English 5

English 5


Mid June 1987.

Work is now in a very small space in my head and I think more about experience now. The result is I nominate myself to be a tourist rather than immigrant. Fine! Now´s head full of ideas again. It is better than sitting and finding a job which is not here.
Thinking that I have not only wasted time, but found out it´s not for me to settle in another country. Working maybe, but in a limited time.

I had to get answers what pulled me over to this great country. I was   obviously necessary for me to get  downunder to found out what I am: "an ingrained Dane with brown gravy and potatoes" for dinner, but with travel and adventure in my blood that tells me it is better to
see things and places today, instead of waiting until tomorrow, when you might not be here anymore.

I'm just glad to live in a reasonably democratic community where we as citizens can pretty much make our own decisions and not be forced to do what some dictator decides under duress and threats.

Possibly, one could also have chosen to save the money for a prosperous old age, unless you suddenly fall ill and become dependent on others.  No!  I would rather out to see our world, before it is too late. 
I want to try to discover as much as possible while I'm visiting the earth before I´ll go out on the last big trip without a return ticket.

Well, back from thought to reality.   I can now be called a tourist and therefore believe that I had better behave like a tourist. Off to the "Greyhound" to arrange some bus tours and book into some hotels and similar establishments around the country. What a job to put together tours, so most of my wishes to come along.
But after many headaches, get a bus schedule to see out eventually.

Now there's no reason to continue the lease in the house on Lilly Street anymore.  Now I would rather spend the remaining money to see as much of the country as possible before I return home to Denmark.   I would see if I could find a cheap hotel with storage space for my suitcases.
The box with tools, I get quickly packed and sent to a shipping company who can arrange transport to Denmark.

I was incredibly lucky to get all my deposit on the rented house back because I accidentally fell into conversation with a guy in Public Bar, who look for a place to live here in the district. So it was only to contact the landlord and change the lease.
Sometimes life can be allowed to be more than lucky.

And could be more lucky?  Yes , Vibeke and Peter who lived in Holland Park, immediately offered that I could borrow a room in their apartment, until I should return to Denmark.
No doubt that I owe them many thanks for not to stay at a hostel or likely in the time I toured around to "discover" the country before departing for Denmark.
And then it will probably be wise to purchase a ticket to Denmark, then I avoid use the money before. Then down to "Thai International" to buy. Wow - what high prices! It was not exactly what I expected, for the most direct travel without stopping along the way, ran for almost 2,200 Australian dollars, which is approximately 10,000 Dkr.  
It was something of a wet rag in my head and I could see that my residence is near the end, very soon.

But the man behind the counter turned out to be Danish, and he gave me very good advice. Only 100 meters away was are a small discount travel agency that sells the exact same ticket, only with a bit of uncertainty on departure day and time fits. I thanked him and went there and bought a ticket to Denmark with "flowting" departure date for only $ 1100 equivalent approx. 5000 Danish Kroner.  And even better - there was also a week's stay in Bangkok, with all meals included, within the price.  Well,
now I was then completely on top again.

July 1987. 

With these things in place, I rushed down to the Greyhound busoffice and found my bus, which departs at 1615 up north.
It quickly becomes dark here, reasonably close to the equator where the sun goes out at 18 in a relatively short time, so it is dark until the morning at about 6 .

Well, Brisbane is a megacity and it takes nearly an hour just to get out of town. Clear out the city before darkness falls and it goes quick away with up to 120 km/h, which seems quite fast when you're sitting at first floor of the bus where it sways a lot. On the bus's video installation show "Champ", but after half an hour we get strip salad in the moviewiever. So i get a little sleep in the night before we arrive in the town Mackay, with the sunrise in the EAST. Where  else would the dawn be? Have gradually got used to the opposite world, here south of the equator.  We from north of the equator, have a feeling that the sun rises up in the west here instead.
Hard to get used to the inverted world here.

