English 2

English 2


August 1972 and civilian again .........

Maybe I should have stayed inside the proteced world of the millitary forces, but the civilian life drew most and instead of looking for a job, I walked around and enjoyed life for a time, probably mostly because I had not yet recovered from the accident on my Harley. It ached a little here and there and still the headache persevered for too long. I could not really get started with something and it turned into a life with borrowed money, all while I had fun with the whole "team" at the lake in Holte. Dare not really drink anything for the usual festivities were in the circle. Every time I got just 2-3 beer, I was so dizzy and drunk as if I had got 20 beer.   It must have been after-effects from the accident which remains in my head for a pretty long while after. The doctors had no good explanation, but after some month I was back "normal" in my head and could eventually participate in the daily hardships and partyes.  Oookay
, now is "normal" after all a rather variable size and when you look at it and hear about what so called "normal" people do every day, so I feel excellent with hopefully to be slightly abnormal.

Had it by now quite well and got the bright idea to get me at driverslicense for bus and taxi. 
It was not so applies as in Denmark today, where you almost need a university degree to obtain a license.

Started just after New Year 72-73 and got 2 hours of driving in an old old Bedford bus in a Driving School.   It went well enough in pieces right up to the test, then they borrowed a schoolbus as an old Leylandbus from Copenhagen Tramways. Did not try it out before it was the departure of the examiner through Copenhagen's streets and alleys. Theory sample was taken after one week and together with the fast driving, I stood there now with a driverslicence for bus and taxi. 
And then what?

, there was the "Green Busses" in Hjortekær, owned by Svend Bojesen. 
Those I've used from birth, so why not ask whether there was need a few hands on the wheel.

January 1973 .........

And yes from Svend Bojesen, he had already heard that I had got the licence from one of his old drivers Andress Andreassen, as I had a chat with a couple of days before.
It was a small world in Hjortekær, so it was rumored that dolt here had a licence now and Bojesen figured that I came up and took a job with him.

There were 5-day 47-hour working week. Weekly pay was Dkr. 905,-  before taxes. Can not remember what the tax was, but I was all rich, as Svend paid me a whole week's pay for only 3 days work the first time. And since I had not handed in my treasurecard, he said never mind and gave me all wages without pulling tax. And then it was in cash - the salary paid in cash on Thursday what had been served Wednesday evening.  And the
 salary was usually paid with 5 - and 10-crown banknotes Svend stored in a drawer in the desk in the office.

There was no bank transfer, it was the hauler for the old fashioned.  After so many years, may it well be revealed that there was always pretty much cash in the dresser drawer under the desk. Always full of 5-crown and 10-crown banknotes salary each time was paid off. 
So it was always a very thick wallet you had on payday.

Drove still on my Harley Sportster and made the roads unsafe, together with the guys ofVejlelake and especially Knut (Walnut), who had the same passion for Harley as I do. Get driving also for big part to Allerød, where my very good friend Chef-Per lived. Of course he also drove Harley (was there another?) and had recently "converted" from chef to mechanic. What else?
It's very obvious, right?

Broadly at the same time, began Knut, I and a few others from Vejlesø, getting in a motorcycle club in Ballerup.   It was called "222" and was named after the start date, 2/2-72 and then lay it on 2 Råmosevej.   It was a very big club, with 120-130 active members. Have trouble remembering all the names, but "Eifel" (Erik), Per Bruun, John Tooth, Steen Anderson, Sweet Nina and Dreyer, Steen Lykken, Benny Bruun, Benny, Superannie and Kawa-Aage dolls up in my memory along with a lot of experiences in everyday life and celebration. It was for around 10 years, it said on motorcycles, wild parties and lots of speed in daily life, equally divided between "222" and Vejlelake in Holte.
Besides, says the club is not "222" anymore but "Oldtimers" or something like that, but is still in 2 Råmosevej.

