English 10

English 10

23. August 1989.

23. August I'm leaving for-good from Sondrestrom Air Base, Greenland, bound for Copenhagen and finally, through customs, I got more than a warm velcome from my Lisa at the airport.

We went home to Lisa's apartment on Amagerbrogade because I do not have any furniture in my apartment yet. We spend a few days enjoying each other before I go out to Poul Villy, at the Blue Buses in Holte. I just want to hear whether he has a job to me. Ok, he needs a driver on rout 195 on Monday. Excellent, so glad I meet up and get started with my driving again. But it did not last long as the swelling with the yellow dot under my left eye becomes larger and suddenly one evening while driving, I start seeing double. I simply can not continue and get hold of Poul Villy, to get a replacement driver on line. Poul Villy becomes something sour and I understand him well. Now I just started at the company for the third time and so do I'm already sick.
Sorry Poul Villy, this was absolute not my plan.

So I'm looking for the doctor who sends me to Gentofte Hospital. Here I have taken samples from the swelling and then I just have to wait for the result.
Doctors have doubts and I get so into a spinal tap also for safety's sake.

Finally, Lisa and I get called in for an interview with a doctor named John Myhre. He is something serious and says that tests show that I have Acute Leukemia in full eruption on 6th week. Also says that with acute leukemia, there is only approx. 4 months from the first uncontrolled cell division until You die. It was really nice to hear, right? No much packing things in, but short and concise message that omits any doubts. 

My Lisa has heard about the disease before and reacts very violently on the information. I do not know about it and will just have to swallow the news first and the explanation from John.
He says that now I had to be treated very quickly and can start the next day if I'm ready. Whew! I'll have to swallow the information and agree with John to get in there Monday morning instead.
Lisa and I go all the way home, about 15 kilometers from Gentofte of Amager, where we spend the weekend with understanding, while we preparing for what it is now standing before us and which tasks must be solved immediately.

With Lisa at my side, I admitted to Gentofte Hospital, Section 724 and comes quickly into a treatment room where I get hung almost vertically in a rack, upside down. Afterwards, they placed a catheter directly into the spinal cord below the hip. Not very nice, shall I just remember saying.
Short and correct - AV FOR SATAN!

Then I'll hang here for 8 hours, while chemo liquid to flow directly into the spinal cord. Quite an experience to hang here and just wait. Lisa sat faithfully by my side and we held hands all the time. Difficult to talk while I'm just hanging there upside down.
But we try because even though it is not very cheerful to look at each other in this way.

The day after I get laid a "Hickman" catheter in the chest, for use in the next 5 chemotherapies that are planned. Ask what the prospects are for healing and hears options now are so good that up to 65% survive acute leukemia today. 65 percent!
I t's not the brightest prospects, so it makes as little time filling our thoughts.

A few days after I get my first chemotherapy through the Hickman catheter in the chest. It goes really well the first few days,  but then it goes crazy and I am appointed King of side effects. Kiloes rattle of me and as the weeks pass I begin to peel off the skin all over your body, like hair looses in large sizes so I shave all the rest off. I lose all sense of time and place now where I am filled with pain and everything else medication to alleviate any side effects. I float around in an unreal world and foggy in morphine intoxication I imagine a lot of unreal and ridiculous things, tells me my Lisa later.
Among others, I am convinced that I have a bird box in the back.

But now things are beginning gradually to be slightly more stable and after a month of hell, the morphine taken from me much against my will. Honestly, I can certainly see now afterwards that I had become addicted to morphine and just wanted it, whether I needed it or not. But it was Lisa who took the decision for me and got me off the morphine craving, I'm convinced now. It is very easy for the healthy and "normal" people say it's easy to stop, but now I've tried just to say "it hurts and I want morphine" and so make it almost unlimited by the doctors.
So today, I see something different on abusers.