With the sun coming up, is also the sight of a very different landscape than I had in and around Brisbane. This corresponds to Australia from all tour operators and the many books about the country I've read. Bush country and endless sugar cane fields, well mixed with forest and livestock in giant number we do not see in Denmark. There is no water as we know in Denmark. But the rainwater run off from rooftops, which then flows into large tanks for later use.
There is also wind powered water pumps in underground wells.

Breakfast is taken in the town of Proserpine. Most eat breakfast at a restaurant, but my curiosity leads me around town just to see a bit of everything, so I buy myself a bunch of bananas (no jokes, please) and a yogurt from the local king of food here.
Fine town, Proserpine.

Well filled with bananas, we head further north before we leave the bus for a little rest. A peek around the holiday paradise "Arlie Beach", which is a small sanctuary by the sea, overlooking a few small islands at the "Great Barrier Reef". Going around and enjoy the place and get a quick chat with a young girl who lives on site until the bus continues north, now we're just missing about 3 hours drive until we get to Townsville. It runs through a landscape that is the first taste of Australia's outback. The trees are lower and there were long among the grazing animals.
And those who are here, trying to find a little shade under some withered seedlings.
Towns here have also changed the look and it is not as large towns, with stress and stocky bodies.
Here are distances between houses and the streets are wide boulevards.

The Greyhound bus terminal in Townsville, where we are after 21 hours of travel, I got  a taxi to my hotel and a much needed shower before I go out to explore the city. It is very hot now, with more than 30 degrees in the shade. Well it is winter here.
But we are also in the tropical area, where all activities are screwed onto the back burner, so it's certainly not as stressful as in Brisbane City.

From my hotel, there are good prospects for "Magnetic Island, which lies a few kilometers out in the Pacific. It looks like there is a fire out there because there is a great smoke development on the island and will also be discussed on television. Well, my time is not to look at the fire, so I go into town and find a ticket agency that sells trips to "Magnetic Island".  Jaaa, why not?  Then
 I have also been there!

It only takes 20 minutes to "fly" there in the catamaran boat that shoots a good pace. On the trip there are also people from the "State Emergency Services" on the way out to the island to combat the fire. I'm just on the island for a few hours and intend to catch the boat back to Townsville before night. The fire I can not see and I've nothing to do there, I'm not a firefighter.  
And I think they would rather have peace for me and work to fight the fire!

Well, I have my own little fire here at the foodstand, which quickly done my Giga Toast to a lumo coal. But it tasted very good anyway.  After dinner, I walked around for a few hours and saw many things and took some pictures, without actually knowing what I saw, it was just a general comfort travel aimlessly.  Then  back to the boat and return to Townsville, where I sit to explore the night life because here seems to be something to celebrate. Thinking to honor a pub with my visit, but wise enough, I decided to be hungry rather than thirsty.
Probably a wise decision.

Well, I come straight into a hot dog cart, which unmistakably resembles one of Steff-Houlberg from Copenhagen. And 4 hot dogs with everything, with flavors to minimun 5 Michelin stars. All in all a really enjoyable evening, which for me could have been much longer. But I must get up early because the bus is already running at 0530.   So I go reasonably early to rest and find a nice little bouquet of dried flowers on my pillow.
It's very hot here, so air conditioner running all the time, avoid I completely melt away. Can see from the balcony door, the fire at "Magnetic Island" has become bigger and I hear on the radio that it is now a veritable forest- and bush fires as they say here's where it all burns because of the drought and therefore also can develop on an island.
But I think the good firefighters got it under control during the night.  And "Magnetic Island" are also in place in the morning when I must continue my journey.
The city of Townsville is a very nice place to visit. No high buildings, but new and old houses go well together here. The city is not greater than one can see most in a short time. City life focused around the pedestrian street and the mall and a great mix of shops and entertainment, and there are many bars throughout the city, so the risk of thirst is not imminent here.
Within walking distance of the city resemble the desert and you will see advertisements and modern city with port, met all want´s here.

