the night.

The departure on the morning of the first
August went fast, with bread, milk and coffee, before Dorothy, Henrik and Henrik drove me to the airport where I have placed my luggage and orderly paper and pays $ 20 in departure tax.

Unfortunately, Jette are not here because she was at work at IKEA, where she is a seller.
So we take a warm farewell at home in Coorpaaroo before she went on job.

Dorthe and Henrik has bought an early birthday gift to me. 
A real "Aussie" hat, which immediately becomes bent into shape and mounted on my head and we take a "goodbyebeer" in the Take-off bar before we shake hands and cuddling and I disappear into and arrange the formalities with the flight duty.

There are only a short time before the penultimate passengers goes out to the Jumbo from Thai International.
I'm the last man like a raisin in the sausageend on the stairs and waving to my friends on the "lookout".

Away it goes from Brisbane! Based on the first little jump to Sydney, where several passengers coming on the plane and the journey continues towards the northwest. 
An hour when I think back on my stay in Australia and life in the Emigrant Centre in Wacol, which was no great success, but instead turned into a decision to be a tourist instead of immigrant in the country.
And many thoughts on the towns and places I had seen in this vast country. Thoughts just not just stop and already generating ideas about reliving!  Thoughts about the people here who are a nation of immigrants, how many in my opinion not really know where they belong.
But of course it is an idea entirely at my own expense.

Incredibly friendly and helpful, the Australians. No doubt about it.
If you are in distress or need help no matter what, there's always someone who will lend a hand.

Many thoughts also on the Danish friends, I got underway. Willi, Dorthe, Henrik, Jette, Peter and Elly from Valby. It is all too brief acquaintance with Kirsten, Hanne and Claudia in the inland. Hours with Morten, Mark and Christian in Sydney.
And not to forget Louisa (my hairdresser in Stones Corner) and Jasmine rom 7-Eleven in Stones Corner, as I have promised a guiding hand if their path goes to Denmark.

Farewell Australia! After an hour's stay at Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney,  the plane continues on its way to Singapore. Thai International has provided all passengers a route map so you can follow the tour. Australia looks completely deserted and empty here from above. I see  a small town down there in the middle and I'm sure it can not be other than Alice Springs. It must be, with mountains surrounding the city, but I am obviously not sure.
You can also see small farms on the Great Plains there.

The plane goes far beyond the Timor Sea and Indian Ocean. Then across Indonesia with the thousands of small islands sprinkled out over the ocean with a generous hand.
It can easily look like a paradise for a flying tourist named Sven.

There will be a one hour stop in Singapore, where the bones enjoy walking around in the waiting room,  before you go further to Bangkok, which is reached about 22-o'clock.
What oppressive heat here now the rainy season just started.

And now we must work to get the various papers through customs here in Bangkok.
It is not the slowest customs officers I've seen, but they remind suspicious about them.

Well, I'm curious about the transport to the hotel is ready, as I have booked the ticket. Bingo, it was! A limousine from Thai waiting with an air conditioner running at full speed.
Simply the best thing that could happen after the unbearable heat at the airport.

So off it went with great speed into the city. It was half an hour with the horn down. I thought I had seen enough stressful cities and traffic, but Bangkok beat them all. Run on others fear the bumps and traffic rules are a phenomenon unknown around here.
But I reached the hotel safe and get my room with a beautiful orchid on the pillow.

All fine and I get a quick shower before I go out a little and look at the city in the hot night.
Hello to some people while I enjoy a beer at a bar, but fatigue invite me to find the bed and the cool air inside.

Up early, breakfast and looked around. I walk into the reception where I am being picked up by a Thai girl to be my guide for the trip, which takes place in a nice limousine with a chauffeur. The guide named Puangpetc Petchundkrit. Easy name, right? Well, she'd rather be called "Pom".
Even easier.

Temples!  Fantastic buildings with spire, columns and Buddha in all forms. A Buddha is lying down and is 64 feet long. He has been based only from the feet and then they have built the temple around him from the feetend also really smart. But that was not the smartest when people began to build the house from footend, because when it came to his head, there was not enough headroom for ears and hat, so there's a neat hole in the roof instead.
Simple way to solve the problem.

And what a sound here. There are 108 bins around the Buddha and they represent each of the 108 best things in Buddhism.
And then people can buy the same number of copper coins and sprinkle them in buckets with a prayer.

I've also seen some state-controlled bead factories. Prepare very beautiful things here and if I had enough money, I think I could do a really good buy here.
Wages are low here, so there is almost only the value of the stones, you pay for.

In the afternoon I go to the "Rose Garden". Nice place, as the name suggests and here will also attend a show, with various dances and see how a Thai wedding takes place.
There are some Thai boxing and other things before a group of elephants show their stuff.

