J-litter 1 week


Now they are already 8 weeks Vinker See more here


Gucci was at the International Dog Show in Vejen DK.

It was a 2 day show where she had the possibility to win the CACIB (International CAC).

It was a 2 day show and the jugde day 1 was  Andrzej Kazmierski and he thought that Gucci was to male like and she was Excelent3 . Here is his words:

rather big, strong and atletic, excellently constructed, should be more feminine in expression, she does not like concurrence, has 8 dens incisives in upper jaw, movement dynamic, angulation deep.

Day 2 it was a very simpatic jugde from Germany Hans Erhard Grüttner. He liked Gucci very much and she was Excelent 1 CK, Best Bitch CACIB and BIM . The jugde said: Korr. Kopf, elegante obere Linie, korr. Rücken , korr. Körperproportionen, korr. Winkelungen, raumgreifendes und flüssiges Gangwerk 

We had a great and fun weekend with the company of good friends Cool






The puppies are now big and terroist - but we love them to pieces Hjerte See more here


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One more time in just a few weeks Rieckholms Boston B.B. had a new title. Now as a Club veteran Champion - Big congratulations for you PernilleVild