After a good night's sleep, I run with Greyhound westward through central and northern Queensland along "Flinders Highway" through cities such as "Charter Tower", "Pentland" and "Prairie" with little stopovers on the road, long enough for me to see quickly  life here. The first "official" foodstop is in "Hughhenden" which is a great city with boulevards and wodden sidewalks. Unfortunately I have to leave town again, although I realize that there is a rodeo tomorrow.
But it's not really anything to do when my bus ticket can not be changed without the rest of the trip must be canceled and it is my wallet not to.

So fast it goes at high speed to keep the roadmap is very tight. So it is with the accelerator down all the way and yet we are constantly delayed. Had hoped for a little more time, so the towns could be explored just a little bit. But it goes away and we move quickly through the bush, which at once is both very dry and very lush.
There are many Mulgatrees of 2-3 meters in height, which fills up with a bunch of shrubs that receive water from ground in the inland area.

The driver must be constantly alert. He warns the speaker, that we must be aware that about 25 wild horses crossing the road at full speed and another place had 3 bulls decided that the grass is greener on the other side of the road, and we must be vigilant against dingoes (wild dogs), sitting by the roadside and wait the bus to fix the supper for them. Dingos often seemed to be just as curious about the other side of the road and drive straight out in front of the bus. Amazingly, it does not go wrong for Dingo remarks several times, but luck is with them. But in contrast, there were 2 times when a Kangaroo decided to end his life out in front of the bus.
Fast off the front bus, because they seem think it is safer on the other side of the road.

Everywhere there are large termite "houses". These several feet tall brown columns there are thousands throughout the basin and you get the idea that the whole country is a gigantist termite land. There are not 2 identical and can be found the most unbelievebal forms and one is greater than the other.
You hardly dare think how many termites living in this area.

At dinnertime we drive into Mt. Isa, which I will return to at a later time to be here in a few days. But otherwise it's Friday here and it seems to be the noisy life in the city tonight. My neighbor on the seat of the bus, Frank, must of here here. He is a "Stockman" as a Cowboy named here. Frank tells me that every Friday come hundreds of pig farmers to Mt. Isa for using the entire weekly pay at the inn.  A shame that I must continue because I hear the life can go pretty wild in here, when many "White Fellows" and "Black Fellows" meet, often with some giant fights to follow later in the night.
The whole scene here is like taken from an old movie from John Wayne's Wild West.

Well, I had no plans to fight today, so I find a restaurant where I order a large steak with beans. Dinner is washed down with a couple of equally gigantic glasses of beer. Seems that everything is bigger here, except prices. This restaurant has 2 "branches", as most pubs in the country, one for "normal" eating people and one for workers. And with my cowboy outfit I fit nicely into the department with "workers price", where prices are around one third of the price in the finer department.
So it's just something that suits my bankroll, so I only need as little as possible so I can stay as long as possible in the country before I return home to Denmark.

But time passes and it's sudden departure. The bus rumbles away again and the first stop is at "Barkly Homestead", about midnight and dinner again. No, not me! I am now well stocked and has eaten almost all the time here on the last day. So I walk around a bit and looks at night and enjoy the many sounds of the animals and others who live in darkness.
Very relaxing.

Then the trip to "Three Ways", where "Barkley Highway" meets "Stuart Highway". Here we meet the Townsville bus and the buses from Darwin and Adelaide. All hazards around and find a new bus and new seat. I also find a new seat on the bus to Darwin. Or rather, Katherine, which is my next goal.  I am now in the "Northern Territorry" and heading north. Here are the rules different than in Queesland, including smoking ban which being lifted in the bus and everyone apart from me, take the tobacco out. Whew, I usually do not mind other people smoking, but since about 30 at once pepped up the tobacco in a bus, it becomes a little uncomfortable to sit stuck in the middle.
So I try to sleep in a bell jar filled with smoke, not quite easy.

Northern Territory is different from the other states in the country. Here you will not find a "Bottle Shop" to buy drinks stronger than milk.  Beer, wine and spirits can be purchased in almost any store. But it probably has something to do with the greater distances between civilications in the dry desert. Or maybe there are just bigger thirst here in the state. Here you can buy an NT beer in two-onequart liter bottles, making it possible to quench the thirst of everyone in this state.
Imagine, I think it sounds quite human to live here.