They are not particularly stupid, the big animals. A little pressure behind the ear and carries away, which the "Mahut" on the back gives the message on.
There was also a baby elephant at just 250 kg, as painlessly pulled away with 20 audience members who were asked to pull the rope with little Dumbo.

Late in the day I visited a small factory which manufactured hand-carved furniture, painted elephants and more Thai handicrafts. Here I was obliged to purchase a small painted elephant and a box somewhere. No idea what I should use it for, but .......
Yes, I had to have it.

No night out tonight. The gracious heavens will decide that now is Bangkok, which should be washed with a kollosal tropical downpours. Wow, water falls in zizes of ropes. Have never seen anything like it.  S o I might as well put me in the hotel bar and look at some ice-cold Singha beer, which easily ran down my throat.
The likelihood that they contain ample alcohol, I am almost convinced, because I only drink 7-8 pieces, but feel that I have gotten over 20 - Yes, it was that night.

Bangkok's floating market is obviously in the water. 
And the water here is the river and after half an hour by boat I'm in the market where a lot of small dealers offer a little of everything for everybody.

In the intense heat here my thirst grows enormously. I have to go to a bar and get me (You think immediately that there is a beer, right?) Noo,  an icy fresh coconut to be grouped and served with straws of a cute wrinkly Thai lady. Tastes great and when the milk is finished, the meat scraped out with a spoon.
It tastes just fine, so I'll have to have one more for fun and then just see her smiling wrinkles once more.

River water here is almost black with pollution and it helps fine when all motor boats constantly muddy the water. Pollution is almost complete here where you get the impression that all waste is thrown into the River.
It's probably not such a course, but it looks like (diplomatically said).

Out in a second boat and go to "Thonburi Snake Farm" which is a small zoo with Bengal tigers, monkeys, crocodiles and snakes, including Cobra, Racingvipers and Copperheads. Further, there is also pythons, one of almost 7 meters. Honestly, it looks a little dangerous with zookeepers who treat animals as they wish. At the end of the show, there will be tapped poison from snakes in front of audiences.
The thought arises, of course, "only" for security reasons, that maybe I would have preferred that this had happened before the show.

As spectators sat with only a zookeeper who is the only "rails" for the snakes. The r ing is approx. 6-7 meters in diameter. If a snake "ran" away from the keeper, it was just about to pull back quickly. Especially the "Racingviper" was the instant when it almost ran across the floor, which it did almost all the time. Must admit that there was stiff hair on the legs, so one hardly touched the floor. 
After the show I found into Bangkok's city center again.

And here as elsewhere in the world I had to go on my walks, one kilometer after the other, led me around town, where I especially enjoy going into the backstreets are, where they had never seen a tourist before, with 46 in shoe size.

I think that the children smiled at me or even laughed at my otherwise perfect appearance, while I get an ice cold beer at some bar. When hunger was great, I always find an eatery where the menu is only written in Thai. So, just to see pop out, not to fall through and  look through the map and find some funny signs and pointing to the text.
Have no idea what I ordered, but it tasted really good and only one of the sauce had a bit too much tourist spices.

Have found out that if food is ordered in food outlets located on the "enlightened" streets with tourist stuff, then there is too much tourist spice put in, sure to satisfy tourist's idea of Thai food is strong. In the back streets where Thai people eat the food is only "normal" spicy. And I'm sure the bacteria is gone from the food, with all the flames that cook food up. 
At any rate I have given very rarely stomach problems.

Traffic is realy close here in Bangkok. A trip of only 15 km took almost 2 hours, so if I otherwise could have read the signs on road signs, I might as well have gone the trip here. But it still managed to get out of "Samutprakarn Crocodilefarm" which is the largest of its kind in the world, with up to 30,000 crocodiles, if we are to believe the brochure.
I do not quite touch, but whereabouts are everywhere, along with lions, tigers, snakes, monkeys and birds.

Here is my own opinion, which I think is quite reasonable. It can not be supposed that a 6-meter saltwater crocodile must bend the tail, to live in a small cubicle and into a courtyard of about 50 square meters, there lived about 200 pieces of 1 year old crocodiles.  And when an adult Bengal tiger will share a cage of 5-6 square meters with a small dog.
Yes, there are far too small a space if it is meant that the animals have to live with dignity.

There was also a show where a man wreslet around with a crocodile and burying his head in the mouth on it and drag a few others in the tail to make them mad. And then he pukle them in the head with a stick, strange idea. I would like to have seen him do the same, with one of the adults of 7-8 meters.
So he had probably not been so cocky.

