Merry christmas everyone

We wish everyone a very merry christmasWaou

The puppies 7 weeks

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The puppies 6 weeks

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The puppies 5 weeks

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Th puppies 4 weeks

New pictures of the puppies here

The puppies 3 weeks

They are all fine - see more here

Gucci show

Guuci was at the CACIB show in Rostock Germany. The jugde was Nicole Runge, Germany.

Gucci was in the Champion class and had V1 with VDH Anw. Cool After that she was best female with CACIB and BK. Anw. and Rostock SiegerVildVild

The puppies 2 weeks

Time flies and the I -litter are now 2 weeks Hjerte See more here

Gucci show

Gucci was at the CACIB show in Ballerup, DK

She was in Champion class and was Excelent 3, and 3rd. best bitch at the show{#smileys123.tonqueout}

The jugde was Birgitte Schjødt, DK and she said:

Velbygget tæve af god størrelse, godt næseparti, korrekt bid, udmærket skalle, god hals, acceptabel overlinie, prima benstammer og vinkling, herlige bevægelser, god pels.

Agnes at her first show

Agnes was at her first show in Ballerup - DKK. She behaved so nicely and was so easy to show - Agnes had SL and was 2. best baby Vild Her description was perfect: 5 mdr. feminin tæv, herlig størrelse og type, meget godt hoved og udtryk , godt stop, og næseparti, korrekt bid, mørke fine øjne, meget fin hals, fint ansat skulder, fin overlinje, velansat hale, fine bevægelser set fra alle sider,

The jugde was Svein E. Bjørnes

I-litter 1 week

The puppies are doing great - see more here

Fanta 9 weeks pregnant

Fanta is doing great here the last days before her birth Hjerte She enjoys her little walks 3 times a day, enjoys eating and enjoys sleeping a lot! 

Fanta 8 weeks pregnant

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Fanta 7 weeks pregnant

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Fanta 6 weeks pregnant

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Fanta 5 weeks pregnant

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Fanta 4 weeks pregnant

Fanta is doing great! See more here

Fanta 3 weeks pregnant

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Fanta 2 weeks pregnant

Fanta is doing great Cool See more here

New mating

Fanta has been mated to Oberst Cool We expect boston terrier puppies in week 37 

Agnes 12 weeks

Agnes has been to the vet and got her first vaccination and she weighs 3,5 kg alreadyVild 

She has the past weeks experienced so much and she is not afraid of anything. She has met a tons of people: Children, elderly people, dogs, rabbits, cats, cars, the ocean, the pet store, the main street, the sommer house, the childrens friends and so on...

She is such a nice little girl, and we love her to bits Hjerte

She is still best friends with Gucci and Fanta take the 2. place!

Agnes 10 weeks

Agnes is doing great  - she is the sweetest little girl ever Hjerte She has become best friends with Gucci, and they play all day long Vild

Agnes at home

I have been to Norway by airplane  to get Agnes Vild She slept the whole way in the plane and is a clever little girl Hjerte We allready love her to bits!

Rieckholms Fiola (Penny)

Rieckholms Fiola was patella tested and had patella-0 Cool

Oberst dad again

Oberst har parret Dondilicious Amore Julia i kennel boston4ever det er der kommet 5 meget smukke og fine hvalpe ud af: 3 hanner og 2 tæver Hjerte

Gucci show

Gucci was at the CACIB show in Vejen, DK. The jugde was Gunnar Nymann - DK.

Gucci was in the Champion class and was Excellent 2 CK, 3. best female with res. CACIB Cool

Oberst and Elfies puppies 7½ weeks

We were visiting kennel  to see Rieckholms ElfieRieckholms Geronimo ( Morten) and Elfie and Oberst puppies at 7 weeks.

What a perfect litter of 5 beautyfull puppies <3 They are all perfect and has united Elfie and Oberst so very well - a litter we are very proud of Hjerte It was nice to see both Elfie and Morten again

Agnes 7½ weeks

Now there is only 5 days til I go to Norway to get this little girl Hjerte 

Agnes 6 weeks

Our Norwegian princess Agnes is now 6 weeks and doing great. We can't wait to see her in real life.

Puppies 8 weeks

The puppies are now 8 weeks and has moved to their forever homesHjerte See more here

Puppies 7 weeks

The H-litter are already 7 weeks Hjerte Read more here

Show in Neumünster Germany 14.05

Gucci  aka Giselle vom Bruchsee was at the CACIB show in Neumünster Germany. The jugde was Oliver Erat, A.