The open countryside means that the bus often stops for cattle, horses and other animals that suddenly runs out in front of the bus. This is the absolute animal country where "Stuart Highway",  also called "National Highway 87", cuts through the country with its 2129 km, of which 1202 km is located in "Northern Territory". 
Now that's a road that will something!

We meet regularly "Road Trains" which these big massive trucks are called.  It's a truck with 3-4 large trailers on and they run absolutely not in slow motion, but rumbles unceremoniously with over 100 km/h through the countryside and build a sand wall of dust to other road users, including buses that often have to
pull off and wait until the dust wall disappears.

The first long stop are at "Dunmurra Roadhouse" where it is time to get some water in the head and then get ones stomach filled, so you're ready for the onward journey to the north. Along the way make we some side trips out in the bush, to pick up a single passenger.
"Daly Waters",  one of the venues and is a small isolated place where the Greyhound bus may be the highlight of the week, all judging by the influx of curious people.

And later we reached "Larrimah Roadhouse" there are no passengers, but the driver believes that we all get out and say congratulations to the new owner of the roadhouse, who just got the key in these days from the old owner who has driven the spot for 38 years. Very nice and so was also a little beer and water for us bus passengers who got us an extra break with a little chit-chat. We were there nearly an hour, so people flocked to the area so that it almost became a celebration.  Well  and so I get a few extra beers, while the driver drank a bottle of water - but maybe it was the vodka?
Naaa, hopefully not!

Away we went at full speed to reach some of the long break in Larrimah again.  Katherine is just 114 km north of Larrimah. And with an hour's stop on "Mataranka Homestead" to get a couple of passengers on and off, then I'll look a little about here. Definitely a place to remember, if I in the future must be planning another trip to Australia and need to find a place to relax. Here are incredible surroundings and with 34 degrees of heat sources throughout the year and you can live and swim in paradisiacal surroundings. Definitely a place worth visiting if you go through the Northern Territory.  R
emember to record "Mataranka Homestead" on Your wishing list!

Now it's Saturday and midday. Fortunately, there have been many stopovers on the way from Townsville, which I left 30 hours ago. It would have been fine with some longer stops, but when money is small, I must still prioritize the places I will honor my visit.
There are so many interesting and amazing places in Australia, so it's almost a pain to have to choose, or even worse, not to choose.

There are only a half hour to Katherine now, where I have some plans if things are not within reach. 
It is not always easy to plan when you simply sit with a pair of colorful brochures and would know anything about the area.

When I came to Katherine I discover that "Springvale Homestead" where I live, was far away from the city.   So instead of "city break",  I look forward to stay in "Springvale Homestead" near the Katherine River and the silence here.
It will be really good with a nice relaxation after 2284 km in a bus without long stops.

After one last ride in a taxi, I arrive at "Springvale Homestead" and get my room quickly and find the shower to wash the long journey out of the body. 
30 hours by bus leave marks in the back, shoulders and butt, no doubt about it!

Fresh again I take me time to wander around and just look at things and get many new impressions. I love to walk around and look at birds, lizards and everything else.  If you just open your eyes and look down, opens a wonderful world at your feet.   Right now I can probably just shake my head, of all those who are working hard 7 days a week with fitness to keep alive an idea about living longer, but forget all that hard work can corrode the body more than good.   I believe it´s better to  go down a bit in training and take a little break and just enjoy the world at your feet instead.
It becomes a gym for the brain (but what do I know?).

Here at Springvale I find me a new friend. On my tour around the homestead, I look into one of the old buildings and there I meet an Aboriginal (original inhabitant of Australia). He confirms my belief that there is no need to run around and sweat.
He sits relaxed in the shade and wave at me, to come in to him in the shadow.

Now I am a well-read size and are very wise (haha).  Hmm ... do not think too much, but still. I have read and heard that you should not just barge in and ask lots of questions, because these people have a slightly different way of being and therefore could take it as an insult. I have absolutely no idea about it, but decides to follow the "rule". 

