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Gaio von Monsalvat - born september 2001- dead december 2013

Jack Sparrow the Fifth Element - born june 2008

These are the 2 males we have owned - they are still alive - but now they live in another family!

Gaio moved to his breeder kennel von Monsalvat by Heidi Neumann, Wittorf Germany.

Jack lives with Tanya and Mark Chase, USA.

Carza Dusine - aka Luna - born may 2011

Luna lives in Canada at boxerbreeder Eurown


They all have the best lives possibleHjerte

Past dogs

We got our first dog in 1993 called

Cassio born 1993F. Næsby Orwin (F. Darwin von Ellinghaus)( HD-A,BHP1, FP, UHP, DM-BHP1) very bad spondilosis.

We got our kennel name from Steen Jørgensen in 1995, when we ordered our first bitch to breed from:

Indira von Heideloh from Germany( HD-B, AK, BHP3, FP, UHP) - she was the mother of our B- litter 3/2  - one of them was Rieckholms Bastian Young dog yearwinner 1998, HD-A, AK and our E-litter 1/3.

We had to wait a long time for Indi so in the meantime we bought a bitch called
Azja F. Næsby Okko ( F. Darwin von Ellinghaus)( HD-A, DKCH, BP-B, FP) She had severe spondylosis at age 2 and we found her a new home where she lived to be 8.

Then sadly we had to put Cassio to sleep because of severe spondylosis only 2 years oldGræder We then bought another male:

Le Klindts Gaius  born 1996 HD-B, BHP2, FP(F. Laroche von Ellinghaus (F. Darwin von Ellinghaus)) He also had severe spondylosis at 3, and we forund him a new home where he lived to be 9.

Then we had an adult female at 4 years 

Henny von Holter schloss from Germany HD-C, AK - she had 2 litters one of 13 and one af 2 - that was our A and C -litter.

We then had 2 other female adults:

Usura (from Belgium) HD-B

Qurina von Groden Niedersachen from Germany HD-A, ZTP, AD She had our D-litter of 1 very big male from 1990 who lived to be 12.

We kept a female from our C-litter:

Rieckholms CelinaHD-B- she had a ups litter (our F-litter) of 2 males with heart failure - so she was taken out of the breeding programme. Celina couldn't get along with Indi so we found her a new home. Later we found out that she also had a heart failure - so it was good that I stopped breeding from her!

We then decided to buy some new blood, so we found this wonderfull darkbrindle male puppy from kennel Monsalvat in Germany-

Gaio von Monsalvat born 2001 - dead 2012.

In his mothers next litter we bougt a goldenbrindle bitch

I'Mimmi von Monsalvat born 2002 - but we didn't think she was what we wanted so we found her a new home when she was about 1 year.

Then we bought our

Joana von Monsalvat  born 2003 - died 28. december 2012. She was the mother of our G, H, I , J, K -litters. Joana was something special, loving to all people and animalsHjerte

In 2014 we bought our new dog:

 Giselle vom Bruchsee, we have high hopes for this beautyful and good tempered girl Vild