English 3

English 3

February 1987, and now there came a rush on me.

After all, it took me almost nine months to get a permit to enter Australia permanent. And when I finally got it, I had to go downunder within 3 months while it was valid. So now I had a little hurry with the many things I like to have in place, if I now decided to stay in Australia indefinitely. Discard a lot of things and give the rest away so there was no undone matters the 27th of
March 1987, when I left Denmark in the direction of Australia.

Actually I had a little hard time in Kastrup airport. It was otherwise meant that I schould travel alone and in silence and had actually prepared it that way. But there were many in the airport to wave goodbye,  I will not mention any names.
But there was now a little moisture in the eyes because Gitte (my former wife) met up with her two small children, Nanna and David (my son), to say goodbye.

Well, off I went. And as always when I was a little curious and wanted to experience something I had not chosen the shortest route to Australia "Down Under". 
The plane went to Amsterdam, where I had to switch to "Canadian" against Calgary in Canada.

I had been so fortunate to have received an invitation from Iben and Kim, I knew from Holte. They had moved to Canada a few years ago and now lives in Calgary.
Here I lived in 14 unforgettable days filled with so many experiences drove around in my head like a mushy mass that can not really be separated.

But still I can remember a turbulent arrival and an evening with good food and Coors Light beer and a pretty delicious cognac. And very tired after 25 hours of traveling before we sat here and enjoyed life in each other's company since we last were together in Denmark. It was late evening before we found the beds and gave us to sleep. I just managed to see the neon sign on the mall nearby, it was minus 17 degrees outside.

Water in the head and up to a great Canadian breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup and sugar, warm muffins with butter, plus a mountain freshsliced kiwi, oranges, plums, strawberries and a delightfull company.
Can you ask for more?

After eating like it was the last meal we drove to Downtown Calgary. We parked in an underground parkingplace and went down 9th Avenue and continuing through eighth Avenue, which is transformed into a pedestrian street with loud lay preachers and beefbars.
The tour went through the streets, which includes soaring skyscrapers with oil companies and other industrial giants in Calgary.

Also on the 8th. Avenue, there is a large botanical garden, "Devonian Garden" which is a area of 20,000 m2 with plants and flowers, providing an incredibly fresh air, here in town. "Devonian Garden" is placed over the Toronto Dominion Place on top of the Toronto-Dominion shopping center at 3177 Avenue SW.
Devonian Garden is also home to many turtles, which have been donated by families who are no longer able to take good care of them.

Parts of the Devonian Gardens include Quiet Garden, which is perfect to just relax and see the various sculptures in the Devonian Gardens, which also houses a permanent exhibition, created by artists from Alberta.

All those experiences where you can escape everydays is 15 feet above the street, away from city noise and odor.
From there we went to the Danish-Canadian Club, where we ate lunch with a couple of beers before we went home for a good talk.

But the last thing I expected was that I had to work here. But right now I'm just here in Canada and polish the wood for the furniture to be displayed at an exhibition.
I hope for Iben and Kim's friends Calvin and Dan that it will succeed in entering the market with the furniture.

I was hoping for a chance to visit Peter, Hans and Grethe Jørgensen here - they are old members of the Harley-Davidson Club Denmark.
But the city where they live, Bonanza is 15 hours by car from Calgary, so it was unfortunately not possible.

Instead I met Dan, who is running Harley here. He travels to Denmark May 88, so he gets the address of Brigitte and Knut, so he can contact them and get some help during his visit to Denmark.
Dan would also like to buy a Nimbus, so he got PHs address because I think that Peter can always shake something out of the sleeve, at least with Nimbus I think.

I´ve just get me a tremendous Canadian cold after a week with a long nose was too much. Then I  into a Canadian supermarket to buy some tablets of some sort. And a few hours later, the snotty nose just gone.
Well probably a bit heavy in the head, but my nose is dry!