I'll stop until he says hello and he points to a spot of ground on his left side where I put myself in good order.
There goes a quarter of an hour before a real conversation gets underway, but it helps a lot, when I ask if he wants something to drink. "Fosters" he says instantly and without hesitation. It is one of countless Australian beer brands have helped to start many conversations over the years.
And he apparently also knows the magical effect, he begins talkin faster now.

His name is Charley Williams and he tell he is the oldest and therefore the "head" for a family of "Pitjantjantara" tribe, which is one of the largest and most widespread in Australia.

We talked for 3-4 hours and he said many wise things which I think is very exciting to hear. It is almost 10 years since Charley Williams came in from the the bush life. He says he is probably around 60 years old and have just discovered that he could get an Australian pension, which  all the native Aborigines have for life, which is a sort of consolation, because the white Australian apparently has been feeling guilty about taking land from them.   Or rather, take them off the ground because their belief is that the land owns the people. 
Perhaps this is so, who knows?

The reason that Charley Williams are here today, is that he and his family should perform a "Corroboree" tonight. It is a ritual dance which aborigines use to satisfy the various gods that can make life difficult and if they are not worshiped. There will also be an performance og hunting, which I'm sure they've tried before. It is quite incredible how accurately they could javelin. It looks absolutely like they have done nothimg else for many yers.
They are not very young the natives here and they look a bit worn out after the show, which was very fascinating to be allowed to experience.

Now it's Sunday and I am as usual, out to look around. It was a hello to a few cows and also an open-mouthed buffalo,  I took a photo of.  Also sees a beautiful tree that I immediately named as an "Australian stomachtree". 
The "trunk" has a diameter of nearly two meters, and the branches look like arms sticking out from the top of the trunk, so it almost looks like a flower vase.

I also go down to the "Low Level Gorge".  A place that could have been used as a model for the place where we all go at the last travel.  A really nice place that is a part of "Katherine River".   Like so many other places I've visited in Australia, I sat down and feel my mind almost stoped when I'm just floating around and enjoying life right here and now.  I'm actually really happy to be able to experience that kind of thing and not just choose to sit at home behind the curtains and see one or another series on television, section number 1765.  These ideas confirm every time for me that we should all follow the sudden ideas and not just hear about others who do.
Enjoy your life while it's here, because tomorrow it could very easily be a day late.

Find afterwards a quiet place where the sun can bake me a bit. Have just noticed that my skin tone almost certainly have started to look like snow.  T onight, I problaby se my own stupidity, had to much sun that I look like a strawberry. When the sun is down I will go on a river trip on crocodile hunting.
With the torch, of course.

First I thought that the river was called "Johnston River" because a crocodile are named "The Johnston River Crocodile".  Later I learned that it is part of the Katherine River, which is named after the crocodile's Latin name, "Crocodylus john toni". 
It's always nice to know the proper context and not going around and tell half-truths and other nonsense.

Hunger and thirst have signed up, so we will get into the river by boat.  We sailed out on the river trip in an hour or so.  Then i t's time to get your picnic and warmed over a fire.  What we eat was called a "steamer". 
"Steamer" is a kind of cake or bread and tastes like that.

"The Crocs" are around us  ("we" are 8 tourists and 2 guides who enjoy the cold night). The river here are only 8-10 meter wide and the crocs are out in the middle of the river and on the opposite bank, looking curiously at us while we eat and drink white wine. 
And as the guide says says: "More wine, more Crocs".

Afterwards there is time to wander around on our own, with a strong lamp so one not be surprised in the night. A few feet away in the river, I see some bright fluorescent spots which probably are eyes that look at me.
I think it is a "Baramundi" which is a big and very tasty fish which can be caught here.

Just to be safe, I ask the guide, who says that it's a crocodile who probably think I look like a very tasty "things" that can be caught here if I move a bit nearer the water, please.   It's probably not very dangerous, since it's usually are only freshwater crocodiles that live here and be reported only in very few cases where people have been attacked by them. Well,  I do not know about crocodiles also have read the information, so I prefer to go a bit away from the river and crosses to the other peoble and drink more wine (You know - "More crocs").
Pure relaxation at night when bats fly in flocks close around us.