Now you were indeed young, beautiful and delicious, not least at the time, so it was no shortage of attention in the bus from the cute young ladies back then. Wondering sometimes if it was because they came free with the bus that they stood and chatted with one. Naaaaa, that was obviously because it was the young and beautiful driver, so it had to be.
Otherwise, it went beyond self-confidence.

And here is what I should be able to remember a date. There was one young lady who had particularly attracted my attention. NoNo, absolutely nothing to do with a leather jacket or other clothing, told me that here was one for the back seat.
Longhaired and big smiling wearing an Afghan coat, probably was not exactly something a Mc-root had an eye for normaly.

But as she continued to sit, so she was always there in the mirror, we might as well beat a chat together.
Maybe it was to run for free, but I never know for now.

1973 was surely .........

Gitte was she called and she was different exciting and wonderful, so it evolved rather quickly into something closer, also outside the bus. We were so different that we quite simply had to get together together and try life.
Can not remember eksagt when, but Gitte moved down to me in the basement of my parents' house on 288 Lundtoftevej of Hjortekær where the basement was fitted up to our apartment.

We would obviously like to have more space, but it was more than impossible to find a vacant apartment in and around Kgs.Lyngby where we wanted to live. As it gradually dawned on us that we had to think alternatively. Gitte and I was also married during the period under great festivities for a church wedding in Lundtofte Church. Can also remember we had a nice car, a Trabant Saloon (WOW), which guests had been painted over with shavingcream.  It turned out later after car wash, the foam had etched itselves into the paint (I use no more shaving cream), so we then permanently signposted with "Newlyweds" and back, just without rattlings cans leash after the wagon. Honeymoon was held in a house in Asserbo, as family and friends had secretly rented to us. It was only when we had to run away in the evening that we got stung a few keys and a map in hand, with a route drawn into.
go off and find a hut, filled with all sorts of food and drink in the refrigerator.

Not long after we also had on our Honeymoon, which went to the Costa Brava and the city Llorett the Mar, where w e stayed at a hotel called "Xaine Park".  Nice town, with sun, beach and a lot of fun for a couple of newlyweds.  At the same time also lived one of our lovely friends, Mona Ussing, in hotel "Garbi Park" just next door.  Same Mona met one guy at the same trip, her future husband Josep Henriquez, who was a professional classical Spanish guitar musician.  Has since been to several concerts with Josep and he may just be there for the music. They live as I know still in a suburb of Barcelona, Granollers called it. But it is not confirmed, as we unfortunately have been out of touch for a long time.
I've tried to find them in Granollers, on a vacation, but it proved impossible to trace them down there, a little shame.

We had a place to live, so there was no immediate need. So why not find something in Ballerup, where we got quite a lot time in the "MC-222" club.  And yes, there was the "Stuvehøjgård" allotments just up behind the clubhouse.  It was gardens that were owned by Lyngby Taarbæk municipality. So, as citizens there, it was easy to be considered. We quickly got a garden and then out to look for a house to build.
It was a "Ganløsehouse", where the company deferred an unfinished buildings and one would even fix everything inside.

Quite ok and we built on for dear life. But now we found also seemed that we had probably been a bit naughty, at the New Years Eve, because at the 4th September 75, reported a small boy his arrival in our world. Remember it was the first time Gitte had maternity wear, so there was no plan just now, but nature would otherwise. Or maybe  was Littleboy also of the curious sort, as his father, for it should have been about a month later.
But what are genes fore?

Actually it was just a normal examination, after which we should at a party in the evening. But the midwife thought it was a little unwise, because he looked actually already out, with no Gitte felt it. So I went back home for a 8mm cineviewer and then back to the birth clinic in Virum.
It was not long before the contractions began and there was a new world citizen born.

David, You had an extraordinarily well-developed vocal cords, no doubt about it and you were beautiful light blue and red because your liver is not fully functioning yet. But it lasted not long before you took the normal color and the little family  go home and try it to be family.
Welcome to Your World, David!

