These rare car has arrived - The car was made for BBC's children i need event in 1999. There were several versions of the car made for the event. You can also find the cars in the Scalextric ultimate guide 8th edition chapter 27 rare cars. Click at the image and get full size image.

Collection of 1063 Sotcars

In 2001, I began to collect Mint Boxed Formula 1 and single seater cars.

In 2011. I have decided to expand my collection of cars with the Mini Cooper and items from C 1 - C 885 and rare numbered versions from around the world.

All the cars are boxed except a few items only released as set cars.

Only one car is in excellent condition . All other cars are mint and has never been used.

Click at the cars and you will get full size pictures and referances. You can also make a slideshow.  

Last News.


C 2819 Range Rover SLN 2008 no 25 og 31 made.

C 3442 Lotus 49 White.

H 2026 Jaguar XJ220 Hisinsa red logo.
C 367 Datsun 4x4 Highwayman.

C 368 Datsun 4x4 Hawaiian Cruiser.

90213 Fiat 131 French.

4076 Lancia 37 Rothmans.

C 375 Ford Escort XR3 i Palmer Tube Mills.

C 58 Cooper Red.

C 72 BRM Blue French.

C 4029 Aston Martin SLN 25 years anniversary.

C 3952 Jaguar E NSCC Helpers car 2019. 

Coming up soon.

C 62 Ferrari Sharknose Red.

C 465 Batmobile.

EXIN 4070 Audi Quattro Yellow.

CK/1 A.C. Cobra Kit Car. Built but never used.

C 420 Sulky Julies Choice yellow.

C 419 Sulky Terry's Challenge. 


C 95 Bugatti Graham Perris reissue in read and blue

Reissue McLaren - Including the rare dark blue version of Track Champ