Normaly here are only freshwater crocodiles and it's something else with their conspecifics whics living closer to the sea, the saltwatercrocodile. They are also called Deltacrocodile and has the Latin name "Crocodylus porosus" if it means something special when such a guy has set the jaws fastened in a part of us.
Some of these relics will be up to 7 meters long.

They live near the sea and live in close harmony with sharks and rays, where they attack anything that moves and knows no fear.
A meeting with one of these "leftovers" from the past, taking a swim in the river will likely send the unfortunate for reconstruction of one or more hospitals.

After eating, we sail a trip at Katherine River, to search for more crocodiles. But we se only few because it is very cold here at night. So they are sought out in the warm river water and we can only see a couple who have their eyes up to see where we are. 
After a good hour's sailing, we turn our noses homeward again.

The further navigation go a few miles further through the river, where we see many animals in the water. 
And unfortunately it's too dark to take pictures here, when the light has been off for very long.

On the way home to my room I can hear many Dingos yelp and howl, somewhere near in the night.

Well out of clothes and under the blankets, I hear still sounds out in the night and my curiosity wins again.
I crawl back into my clothes and go out into the night after the sounds.

I sit on a fence in the dark and listening to life. I hear them before I can see them and suddenly I see the shadows of Dingos closer than I really care about. They are not trying to be quiet so I can feel and sense that there are some 15-20 meters away.
It is not to see them properly, just shadows that move out there, while they slowly circles closer to the point where I'm sitting on the fence

I have read that Dingo are afraid of humans and not attack us. But when I sit here and get little doubt that the Dingo have also read the same book as me. For they come closer and closer, so imagination runs a little fast and I decide that it probably will be a little wiser to get into the enlightened area, before it might become a bit too late.  
It may well be that I was foolish to go out there, but then I would annoy me tremendously when later thinking back on that night where I did not follow my idea, as usual.

After a luxurious sleep, I'm back out in the sun to paint my beautiful body.
It get a nice color in a few hours and now I need to find Katherine and the Greyhoundbusses again for the onward journey.

Finally the bus came and we're heading south. Lost some time due to a minor flood, but the lost time is won when we come to "Three Ways".  This may be because there was only one place, we should take new passengers up a
nd then everyone was happy again.

First stop is at "Ti Tree" which is breakfast.
The last half hour we have looked at a fantastic sunrise over the bush, where the Mulgatrees and Ghost Gums has stood as a sharp black silhouettes against the red-orange morning sky.

Too bad it does not include a "luxusstop" in the roadmap, so we could enjoy the contrasts between dark and light, which is incredibly sharp here. The air is so clean here that you can not taste or smell anything.
The purity of the air can not be described fairly.

Since all stomachs were full now, the bus goes at full speed the last 2 hours to Alice Springs in central Australia.  Here you can really see why it's called "The Red Centre" here. The country is very strong rust red, probably because of very high iron content in the soil. You'll also be reminded of it every time you cheat on your nose, so there will be large rusty spots on the cloth. 
And then of course you can only think about how lungs look like?

Here, 30 miles north of Alice Springs, we pass the "Tropic of Capricorn. This also happened to me last week when we went north to Rockhampton. Beautiful summer days in September, can be pretty hot.  But in the  winter now, there will be "only" 35-40C during the day outside in the sun and down near freezing at night if the sky is clear.
So there is fair hot here when there no more shade than your feet are doing.

Just before we get to Alice, we must enter and be weighed. The b us offcourse. It is unbelievable that one can find a reason to be here in the middle of the desert and weigh vehicles before they are released into the city.
But we must hope that it has a reasonable purpose.

Alice Spring. A city I've been waiting a lot of and looked forward to visit.  My idea of Alice is based on literature and brochures with pictures of an Outbackcity with boulevards and wooden houses. Well! 
It was something of an anti-climax and a bucket of cold water in the head, walking around the city of Alice Spring.