Well, no hair, nails and teeth, so no problems there. Kilo rattled, so I'm now 37 kilos lighter than when I started chemotherapy. My strength is completely gone, so I have to be lifted by a crane to get up, just to be washed. I'm like a wet rag that just lies. But late one night by 11-time, in my room where Lisa and I are talking together, suddenly the doctor John Myhre came in and said good evening. What now? Yes, he said seriously.
Now it was actually he who brought us the bad news earlier that I had Acute Leukemia, so now he would be the one that came with the good news.

After the last spinal tap, it has become apparent that my Acute leukemia can not be seen in the bone marrow more! Unbelievable! Had otherwise been told that it was not unusual to have both third and fourth chemotherapy to have this effect.
At the same time told John that it had fortunately been able to give me a very strong chemotherapy, because of my good condition of weight training, so they could give me an extra strong chemotherapy many others would die of.

John smiled warmly and said goodnight. Who on earth could sleep now? Lisa and I were happy and there were tears in buckets and we just could not say anything for a long time.
There were just hugging and we cried in an infinity, so the night just disappeared.

Then it was less important with all the sideeffects now merely was curls on the road. My hair was gone, the nails were gone, the skin peeling in large flakes so Lisa peeled simply my old skin from anywhere in thick pieces, so it was a pink baby lying there instead. The teeth began to become quite loose and hurt considerably because of inflammation and it is decided that the best thing would be to remove them all. So in just two days, I am toothless and can not whistle at the girls more.
Pffyy plfor flnoget lfotrt, I said with my mouth full of vhatt tdamplohner.

Well, now we're on. My old friend Morten Deenfort that I have come to know through my old mechanic colleague Bent Sjørup in the HT buscompany, are a dental technician and offered to make new teeth for me at a reasonable price. So Morten made magic and I got some quite natural teeth in the mouth, with natural colors. One should probably not look like any Hollywood actor with a plastic smile.
Thanks Morten!

Now, I was hardly pressed by the first chemotherapy, so doctors simply do not dare start the next up, simply because I could not survive the treatment in my present condition. But since my bone marrow fortunately was clean now, it was decided to keep me under close surveillance and it took almost 6 months before I was strong enough for a chemotherapy again. Kilo came back slowly and the various containing "agencies" began to work again. Lisa and I took a week in Corfu (Greece) to relax. But without insurance because no company would take responsibility for me, so it was ourselves. It was here, that I suddenly "learned" to eat again. Tjuhej when it started to go forward from now.
Weight and strength crept on me pretty fast.

Back home, I went to check at the hospital and came in closer contact with a physician named Hans Johnsen. He had followed me and noticed that I had worked at the Thule base and therefore could have been in contact with nuclear waste from the plane which crashed in 1968, when an American plane with 4 nuclearbombs aboard, crashed on the ice next to the base. Maybe and maybe not, but I now had no strength to follow it up, so we put a lid on it and was content to think a little "maybe".  It will be cumbersome and time-consuming and personally to pursue such a case up.  I will rather focus on completing my treatment here instead an get well. So Lisa and I put up eating a few months so I had picked up 20 kilograms of the lost 37 again.  Then
we believe that it was time to take chemotherapy number 2.

Summer 1990.

The summer of 1990 went mostly by the Gentofte Hospital, Section 724, where I was a pretty familiar face, not least because of the numerous and sometimes serious side effects of chemotherapy. But the incredibly talented doctors and nurses at the 724 did an incredible job because I can get it well again. It is impossible to mention all, so I would say "almost none mentioned, none forgotten, but all must be thanked for their competent work and effort. Exceptionally, I will highlight doctors Hans Johnsen and John Myhre, who followed me close, like Head Nurse Marianne, who led troops in the department.
But otherwise I particularly remember the nurses Thygesen and Benedikte, not to mention nurse Barbara, who often baked pancakes in the evening.

