Gucci 3 weeks pregnant

Gucci is now 3 weeks pregnant and a happy energetic Girl ❤ We went  to our vet who is an expert in reproduction to have the first scan. And Gucci is pregnant 🤩😎🙃👍😘 We are so happy and can't wait until the birth in 6 weeks.

The vet could see at least 7 little puppies - 4 in one side and at least 3 in the other ( Gucci wouldn't lie stil, when we moved her around, so it was hard to see🙂) She will have another scan the 4th of March, maybe we can see more there👍


Jeg er en paragraf. Klik her for at redigere mig og tilføje din egen tekst. Jeg er et godt sted at fortælle dine besøgende lidt om dig selv, og hvad din hjemmeside handler om.

Gucci 2 weeks pregnant

Gucci acts like she is pregnant: she sleeps a lot and is hungry all the time 😀 We can't wait until the the scan next Wednesday ❤


Gucci 1 week pregnant

Gucci is doing great. She is a bit more tired and sleeps a lot ( she also did that in her last pregnancy) 

She is very hungry and eats her dogfood with good appetite - but her special treats she just looks at them and wont eat them. For me that is a sign of pregnancy because she normally just loooves food🤪 

We can't wait until the scan to see if there is babies in her❤

Gucci has been mated

We expect our N-litter in the end of march 2020.

This will be a most wonderfull litter . We are looking forward to keep a girl from this litter❤

We expect brindle, white and maybe red puppies from this combination!

Hispano is a great old guy - 10 years old 🤩 and doing his job to perfection like a young dog - I am over the moon that I was so lucky to use this very speciel boy.