We had a fantastic day with sunny weather and funny and great companySmiler stort

Gucci was in Championclass and had V1 with VDH anw. Later she had the CACIB res. and the Anw. for Klubsieger res.

I am very proud of my beautyful girl Hjerte

H-litter 6 weeks

We love the puppies - you can love them here

Fanta showdog

Fanta has been at her first show as an adult Cool We werw at KSS clubshow in Gørlev, DK. The jugde was a very nice kady: Bente Marker. 

Fanta is way to lively to be a good showdog and she was very busy sniffing in the grass instead of going nicely around the ringHvisker Crazy dog  - but she enjoyed herself and behaved ok on the table. Fanta had an Excelent and I am happy.

The jugde said:

19 months old, good balanced strong body, good length of neck, good head, nice dark eyes, moves well, needs ring training,

H-litter 5 weeks

Everything is awesomeVild - see more here

H-litter 4 weeks

Lots of new pictures of the H-litter here

H-litter 3 weeks

The time is flying and the puppies are allready 3 weeksVild See more here

Norwegians puppies

The norwegian girl: Rieckholms Flora had an easy delivery and had 6 puppies - 3 boys and 3 girls. She is the best mother for her children Smiler

Some new pics of the puppies 19/4

See more here


Flora and Carlos playing at the beach 19/4-17

My little norwegian princess: Rieckholms Flora has gotten very big Blinker But is still playing with the father to be Rieckholms Boston Carlos.

'We are looking so much forward to this litter that will be born in the beginning of week 17!

Hopefully there is a pretty girl for meHjerte This is a litter that will combine my 2 breeding lines:

From Spirgaardens Miss Rosa " Rosa" and

From Divadogs Bera Banana " Mille"

They are both very good breeding bitches and Rosa has had 28 puppies in 4 litters and free welped and Mille has had 22 puppies in 3 litters! They have both been very fertiled and made puppies with the perfect white markings.



West Lund Danish Dynamit by Dandy aka. Oberst has become a father once moreVild The mother to the litter is Rieckholms Elfie Hjerte

Elfie had 6 puppies (unfortunately one of the boys were born dead) so there are 2 boys and 3 girls left {#smileys123.tonqueout} See more at their own Homepage

Puppies 2 weeks

The puppies 2 weeks  - see more here

New mating

In Norway are 2 of my puppies: Rieckholms Boston Carlos and Rieckholms Flora. These 2 have been mated and expect 6 puppies the 24th of April. I am looking forward to this litter that unites my 2 lines: Spirgaardens Miss Rosa and Divadogs Bera Banana.

This is the first time the lines have been mixed, so I hope for a easy delivery for Flora and her owner Stinus. If anyone is interested in af puppy from this litter - then write to me! They will be 8 weeks around 1st of July!

Puppies 1 week

H-litter is now 1 week and doing great. See more here

The puppies are here

Nova gave birth to a litter of 5 the 2nd of april. See more here

Nova 8 weeks pregnant

Now Nova is 8 weeks pregnang and doing great Cool Read more here

Nova 7 weeks pregnant

Nova is doing great - read more here

Nova 5 weeks pregnant

Now Nova is starting to have a big belly Hjerte Read more here

Pregnancy confirmed

Nova has been scannet today and are expecting at least 5 puppies in the first week of aprilVild

We are very happy, and are looking so much forward to this litter!

New mating

West Lund Danish Dynamit by Dandy aka Oberst has mated Rieckholms Elfie in kennel Gammelbygaarden.

They had 2 excelent matings and are expecting puppies in the mittle of april Cool


CACIB show Fredericia

Giselle vom Bruchsee (Gucci) was at the show i Fredericia the 12th of february. The jugde was V.M. Soleckyj Szpunar from Poland.

Gucci was in Champion class and she had Excellent 1with CK. Later she was 4th. best bitch of the dayCool

I was so lucky that a very good photographer Jette Iversen was at the show and took some amazing pictures of my girlVild

New mating

Nova 8 weeks

Rieckholms Elora-Nova has been mated with Rubinio Vigor Gemini.

The 2 matings were very succesfullKan li'

We hope that we expect the H-litter in the mittle of aprilCool

The puppies 8 weeks

The puppies have moved to their new homes - and all is well Waou But we miss them very much Græder

The puppies 7 weeks

The puppies have had a eventful week. See more here

The puppies 6 weeks

Now the pupies are 6 weeks and doing great - see more here

Puppies 5 weeks

The time is flying way to fast, and the little ones are growing. See more here

The G-litter also has a gallery with pictures. See more here

Puppies 4 weeks

So cute  - see more here

Puppies 3 weeks

The puppies are growing so fast Cool See more here