So the day after running wide out "The Trans-Canadian Highway No. 1" pending the west of the Rocky Mountains. These snowy giants dominate the complete vision, an amazing sight. It would be worth it if you're not just once in Your lifetime experienced a little bit of Canada.
And now I'm here and feel so small in the vast countryside.

The road goes to "Banff National Park" where you go along "Mountain Tunnel Way" then we can look over a valley where Indians Saints "Hoodoo" stands.
It is a group of stone pillars that are sacred to the Indians here.

From here we drive to the city of Banff, where we take the funicular railway to the top of the "Sulfur Mountain" and get a good lunch to the magnificent view over a huge area of rugged mountains and the city of Banff in the valley below us.

There are many hot springs here at the hillside. They come from rain water that seeps down through cracks in the hillside and then up through the earth as 35 degrees hot mineral water that flows from many sources here.
Keine Hexerei!
Banff National Park in Canada has an incredibly beautiful landscape.
It has snow-capped mountain peaks, impressive glaciers, evergreen forested hillsides, tranquil alpine meadows, therapeutic hot springs, emerald lakes and scenic walking trails that wind through climbing the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Banff National Park also boasts an interesting wildlife, including grizzly bears, black bears, plus wolves, Cougars, coyotes, moose and bighornsheep.

Home we went to Calgary for a bottle of Glenlivet Whiskey after the day's adventures. Yes, there had also been a bit cold outthere, but the warm Chinook winds had done miracles and raised the temperature from minus 17 when I came to now plus 22 degrees.  
Definitely no complaints.

Incidentally we went to "Bragg Creek".  A b eautiful area, built in pioneer style, but with many TV parabolsr and antennas that removed the illusion we had of the wilderness here. But the road went further west to "Elbow" Falls on the Elbow River. Unusually beautiful place, with the river rushing through the rugged landscape of cliffs, pine forests, waterfalls and more wilderness.
Huge experiences and impressions that are difficult to describe with words.

But home we went to Calgary for a delayed afternoon beer on the doorstep.
It was being good hot now, where the warm Chinook winds had increased the temperature up to 22 plus degrees in the shade.

Ibens brother Jens and his wife Alice, live in "Little Smokey", a very small town north-northwest of Calgary. We get ready to ride off next day on the 700 kilometers tour.
We drive north along the "Deerfoot Trial through "David Thompson County", and the city "Red Deer" and further north to Edmonton.

Through the city "Leduc", west along Rose Hill Road from "Drayton Valley".   In the town of Evansburg, we get hungry and eat a hearty soup and some Fish'Chips. From there we continued to the middle of the "quiet forest", where Jens and Alice, lives with the children Rune and Toke. And Jens son Jacob, recently came here from Denmark.
He must also like Jens, be a licensed hunting guide and work as a guide for the hunters who come here.

With Jens behind the wheel of his Ford Bronco, we drive around in the huge forests. Jens knows the area well. But the tourist Sven here, would long ago have been run incorrectly by one of the many nearly identical "Cutlines" which is considered to be roads here.
These "Cutlines" are made by oilcompanies who use the roads when they hunt for the black gold in the underground.

Well, everything has an end and I have to say goodbye to Little Smokey and the wonderful people I got to know there.
Really hope that I can meet them again later in life.

Home tour passes Edmonton, where we just look around "Edmonton Mall," which is a huge business center with 953 stores. Besides shops, there are also hotels, giant swimming pool with sun loungers and beach too. And of course, waves to surf. The whole game here! We quickly got used a couple of hours. I have already "committed" me to come back if I get around Edmonton again in the future.  Then we spent a entire day to "Expedition Edmonton Mall".  
The day ended with the trip home to Calgary and a good night's sleep.

Good morning and last up to a big breakfast, packed again!  I sat on the way to the airport in Calgary and chatted with Iben and Kim in their car.   After a warm goodbye, I was hurry to make the flight to Seattle and then another flight that could lead me to Honolullu, Hawaii. 
There was only a 2-hour stopover in Seattle, before there was departure out over the Pacific Ocean.