Now I will not spell out chemo number 2, 3, 4 and 5, but the sideeffect of these were close copies of the first, although without the same dramatic effect. They each had their "reward" for me. If I suddenly got super negro frizzy hair, so I got a torrential bleeding stomach which had nearly killed me if I had not been stuffed with 26 bags of platelets. Now I was not really any "Arnold Swartzenegger" more, because my arms probably most resembled a pair of pipe cleaners and I was so weak that I hardly could throwing just one look out the window. But it went as planned, maybe with the exception of the last chemotherapy, which was close to being too strong. Instead of the usual 6-8 days of waiting before marrow begins to produce blood cells again, it took almost 3 weeks before production got started. Actually it was on the 23 of December 1990 production suddenly started and the blood counts skyrocketed with lightning speed, so I was allowed to go home and celebrate Christmas Eve.  A Christmas Eve which was celebrated in Frederiksberg in Lisa's grandmother Magdas home where also my Mom came with. Lisa's brothers Niels and Kim was there, as Lisa's father Per and his fiancée Charlotte.  Look
, it was a great Christmas!

New Year's Eve 1990-91. Lisa and I celebrated the occasion in Hessensgade 48, 4th floor .
A quiet evening with good food and wine so we could get into the new year with good health.

I just enjoy being with my Lisa and we become closer and more connected each other. I've been in love before and probably also meant that I have loved. But it is something else entirely with Lisa, who is just in my heart at full time. Unbelievable that Lisa never gave up during the course of my illness, which I sometimes show was quite unfair, to say the very least. But Lisa was unconditionally by my side when I was most unfair and I promise myself that store in the heart forever.
And then we could also just be together as long, right?

Nice to be home again. Gradually, I became stronger and begin to live a bit normal again. I still get sickpayment from the municipality, even though I could losing them because I had been on sick leave over a year. There was now no major problems getting it extended because the doctors could give me a statement which testified that I was back on track. Lucky! Think of the people who are terminally ill, who can not get the doctors' assurance that they will return to normal life, but waits for the inevitable. They will be forced to cash assistance, with whatever means of problems in financial way. It's not just what a sick and severely weakened need to contend on top of the disease. But this can become reality for every citizen of Denmark who are incurably ill. Thanks for it Denmark! Just as I had during the disease course spent everything I had saved up during the 2 years in Greenland, so the box was empty. I went to Lyngby Taarbaek municipality to inquire about the possibility of get money to some new teeth, but here I got an unlikely flippant treatment I had not the strength to stand against. Was told that I could just sell my Harley, who was the last of value I eventually had. Had it been a car I had, they could well have helped me, but a motorcycle is considered only for hobby and could therefore be dispensed with. Color TVs were sold, black and white could be retained. Snob at the Municipal Office was also so bold to point out though I do not think I soon had had get enough with the treatment in hospitals. I had not the strength to confront, but turned around and left the office with my pride intact. 
See, this is lovely Denmark I was lucky enough to be born and raised in. No, you had better be a convenience immigrants here and get a lot more, just by being able to say the word "Asylum".

But now I had gradually gathered strength enough, I thought and I wanted to go find a job again. It was fortunately very easy and soon I was out driving the bus again, this time in City Traffic.
I was also offered a busmechanic job in the firm, but declined because I'm not sure to have enough power to the sometimes heavy work as a busmechanic.

Lisa and I enjoyed just being together without thinking about the disease more. And our employers were good when we asked for extra vacation and extended holidays. 3-4 times a year, we took off for warmer climes.
Often in Gran Canaria, but curiosity sent us out into the world that beckons with adventures and interesting people.

February 1992.

Leap Year!  Okay, so years will not be dislodged, so suddenly we have Christmas in summer. Actually, there's the 24th February is leap day, but we've moved it to 29 February, for practical reasons. A second tradition is that on 29 February, a woman has a right to something special on the leap day.
It dawns on me as my Lisa sudden suitor to me!

Can I say anything but yes? With everything we have gone through together, so it's pretty well polished edges we can start out with and the future looks bright for us. We find a day, Saturday 18
July (Lisa turns 30 next day) and get an agreement at Copenhagen City Hall.

Lisa shows up in white and yellow with a smart hat. Stupid me tremendously, because I forget of course to buy the bouquet, what else? But my lovely sister Lizzie saves me at the finish line when she had a beautiful bouquet with purpose. Many friends and family turn up to see us get married. And the answers to the question: "Will you have?"
Sounds obviously happy 2 times jaaa from us both.

