Gucci has been mated the 17th of januaryCool See more here


Gucci has startet her heat and will be mated in about 10 daysSmiler stort I am so exicited, and can't wait to have my first boxer litter in 8 years Hjerte


We wish you a very happy and healthy newyear 2018Hjerte


Kennel Rieckholm will have a lot of things going on in 2018:

We will have our first boxerlitter  - the M-litter in 8 years after Giselle vom Bruchsee ( Gucci) - we are so excited and are just waiting for her to go into heat here in january.

We will have our bostonterrier J-litter from Rieckholms Elora-Nova this will be Novas last litter. We will keep one of the female puppies for future breeding!

We will show Gucci, Agnes and Oberst in both Denmark and Germany and maybe other countries Cool

Agnes will have her health tests: patella, eyes and back: hemivertebra and spondylosis