There was also a section with "freaks". Crocodiles with curved back, missing tail and other abnormalities, probably because of inbreeding. These animals were obviously far less space than the others. And yes, I've even bought a ticket to get to see it all, but I was not prepared for it.
I wonder if it was a task for Greenpeace?

Bangkok! A busy city. So busy that you rarely saw the famous Thai smile which being advertised so much. In fact, only those who get paid for it smiles. 
Rest now looks just as tired as all other peoples.

But the smile is on the streets where there are live shows and Striptease everywhere. Before responding, you are quickly drawn into the room of a doorgirl and planted in a chair. Just as quickly, a large smiling young lady sits on my lap. Here are girls, transvestites and gays. 
Fun and lively with music, dancing and smiling people - at least externally.

But the joy now declines rapidly. It becomes too much and too intrusive for my taste, so after an hour I find the fresh night air again. It was too much with too much close sitting, painted smiles and expensive drinks. It's almost scary and I had a little sorry for the girls who are struggling for attention, but what can I do?
I can not and will not do anything, so I say nicely no thankyou, find the door and my hotel with air conditioning running at full in the room.

The next day dawns and I wander around Bangkok's streets where I met an Westaustralian named Geoffrey, from the city of Perth in Western Australia. We met a local bar with some girls, at least where the beer was cheap. We did not have the big money, but a good tour with many bars and Thai beer in vast quantities, it was for. It tastes good, the beer. But you might have saved you a horrible headache the day after when the sun rises in the window and the mirror reveals lipstick all over your head and your shirt.
Can not really remember when and how it got on, but I have a vague suspicion.

But enough about that. I found a tailor that would produce 2 pairs of pants for me for approx. 130 Dkr.  And so they fit exactly.  One might wonder a little about how a Danish tailor could spend 4-5 weeks on the same job and at big prices.
Tourists hang on tailors here from morning to night, so I have them suspected of not sleeping at night and instead sew clothes.

Last day!  It was used to get some color on the body. I would then look like someone who has been on vacation for 5-6 months.  I love the sun, must give up because it is simply too strong here. 
After half an hour, I give up because the heat get sweat run to much.

Indoor with me and find an air cooler and get some sleep.
But quick wide awake again, I must once again into the city to wander around in the shadows until it's time to find the airport.

The plane departs at midnight, but I'm also in good time so I can probably find me a cold shower at the airport. Yes, so much for this good idea. There are no bathing facilities at Bangkok airport. Seems a bit bad, but maybe it comes at a time in the future. I've sweated well today and tonight in the oppressive heat here.
There is not really anything to do about it except to find an aircooler and stand there until called to the aircraft.

Final departure, overlooking the 11-½ hour flight which for a large part takes place over the Soviet Union. Can not see anything, but know that we come near Moscow, so I wonder if the red man look deeply into the radar, though we now had to be spies on expeditions?  We get
 some good meals along the way and I saw a little of a mad boring movie when I'm not at sleep, which I have succeeded in 6-7 hours, I guess.

During the waking hours, I think some at the experiences in Bangkok and its environs.  I  have seen a lot and talked with many funny people. Should the city be seen again?  Absolut  yes!
And I wonder if it does not happen one day, maybe going out somewhere else in the world, so my impressions of this city becomes more filled with experiences around the clock.

The Captain says it is only 15 minutes to Copenhagen now, so the belt should be tightened and I waited the wheels take the pitch.
An old dream has come true for me.

August 1987 - I've traveled around the Earth!

Sit awhile and wait for all the busy toiling away out of the plane, then takes my handbag and then down to find my suitcases. Incredibly much I have filled in them and just so unbelievable that I not have come to pay extra fees for overweight anywhere. I was a bit nervous it would happen because I had no money back because I have spent almost anything on the trip, so I now only have 200 Dkr, I for some reason have had lying deep in the wallet, since I left Denmark for about 5 months ago. Well, I have money for a taxi home to Hjortekær and remember buying Danish (I'm turning 37 today) birthday breakfast and eat it with my mother.
Haha, she was somewhat surprised when I suddenly stood in the door and said hello mom!

I'd sent a postcard from Australia to Poul-Willy, head of the Blue Buses in Holte. I had written him that I came home today and was probably a little hungry for a job. So I phoned him and heard if he had received my greeting.  Yes , and there was a job for me he wagered that I could start Monday morning. Superfine! It could not be better for my wallet and I look forward to earning some money again, now my bankroll sucked to go out into the world again some day.
But it's not the worst way to spend money on,  because memories live forever.

And fine with a Danish aftersummer when the heat of Australia and especially Thailand, which may stop any activity if you move a little too much. 

Continues in English 8 .

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