Later that day we invite guests into Løjtehus on Amager, where food and drink served in a good mood before we go home in Hessensgade and continues there. Actually we would have continued on Løjtehus, but here they have completely misunderstood the agreement. They think that we stop for lunch and afternoon tea as they wait for another company in the late afternoon, so there is simply no room. How they have gotten the idea, we have no clue. Good, we had not ordered dinner here, but had then believe an agreement to let the day and evening show to see what would happen. At the same time begin the waiter to be somewhat premature and turn off the music, so we do not want to put more money here. Actually a little too bad, because really the intention was to continue the party. Well, maybe we can continue the party a second time somewhere else.
For Løjtehus should certainly not put premises.

Our Honeymoon goes against Seattle on the U.S. west coast and in a rented car we drive trough the country and north to Canada. Here we have an agreement with our wonderful friends Iben and Kim to meet in Jasper National Park where we would live in a nice hotel. So fine, that we had 4 waiters at dinner, and Kim and I have to be equipped with a borrowed jacket and tie to get into the restaurant. Haha, we were mildly entertaining to look at Kim and me. Wearing these checkered jackets looked we almost like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Kim with long sleeves and I am too short. Many thanks to Iben and Kim for wedding dinner in the hotel. Super dinner, but we will supplement with some fetched hot dogs in the hotel room later. A time of great experiences came when Iben and Kim as guides showed us many interesting places, like we once were filled with good food and drink, especially at home with them.
They are not cooks for nothing.

Iben and Kim show the way to their homes in Alberta Beach, where we get a room with them. A really fun time follows, where we among other things  also visit Ibens brother Jens and his lovely wife Alice in the city of Little Smoky.  Jens works as a hunting guide for tourists, like Jens son Jacob, who has come to help in the guide business.
Here we drive around with Jens in the woods and enjoying the landscape to the fullest and sucks the greatness of the Canadian forests to us if not we just enjoy being together in the huge log cabin in the middle of the vast forests.

Back home in Alberta Beach again, we also see "Edmonton Mall", to be the world's largest shopping mall with 953 stores (see also in the folder in "Links fra overalt").  After a few weeks with lovely Kim and Iben, we drive south and into the U.S. again, where we run around in a week's time without specific goals, other than to unwind at some nice hotels and otherwise just enjoy life and relax
with eyes open.

Encounter a lot of nice people, before we again find Seattle and the plane back to Denmark so we can just get a little work and get some money in hand before we find another interesting place to visit.

Margarita, an island north of Venezuela, was honored by our visit to the capital, Porlamar, where we stayed at the hotel "Eagle Inn".   We were there for 3 weeks and often took taxis around the island. One of the many trips went north, up to a National Park where we rented a boat with "driver", who sailed us around the lagoon facing the Atlantic, and here we saw among other things pelicans and other birds at close range and the fish swam in the clear water around the boat.
It's just life here!

Another "experience" was to buy gasoline on the island. Only 10 cents a liter! No wonder there are so many old and big cars here. Even taxis are large and we often drove around in a big American car with red velvet upholstery. To drive us around in a full day, including the visit to the National Park, was the bill only about 80 Dkr. So I guess even you can afford it?
Just luxury!

The first time Lisa and I were in Thailand, it was at a 10-day trip to Bangkok full of experiences. We see among other things, the Rose Garden and Samutprakarn Crocodilefarm, like we often hired a tuk-tuk (3-wheeled scooter) to transport us around the capital. New restaurants each day and to every meal broadly. A great tip is to go down in 3rd back alley to eat, where the menus only in Thai. Simple inexpensive food and the food is absolutely delicious and exciting. You can not read or see what it is but it tastes great!
So it is just to see pop out and point to one or another line of food in the menu.

A great trip where we live in, "Stable Lodge" (see "Links fra overalt") owned by Danish Erik and his Thai wife.  A pure relaxation without major trips out and about.
Here we would just take a city break one day at a time.

