Gucci 8 weeks pregnant

Gucci is as happy as ever Hjerte She eats and sleeps a lot, but also enjoys to run and go for walks. She doesn´t want to play with Agnes anymore unfortunately - Agnes dosn´t understand!

Gucci has gained over 5 kg and we will have a last scan monday to see if she will give birth wednesday or friday!

The puppyroom is nearly done and her box is ready for her - but Gucci doesn't like it Ha ha So maybe the puppies will be born in the couch like my last boxerlitter 8 years ago Vild

Gucci 7 weeks pregnant

Gucci is about to get very big. She sleeps a lot and she is hungry all the time! She takes apples and pears in the garden - she prefers pears and if Agnes has one she takes it from her Vild But as the saying is: An apple a day keeps the doctor away - so she must be very healthy Cool


Gucci 6 weeks pregnant

Gucci is now 6 weeks pregnant and doing great! She is sleeping a lot, but she is also very active. She has gained weight and we can now clearly see that her stomach has gotten bigger!

The puppies now look like small puppies and the vet can now hear the little hearts in a stethoscope.

Gucci will have a new scan next week, and we are so exited Smiler stort


Gucci 4 weeks pregnant

We went to a new scan this week and the vet could now see 7 and maybe 8 puppies with perfect little hearts that were alle beatingHjerte

The puppies are now 2 cm long and has their forlegs. We are so excited and are about to build a new birth box and make a room ready for the puppies.

Gucci 3 weeks pregnant

We went to the vet and Gucci is pregnat with at least 5 puppies!!!!!CoolHjerteVild We are over the moon - I am so happy.

The puppies is only about 1 cm, but growing as they are supposed to!

Giselle ( Gucci) 2 weeks pregnant

Well well - now we just wait. We will go to the vet the 17th of september to have her scanned, and I can't wait Vild

Dette sker der i Guccis mave: Celleklumper - befrugtede æg - Embryomer gror ind i livmoder slimhinden.
Syns-kernerne og øreformationerne er til stede. Nerve-systemet begynder af dannes.

Gucci 1 week pregnant

Gucci is now 1 week pregnant and is doing just fine. She is her happy self, but maybe she sleeps a little more? I have booked a pregnancy scan the 17th of september, them we will know Vild Just can't wait!

We are looking forward to our M-litter

Gucci mated

Our beautiful and crazy girl Gucci has been mated to the stunning Italian boy Quattro from the famous and great kennel  Dell colle dell'infinito.

We expect the puppies to arrive in the end of week 43.


If you are seeking a brindle boy or girl with more or less white markings, and suitale for show -working -  breeding or a great family dog look no furtherCoolWaou But follow us here at or website!

We will update every week of guccis pregnancy and when we scan her from 3 weeks and until the birth to see how many there are, how big they are, if they are boys or girls and wich day she will give birth.

M litter in the planning

We plan our M-litter in autumn 2018Cool Gucci has gone into heat in week 33 2018  - and will be mated when she is ready