The flight went to Hawaii, where we landed in Honolullu Airport to be velcomed by the Hawaii girls with wreaths of flowers to all passengers. Very sweet and hospitable. Outside and find a taxi that would drive me to the hotel, whish were only 2 minutes walk from the Waikiki Beach.
Super friendly people everywhere and in front of me lay days with sun, summer and music.

Well, the money was small and I want to have a bit left to use in Australia. There is so infinitely much here on the island to see,  it's hard to choose. But first and foremost, I choose to use my feet to bring me around town and the exciting stuff around here. For example I went up to "Daimond Head," which is the big volcanic crater, which among many other things also are Honolullus landmark. 
I crossed the crater floor over to a hole in the wall, where I in total darkness, can walk up through the lava hallways to the top of the crater to a fantastic view over Honolullu and the rest of the island.

Was about to see a lot of things while I was there. I just sucked for me from the hectic life that exists in the city day and night. Get talking with many local people and rest on Waikiki Beach and enjoyed the Pacific with the big waves. Chatted with a young girl/woman in a store.  She was the daughter (probably) by the Danish consul on the island and she also showed me a little nightlife in Honolulu. A relaxed night for me

But further I went.  And it was with "Canadian" southwest to Nandi, the capital of the islands of Fiji.   Arrived as planned here on the tropical islands. Wow! I came straight off the plane and immediately started sweating all over. 
It was like having a blow heater in the head.

But my taxi driver got me quickly on other thoughts. He was dressed ina full uniform with a tie and millitaryboots. When I asked him why he was not perspiring he said, sweating?  I t is autumn here young man, so you had to be sensible dressed. I just had to wait until summer, then it was hot! 
Ok,  it was just okay and the trip went to the hotel I had booked from home.

Got a nice room, right beside the swimming pool, where the cool water nearly sucked one down below the surface to be cooled. Was a bit stupid and should have rubbed me with various protective creams. But I knew from the Gran Canaria sun, which did much color of the skin, my skin are safe in the sun.  I had not thought much about I was a lot closer to the equator and the sun was much tougher here. So I got some powerful scalds and open wounds on my shoulders.  Just
 stupid and I'll remember to think before I go out in the sun again, especially here near the equator.

Got a little lady known at the hotel. It was another visitor from New Zealand, her name was Lorraine. We saw little of each other and talked about our very different origins.
Very fine, so we often shared dinner and a little experience later in the evening.

Otherwise, as usual I went for endless walks in the local environment, where I often had a chat with the locals. For one reason or another I was talking one day with a guy who stood in front of a toy store. When he heard I was from Denmark, I schould definitely follow him into the store, where he proudly showed a shelf with Legoboxes.
There were 5 boxes of Legotoy and he told me proudly that he was the general agent for Fiji and he had the biggest store here in the capital, Nandi. Well, five boxes ?

When hunger got hold of me, I visited often Mama Rosa Pizzeria, where I got a very delicious pizza. Else I was sunning myself (npw carefully) in the hotel garden. Here came a bit silly bird of a kind. It reminded me of a blackbird, just a little bit brighter and slightly larger.
But many were tucking peanuts from my hand without fear, very cozy.

In Nandi I walked a little around at night, but there were some areas where You absolutely should not go in, I was told at the hotel. But of course I would then look at these places, but it was true that there were areas where darkness dominated, so I chose to keep me away from it.
Perhaps it was wise, because many people me gave the same advice.

I went also for long walks along the endless sandy beaches before departure time was on the ticket, with Sydney in Australia as my next target.  The plane took off from Nandi Airport going west during the morning one Sunday.
Quiet flew the big Canadian flight with a delicious breakfast and light lunch to the passengers before the plane flew in a circle over the great city of Sydney in the land "Down Under".

Continues in English 4


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