Home again on jobs and together with friends and family time is passing quickly, especially with driving on my Harley to rallies and other events in the world.
It is now mostly me, there are Harley man and Lisamin enjoying the silence at home when I'm out and together with the others who are just as crazy as me when it comes to Harley.

The jobs will also pass, Lisa in SAS in Copenhagen Airport and I were in City-Trafik as a bus driver and mechanic as needed. Well , I was also a time employed at Copenhagen Airport as a cop and worked here with running the "Follow Me" vehicle and guide planes into the stands. But it was not so long because the pay was lousy and I was offered a job in SAS Service Partner by night.
Granted that I should probably not have said thanks to these working hours, becausethe hours collided complete with Lisa's work hours, so it lasted only 3 months before I found out behind the bus "wheel" again, this time also in City Traffic.

Thailand again and this time we head to Jomtien, where we rented us into Grand Jomtien Palace Hotel for 7 weeks.  Great
 with good time so that day does not need to go at full speed on to see it all in no time.

Many things to see and the sea on the other side of the beach road is calling us. Much time we can relax by walking or taking a coach to Pattaya, a few miles from here, where there are many things and we often find a fun restaurant. Suddenly one day we see a sign that we can come to the island of Koh Chang. Just the two of us and we buy a pair of tickets quickly and jump on the bus. After a few hours come to a port where the boat can sail us out to Koh Chang, where we have rented us a beach house just 15 meters from the sea. Just lovely and we had lazy days in the sun and enjoy the good food and company in a beach bar run by a couple of gays.
Really nice people who do not know what good things they will do for us so we can enjoy the day here.

An interesting experience on Koh Chang was when we discovered that Jysk Linen Larsen, had adopted some old working elephants and put them in retirement on the island by a piece of rainforest, instead they were killed.
That was certainly the story we got.

We came down to breakfast and bathed by elephants which they splashed in a big pond in the middle of the jungle.   After the morning shower went elephants and their Mahut (driver) up to a place where we could walk around and greet each elephant. A nice close encounter with these magnificent animals before we get up on the back of "our" to go on a trip into the rainforest. Exciting ride up and down the treacherous trails, you could not believe these large animals could move along.
But they went around as large SUVs, in total security along paths which we would certainly avoid.

Totally exciting to try a seightseen at one of these amazing animals, while enjoying the quiet of the rainforest here and at the same time experiencing the perfect collaboration between the elephant and its personal Mahut. Got to know that elephants can only have one Mahut and they sound him without a fuss.
It is the complete cooperation we see here on the "guest house" where the experience did not cost anything at all, but we donated a little for animal subsistence instead.

After the elephant ride we go down to the local motorbike hires, where I rent a motorcycle with a 100 cc engine, bigger does not exist here. Haha, we should soon give up, because the hills are too high and steep, so it can't pull us up on top, so we must turn on the way and stay where we are.
Then the end will be that we return the "moped" again and find our beach house and cupboard with gay couple in the beach bar.

After resting and tranquility on the island, we went back to Jomtien and Pattaya, where we just run around, and we often find in a major shopping tent city of Pattaya, where there is a lot of small bars and very cheap shopping. Imagine a couple of Lewis or Wrangler jeans for 30-35 Dkr.(Danish currency) and you can not see or feel it's copies. The idea comes up, it is such pants sold in Denmark for 8-900 Dkr.? Just as I get a tailored black cloth jacket, with a fantastic embroidery of an eagle's head with Harley-Davidson DK Club name on the back, all for only approx. 200 Dkr.
Well, after 7 truly wonderful week, suddenly the time when we must return to real life again.
February 1997.

At home one evening, we sit and just stare at a small wound that Lisa has had a time in a mole on her arm.  It was  bleeding often and will not heal. Finally I convinced Lisa some day, to go to the doctor, where he took a sample. UHA, it turns out to be melanoma in full eruption. Our doctor Søren, comes up to us late Friday night to tell the result of the test. And then was the weekend destroyed, with information about that up to 800 Danes die annually of this type of cancer.
He could easily have waited until Monday, but we had asked him for a fast reply.

