These rare car has arrived - PROTOTYPE Scalextric VW Ambulance produced to evaluate various options of models for the 2020 UK Slot Car Festival. This particular design was one of 3 separate pairs of designs that was rejected. The main differences are that roof details are made in beige resin whereas the production models had white resin details. This version has 2 flashing roof lights where as the production model has a single light. The box name plinth is also a different colour as the dark red gel was rejected for a brighter vivid red. This model has a certificate of authenticity from the festival organisers. Click at the image and get full size image.

Collection of 1067 Sotcars

In 2001, I began to collect Mint Boxed Formula 1 and single seater cars.

In 2011. I have decided to expand my collection of cars with the Mini Cooper and items from C 1 - C 885 and rare numbered versions from around the world.

All the cars are boxed except a few items only released as set cars.

Only one car is in excellent condition . All other cars are mint and has never been used.

Click at the cars and you will get full size pictures and referances. You can also make a slideshow.  

Last News.


C 4092 B VW T1B Ambulance.

C 3782 BMW E30 BTCC 1991 SLN Club Car. No 35 of 65 made.

C 118 Ford Escort Mexico.

C475 Ford Sierra Cosworth Australian set car.    

Coming up soon.

C 62 Ferrari Sharknose Red.

C 465 Batmobile.

EXIN 4070 Audi Quattro Yellow.

CK/1 A.C. Cobra Kit Car. Built but never used.

C 420 Sulky Julies Choice yellow.

C 419 Sulky Terry's Challenge. 


C 95 Bugatti Graham Perris reissue in read and blue

Reissue McLaren - Including the rare dark blue version of Track Champ