At the beach

Today the puppies went to the Beach and it was a great succes 😀😎 I have put new videos at the YouTube channel!

At the vet

Today the puppies went to the vet and got their first vaccination and their microchip🙂 See morehere

New videos

At the YouTube Channel - kennel Rieckholm I have put 4 small videos today where we visited Fun4dogs in Ringsted. 

The puppies had a great day, and they enjoyed all the things they were exposed to 😀They are just so brave and are not shy to anything.

The Car ride of 1 hour each way were not a problem❤ 

Thanks to Fun4dogs and the owner Claus

The N litter 7 weeks

See more here

New video

New video at my YouTube Channel - Kennel Rieckholm 😊 The puppies first tracking

N litter 6 weeks

See more here

New videos at Youtube

N litter 5 weeks

See more here

N -litter 4 weeks

Time flies and the puppies are already 4 weeks🙂 See more here

N litter 3 weeks

It has been an amazing week with a lot of growing and developing😎 See more here

N litter 2 weeks

The puppies and Gucci are doing great❤

Youtube channel

I have made a youtube channel to put all the videos I take of the puppies. The name of the site is Kennel Rieckholm

The N-litter is here

Gucci 8 weeks pregnant

Gucci 7 weeks pregnant

Gucci 6 weeks pregnant

Gucci 5 weeks pregnant

Gucci 4 weeks pregnant

Gucci 3 weeks pregnant

Gucci 3 weeks pregnant

Gucci 2 weeks pregnant

Gucci is doing great 🙂

Gucci 1 week pregnant

See more here

Gucci has been mated

Gucci has been mated with the most beautiful and great spanish boy Hispano del Alminar de daimalos.

Hispano is from Spain and is living in Holland in kennel van het Twentse Ros in Holland.

Thank you to Janet and Stefan for letting me using this 10 year old boy - still like a young boy in mind and body and doing his job like a pro 💋 I am over the moon about this combination and looking forward to see the puppies and keep a girl for the next generation of breeding🤩

Gucci has started her heat

Gucci has now started her heat and we loo forward to the upcomming heat

M-litter 8 weeks

The 3 lovely pups are now ready for their new homes🙂 See more here

M-litter 7 weeks

Time is flying - read more here 🙂