So off to Hvidovre Hospital Monday morning, when Lisa and I soon got to talk with doctors and nurses. The doctor wants to put Lisa under general anesthesia but the queen will not, so it's going to happen under local anesthesia instead. There will be surgically removed and a big piece of the muscle in her forearm, so Lisa can be sure that there are no metastases on the way somewhere else. Everything is going well and it should then be checked the next 10 years because Lisa has a lot of moles.  Afterwords  also removed some of them because they look suspicious, but fortunately, no other cancer in outbreak.
Just really nice!
But now we must always be aware whether a mole is changing appearance and become "woolly" on the edge, or even worse to get ulcers, which are clearly signs that something is wrong.
Then you just have go to the hospital again.

February 1998.

We enjoy life with many wonderful friends and acquaintances, so we do not really think in long journeys before February 98, when we look forward to Thailand again. "Larsen Travel" has sold us a 3-week to Pattaya and Nordic Air has been chartered for the flight. But only 2 days before departure, canceled "Larsen Travel" our trip, because Nordic Air cracked and closes. We are told that Larsen can send us to Thailand by air and change of aircraft 3 times en route. Nothanks! Quickly into Spies Travelagency and here we are fortunate to buy a 3-week trip to Miami, Florida, with departure in 2 days.  Just fine  and then we returned to the "Larsen" agency to get our money back for the canceled trip. It can not be done immediately, but the agent gives promise that the money is on our account when we come home from Florida.
Fine enough.

Away it goes with SAS and Florida received us kindly. We rush by taxi to the hotel on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. Very f riendly place with lovely pool and deck chairs just outside our room. C
an You ask for more?

Lisa and I go as usual, many tours, either down through town or along the coast and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean with the great silence that is here in the evening. But we will see more and rent a car and drive north on Highway 95 through cities such as Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Palm Beach, where we will overnight a few places before we think about running westward into the country to Orlando, where Disney World is located. Actually the plan was to drive into the town Kissimmee (pronounced: ki'-simmi) here to find a hotel. But random, we find a motel on Road 91, also known as Ronald Reagan Turnpike.
Nice place, not far from the city of Kissimmee, we probably will run into later in the evening to take a look.

Will just mention that it is 22 February 1998 and early afternoon it starts to rain and the wind increases quite sharply, so we decide to wait driving to Orlando the following day. Now it starts to blow a lot, so the building starts to shake and creak in the walls. Looking straight out the door, but quickly closes again and go in and turn on the television. Maybe there's a movie or anything else worth looking at. The first channel is a news channel, who is currently sending Tornado warning for Orlando! It is only short drive from where we are now, so we are on the channel all night.
It's a bit scary because the storm pulls well in the motel and a little imagination pictures come up in the head by means of television.

Fortunately the storm slows a bit of in the morning and we fell asleep. The first thing we do when we wake up is turn on the television. Wow! News from Kissimmee, where tornadoes at the nearest has destroyed most buildings in town, not far from where we slept at the motel. Kissimmee resembles a war zone where bombs fell close. How lucky can you be? Imagine if we had found a hotel in Kissimmee, as planned, instead of here at Road 91 outside of Kissimmee. It was pure laziness that we drove on and instead hired us into the hotel here on their last available room.
And thank you for it!

We will not be curious and drive into the disaster area, because we simply do not have anything to do there, where there is a chaos of emergency vehicles and rescue workers busy working their way through ruined houses dotted over the area where there was a city the day before. Scary to think that Lisa and I just by coincidence has not been at the heart of this disaster.
Had it not been a spare room back at the hotel we slept in, we would have run on to Kissimmee and found a hotel there.

We hear later on the news telling that there have been 7 Tornadoes in the area and so far there are 42 killed and 260 wounded. It has been the tornado in Florida history with the most fatalities. We can not help thinking that only one case did we not stayed at a motel in the middle of Kissimmee and that way we maybe had been a part of the figures in the news.
A little creepy.

