Gucci is all grown up now, and is a mature bitch at 58 cm and 28 kg


DKCH, Rostock Sieger, AK Giselle vom Bruchsee HD-A, heart-0,spondylosis-2,

Father: VDHCH Troll von Gruga Park IPO3, AD, ZTP, BH, HD-B, Herz-0, spondylose - 0 and Mother: Bailey vom Bruchsee IPO1, ZTP, AD, BH, HD-A, Herz-o, Spondylose 0

Gucci is now a mature dog and has done so well in the showring, so she now at only 25 months (sep. 16') is Danish Champion DKCH🤪In September 17 she was Rostock Sieger! In april 2018 she was at the ATIBOX show in Swedn and was nr. 2 i Champion class against the best females from around the world !!

She  has 3 VDH ANW, 3 CACIB, 1 BK ANW and 1 BK Klubcert

Shows 2016

  13.02.2016     Piet Rosenboom Exc MK Plac. 1 CK 3.BTK R.Cert
  30.04.2016     Pedro Bispo Exc.MK Plac.1 CK 3.BTK CACIB  
  01.05.2016     Horst Kliebenstein Exc.MK Plac.1 CK  
  28.05.2016     Torsten Lemmer Exc.MK Plac.3  
  21.08.2016     Béla P. Szabó Exc.ÅK Plac.1 CK 1.BTK CERT BIM  
  27.08.2016     Ursula Heidelberg Exc.ÅK Plac.3  
  28.08.2016     Radim Fiala Exc.ÅK Plac.1 CK  
  17.09.2016     Carsten Birk Exc.ÅK Plac.2 CK  
  24.09.2016     Vesna Curcic Exc.ÅK Plac.1 CK 2.BTK CERT

Gucci 6 months (4/2-15)

Gucci is now 6 months and growing. She will become a big girl!

She is a fast learner and is very intelligent🙂

I am looking forward to the shows in 2015 as she looks very fine - but right now she is like most pups in her age - a bit long and bony - but it changes from day to day, so maybe she looks great in april at her first show this year😉

Gucci 4 months

Today the 4.th of december Gucci is 4 months and doing just great! She is a very happy dog, quick to learn and very intelligent🤪

She learned just by seeing Mille do "high five". I did it twice with Mille and Gucci looked very interested at waht Mille was doing, and when I said give me 5, Gucci also did it ❤

We have started clicker training, doing a bit of tracking (she is a natural), and walking nicely in the leash.

She is not afraid of anything - and just enjoy what life brings to her

First show

Gucci was at her first show at 22. november and it went very well. She did great in the ring, and ran nicely, but it was a bit difficult to get her to stand🙂


She had SL and was number 2 in her class - a result we are very proud of🤪 The jugde was Walther Fichter from Germany. The jugde wrote:

Fasst 4 Monate, dunkelgestromt, prima kopftyp, oben schlank und sehr gut gewölbt, breiter voller Fang, mit etwas kurzen Nasenrücken, bertet sehr gutes kinn, dem alter entsprechendes quadratisches Gebäude, winklungen hinten sehr gut, vorne gut, flottes Gangwerk 😎


Gucci 2 weeks - the first picture I saw of her

Giselle vom Bruchsee is our new boxer hope in our kennel. We call her Gucci!

She is all we have dreamed and hoped for ❤

I am looking forward to train her - she is very intelligent and quick!

I am looking forward to show her - she is beautyfull and like to show of!

We love her allready 💋