HaHa David, I remember Your 1-year birthday at our cottage in Ballerup. You got your very own cake, but You also split it into atoms and You was greasy in anywhere.
Nææ, how clever You are!

But we were young and totally inexperienced to be a family. So after some years was the best thing to do is to continue as good friends, after a good divorce.  I  remember in the Copenhagen County, where separation occurs, where people spoken in quite high votes, we could hear.  NoNo - not us, but a couple and their lawyers up at first floor where the meeting rooms were. They had mildly a bit disagree about things.  But o ur papers were arranged quietly during a 10 minutes talk,  so we could get out and continue our lives in peace and quiet afterward.
Fine enough.

September 1976

 This was the day when the Harley-Davidson Club of Denmark (see "links fra overalt") was officially founded. A lot has been incredibly busy tell far and wide that it was precisely those who started the club, somewhere in a barren garden or a dark basement with poor ventilation. My good friend Knut (also called "Walnut") and I, began in spring 1972 to chat about such a club and studied a lot about the possibilities.
Likewise, several others also talked about things, but it does well not all to be the individual founders of the club.  But, does it means so much ?

Naaa, we was 8 friends who each had done some preliminary groundwork, which was assembled in Bagsvaerd, on Pelle's work. It was: Pelle Søborg, Ib Johansen, Peter Hansen, Jørgen Hoff Olsen, Jan Koch, Brigitte Yvanes and here the club was founded. In fairness, indicate that there was a heavy rain that day a nd as genuine Harley Riders, came all the occupants in their car to the meeting, what else? Had the weather been a little better, I am sure that Knut Langmack, aka "Walnut" also had come to the meeting on his Harley. 
So he must of course also be included in the class of "midwives" in the "Harley-Davidson club of Denmark"s very first day, same as Flemming Thaysen from Fyn who gathered Harleyowners over there.
So it's probably much easier to say these 8 together laid the first stone, and that each member side, all each has been an invaluable stone to build the large and robust association HDCofDK it has been since ( 2009).  None of the members happened to be forgotten, because each has been a sprinkling of salt or spice to build the club's history.
Simple and straightforward.

1978 says my perforated memory .......

My life continues as before and I work as a bus driver on the Green Buses in Hjortekær. I began traveling a lot to Gran Canaria, more specifically, to Puerto Rico, where I found myself quite well. Known a great guy down there, Birger Vallys, and we had many pleasant hours, at his restaurant and when he was on shark fishing at the Atlantic or in his home.  My curiosity brought me far and wide to all corners of the island. I rented cars and drove the buses get me everywhere so I came close to life on this beautiful island. Birger had a Moto Guzzi California, he often offered that I could borrow it to ride around the island.
Very nice of him but I said now only thank you a few times, so it's not be a bad habit that I borrowed his bike.

Home again time passed with the regular bus services until late at night when I got the usual good-night drinks with the other drivers in our break room at Lyngby Station.  Then
 told a colleague from another bus company, Freddy, the rumor said that they needed a new busmekaniker in bus workshop on Columbusroad in Gladsaxe.

1979 calendar said ........

Curious as I was, yet again I thought, why not? I drove out to the workshop the day after and got hold of the foreman, Frandsen.  A quick chat and I began as busmechanic 2 weeks later.   Well , now I had obviously never tried to repair buses before, so I had to tighten the buttocks together well and listen good around because it's a slightly different mechanics in place of Morris Mascot and the like, I had been educated at the many years ago. The names of my colleagues, I am not entirely sure, but Paul and Freddy, I remember, and their beautiful wives Gitte and Margrethe. We met after work at Freddys place, where I had some training gear standing in the basement where we was "lifting iron" a few hours 3 days a week, to get bubbles on the upper arms, before we went and spoiled the training with food and soda from lovely Margrethe.   As far as I know now, Freddy was later head of the workshop on Columbusroad.
It pops up names as Jan Hansen, Willy, Finkas and Benny, but otherwise I remember the faces of busværkstedet.