Somewhat affected by the situation like other guests in the hotel restaurant here in the morning, where we eat our breakfast. But now we must find the way to Orlando, where Disney World is nearby. Large area which includes everything childhood was full of what Disney is concerned. A fairytale world you can not avoid self also getting a little childish in. There are many things that can be tested, including an airtrain leading us around in Disney World.
A wonderful day when the child comes to the surface again.

It is a day filled with Disney characters and fairy houses before we go off to find somewhere to stay to rest on top of today's many experiences. The day after we find Universal Studios, which also offers many experiences. Here it is especially in the scenes and settings from several films we have seen before.
Very fun and can really recommend visiting the site.

We then run east to Titusville and thence south through Indian River City and across the bridge to Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral where the NASA space shuttle center also located. Here we come around and see everything and nothing, so to speak. Americans love to show everything that has been a success and it's also really exciting to look around the space shuttles and rockets. We were also pretty high up in the elevator of a building and saw it all from above. Incredibly large areas where the spacecenter is located. Further we came and while we walked around and looked at things in a giant hall, went a nice older gentleman around and greeted people and were helpful. It turned out to be Neil Armstrong, "The first man on the Moon". Maybe it was a part-time job he had in leisure?
But it was as much fun to greet the man.

It was almost a full day in space character and after some good food, we find the car and after a night at the hotel, we drove back to Miami and our hotel there, 400 kilometers south. Back at the hotel we can relax at poolside in the sun before we go out at night in the city and find a cozy place to eat. The next day we drive out to the Everglades, a vast area of rivers, forests and plains. Here we find an Indian who offers us a trip into the marshes a few hours in a pontonboat with propeller engine for propulsion.
Away it goes along the river, where we stop at a small island where many raccoons are begging bread and anything else we might have.

And it is just right for Lisa, who sits on her knees at the water's edge and play with raccoons. Suddenly, says the Indian, our guide, loudly to us, "Up in the boat!" And to Lisa he says fast and loud, "Turn NOT about, but get up and go backwards to the boat and jump up quickly"!   The Indian had prepared us before the sailing trip that his word was law out there and should be followed immediately so we respond quickly and Lisa just got into the boat before an Alligator at 3-4 meters slowly growing up through the water, only 1-½ to 2 meters from where Lisa was sitting on his knees with the raccoons. A little scary and a strong reminder that it's not just here a picnic basket and blanket sleep is the best choice. We cruise around a couple of hours or more and see more of these ancient giants, which have their domain here in the swamps. And back at the mooring, there are now an 2-meter alligator at the water's edge looking at us.   Our guide tells us that it does not do anything. "Freddy" coming in every day and look at the tourists.
Very fun and we just leave Freddy in peace!

Back in Miami, we deliver the car back and instead we use buses and feet to get around and see the city.
We are just fed by experiences and uses instead the time to just simply enjoy each other fulltime and after 3 weeks, we find the airport and the flight back across the Atlantic to Copenhagen and our jobs, there probably want to see us start working again.

Miami is quite clearly an exciting place. On top, we felt a few times as members of the "Miami Vice" in Tv, where we are witnessing the arrests of the detainees lying on the street and shouting police with drawn guns. Not something we normally see in Denmark, but I guess it comes with the usual 10-15 year delay to Denmark?
So we think it is very normal in Denmark in 2010.

Florida was an exciting place instead of Thailand, which was the original target if no airline bankrupt very quickly had changed our travel plans.

Summer 1999

This year we flew to Newark on the east coast and get our rented car and drove north from there up to Buffalo and Niagara Falls and then west through Canada. We drove back into the United States east of Chicago, rounded the city and from there up through Wisconcin and reached the city Millwaukee with the Harley-Davidson factory.
Something I've been looking forward to visit for many years, so it was with eyes on stalks when the plant finally could be visited and examiner by myself.

After seeing the sacred halls of the factory, we drove back south down through Chicago and thence eastward through the States, including the town of York where the Harley-Davidson engine plant is located.
It was just an eldorado for an old Harleyguy who came in and discovered loads of new Harley Motors stand in endless rows of shelves and wait for installation.