The places I went off around town, there was not as much as just a small house or similar which could overcome disappointment, after visits in cities like Hugnhenden, Proserpine, Daly Waters and Katherine.  Some  disapointment to watch the dream city in my thoughts, here was filled with supermarkets, houses of mass production type and the streets were filled with things that not fit the outbackcity in my head.
But enough about that and back to reality.

I bought a hat for a little shade from the sun, which is pretty hard here in the middle of everything. 
And then I also bought a few teacups to my collection, so I'll soon have enough to offer an international tea-mik home in Denmark some day.

I bought a cup here on the Royal Flying Doctor's base in Alice Springs, where I had to look a little movie about the phenomenon.
I was shown around and saw the radio room and heard little of the conversations "in the air" and then a museum, which contained a lot of things that had been used over the years.

Absolutely no doubt that the Royal Flying Doctor has a huge impact on everyone living in the Australian wilderness.
Facilities and services provided by the Royal Flying Doctor is a free service for the Bush people. The service was founded in 1926 by a man named Flynn who was the first, who saw the potential for such a service.

The first official flight was made second August 1927 from Cloncurry in Queensland. The base in Alice Springs was founded in 1939 and now there are 139 bases in the wild outback, where the radionet and the 102 mobile radio stations, covering the entire country and serving around 30,000 people. There are 14 bases and the cost of "RFD" is about § 10 million Aus. Dollar a year (1987).
At the Alice Springs base is attached 1 doctor, together with 5 in other places in the Northern Territory (1987), which covers an area larger than the entire EU.

I will now go Alice thin to find the city that I have read about. But everything has changed over the years after the pictures I've seen were taken.  Actually a bit naive of me to think that everything was in the old style for me.
But it is certainly more romantic to see the old towns, rather than to see today's architects ruin everything.

My feet carried me up mountains or hills, across town. This has been a wish for me to see the city from these hills, b ut there are incredibly soiled here with bottles, paper etc. and I think that it really must be one of the most polluting and dangerous animals that exist on Mother Earth.  
Namely, man!

It's amazing, with the indifference nature are treated here. Everywhere lay smashed bottles, paper, old prams and and and ..... There was no end to the mess we offer the wilderness here.
It is simply unbelievable, but we humans are apparently indifferent to the consequences of our overconsumption.

What happens now? I would prefer to drown my sorrows in a bar.  Ok .. It was now a limit to how much I could drink here, because prices bore clear traces of tourism.   And then there were several "destinies" who had looked deep into the bottle almost everywhere.
So I settle for a few beers at the hotel bar before the night.

There must be something good?  Jojo, I had a good chat with Mandy at the hotel where I stayed. 
Sweet Mandy works as a barmaid, where several cold pot of beer nicely chilled my trouth.

Mandy talks a lot and tells the town she comes from, is Melbourne in the state of Victoria. Good, because I also wanted to come to Melbourne recently, so I listen to what she tell.
You never know.

I found a diary in which tell Alice Springs history. It was the 11th
March, 1871 when a line worker who works in the telecommunications, discovered a small source in the dry Todd River, about 3 miles north of town.

He named the source after his wife Alice and tell it to Charles Todd, who was Supervisor for the "Telegraph" line to South Australia.
He chose a flat grassy area to build the telegraph station on the line south-north and then was Alice Springs was founded.

Now there was unfortunately school holidays in the "School of the Air" while I'm here.
It would otherwise have been fun to experience teaching here, where some students to sit more than 600 km away from the teacher.

Continues in English 6


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And I have never experienced any problems myself

28.11 | 21:43

There are no problems dear Laila.., My site is secured through the company I have the website uploaded in... I've never heard of any crashes there. Take care

18.10 | 21:46

Enjoyed reading about your upbringing. I was a little concerned because I have a "Red Alert" that says your site is Not Secure so was afraid to stay longeer

20.01 | 14:17

Hej Sven, kig engang herind www.per-anne.dk find ferieture i menuen og Grønland 1989
Mvh. Per Skjødt, søn af den kolde smed

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