But it went really well for 3 years until 1982, together with the many wonderful colleagues. But as always, I can not really settle into the daily grind to walk around on the same floor and same place day after day. I had to find fresh air and started driving bus again.
I do not really understand what's always pulled me out behind the wheel, but it was probably the relaxed life behind the wheel until one way or another an idea again took hold of me.

Over the years, I could not settle into the same busline so long. So it became a little transitions between the Green Buses, HT, Therkildsen Routes, BusDanmark and City Traffic. But right now it was "The Blue Omnibuses" in Holte, I was with.
It was also close to Vejlelake and friends there.
Well, it lasted not so long!  Then suddenly I got it excelled idea to buy a garage. Yes, why not? So I went hunting for it and suddenly I had signed a purchase agreement with the takeover of a good autorepair shop located in a parking garage in Adelgade, Copenhagen. It was a couple of brothers who had driven it well for many years but now wanted the one to stop.
The deal went as planned and I hired Børge, the youngest of the brothers Mathiasson.

It went really well, not least because of Børge, who clearly acted as a magnet for the old customers. And an ad in the local newspaper, was almost too much of a good thing. Customers stood in the back of each other in order to get us repair the car. But it's not the worst that could happen, so it was often late at night before I came home from the workshop.
But money warmed just fine on the account so I could put a little aside, for once to realize my ideas about traveling around in the world. By the way, Ihadsome"names" fromtheDanishfilmworldas customers in theshop and even LarsvonTriercamewith his oldworn-outFord andgotit repairedforlittlemoney.   Fun tothink back on.

After a year's time, I would (as usual) try something new and set the workshop for sale. After a short time, came a buyer of foreign origin, with pockets full of money. So the shop changed hands and was then filled with taxis, while existing customers in this way were pressed to find another shop. There had been a small articles in local newspapers that said urban renewal and other similar actions by local politicians joined occasionally.
Not very much, but my idea of the sale proved to be good, because after only a half years, was launched one end-all urban renewal, which was death for many small tradesmen in the neighborhood

So it was just about to come out to ride the bus again.
It was then a few years, without major fluctuations with super friends and acquaintances, not forgetting my wonderful parents and my Super Sister Lizzie.

My Gran Canaria travel began in the latter half of the 70s and became a nice habit of at least 4 annual trips with duration of 2-5 weeks. I lived usually in urban Puerto Rico, Patalavaca and Arguineguin on the south side of the island.
This was the basis for my travels around where I just relaxed and saw the island at the same time.

I never set myself too many goals, but took one day at a time. I often hired a car, or maybe I jumped on a local bus and drove out to see their daily lives. Many experiences and impressions. The many Canarie vacation was almost everyday for me and I will not forget to say thanks to my employer for their incredible flexibility with my "awkward" holiday wishes all the time. But now I was never afraid to give an extra hand, if there was a driver shortage in the company.
And at the same time, my health was excellent, so I was never sick - lucky me!

There was a lot of Harley-driving over the years. Many meetings and not least the many Harleypartyes in both Denmark and Sweden gave a good appetite for life.
In Sweden there are places on Gotland, Saxtorp, Gävle, Jönköping, High Chapparal and not at least the Midsommermeeting in Skellefteå up north at the arctic circle, I visited every year and had an invaluable community of friends who will always have a warm spot in my memory.

It was late summer of 1986 .........

But of course I got a wild idea, what else? Had read a bit about Australia and seen a little film about the country.
So what else applying for permanent residence in the country, so I could live and work there indefinitely, just as I could stay there forever if it became my choice.

It took quite a long time to get a visa. It was very full of medical examination and especially the waiting time until an Australian guy came here from Holland to Denmark. I have a meeting with him and it turned out that he would give me a fairly comprehensive theoretical test in Auto industry, so he could issue a "Tradesman Certificate" as a Australian auto mechanic.  Fine with me
I got it and have it still.

Continues in English 3

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