We had a fun little experience outside the City when we found a small motel for the night. The manager here looked like one from the old Chaplinfilm, with bald head villain mustache and all that. He lit up when we told we were from Denmark, because we could maybe help him?   He had recently had some other Danish guests who had inviting him to "Ringiiii". What the heck is "Ringiiii" we thought.
But then he told of a festival and of course it was "Ringe Festival" he said.

At first he thought the other Danes had taken the piss out of him, but when we confirmed that there really is something called "Ringe Festival", he was really happy and was now sure he would visit Denmark and "Ringe" the following year.
We got a map of Denmark and showed him where "Ringiiii" lay on Funen and happy he was.

Same hotell, there was a COINBOX at the bedside, which we absolutely had to putt a 25 Cent in. You big Parmesan cheese! The bed started to creak and squeak while bed bottom wriggled up and down. Sure, I will not dwell on what is probably supposed to be used for. But now it was just about to get off the wriggling, but it just kept on.
Think shit was sitting in the coin box and after a half an hour I had to go down under the bed and pull the cord out so we could get some peace and quiet.

Whew, we got a good night's sleep and found the Newark airport the next day and was lucky there was room on the DC-10s returned to Denmark and our soft beds at hiome.

Well, it lasted only a few hours before we found a good offer in the newspaper. And then off in our car to Poland and the city of Stettin. Here we booked into the Hotel Radisson for a few days to see the town of Stettin. Incredible luxury here at the hotel, which stood in big contrast to the city shouting just outside the windows. We sat at beautifully laid tables of abundance, while poor people were sitting just outside the windows and begging. It was a sad and strange experience and it got thoughts going on that we probably were a little disadvantaged in life, just being able to travel wherever we want and whenever we want. We are just lucky!

It's summer and suddenly I see in the paper that there is a small bicycle shop for sale in Valby on Valby Langgade. Jaaa, why not? I am quick and buy it without actually thinking to much as usual. I'm quitting my job in the "City Traffic", where my boss are probably slightly shaking his head over, what I had now come up with now. Actually, I do not know exactly what I want, but the idea is to try it a bit and then sell again when the fun is over.
Then I paint the room and throws a lot of junk from the previous owner out so the store will look more presentable.

Unbelievable that Lisa did not complain about my sudden whim, but she probably thought "let him" and see what happens. We will both have some ideas from time to time and why should we not follow them?
That's what gives life a little color.

There is indeed much to do here but I do not think it's bike mechanic I should have standing on my business card. It captures not true and I decide to sell the business again. So I put an ad in the newspaper and faster than fast comes a young man who appears the shop is exactly what he was looking for. So it's just about to sell again and I certainly do not lose. Haha, that's just me in a nutshell. Direct into it without thinking too much and try things out, from a sudden thought.
Fine, so now I'm not more curious in that direction.

OK! Sometimes I act certainly before the brain is activated. But it was fine with the bike shop, but I'll probably never get rich on money with my sudden whims and ideas, I get all the time. Well and what then? Instead I become rich in experience and can shake a few stories out of the sleeve as I can tell my grandchildren, if David could otherwise take to produce some for me. 
And I think for sure that my lovely Lisa will enjoy being Grandma.

After a wonderful summer with Harley driving and winter is starting to come, we will order a little vacation again. Christmas and New Year comes and go, so it will be in February. I already had a couple of days off and it is today my lovely Lisa's last day at the airport before the holidays, with a night guard which stops at 22 hour as usual. Now I have looked on trips in the teletext in a while and it simply is not any.
But I'm calling in to Travel Spies, without telling Lisa in the morning and being told they have a trip for two, in 2 weeks to Madeira in the morning for 4000, if I was fast.

In the afternoon the price fell to 3000, but it is still too expensive, I think. So I wait to half an hour before closing time for Spies, before I go into Spies Travel and say hello at the counter. See, now they are hot on the sale and to my question of how much it costs now, says the vendor: "What would you give?". I say "You can get 1000 for them both!"
and the salesman says "Top".

Continues in English 11


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