Happy holidays

We wish everybody a merry christmas and a happy new yearHjerteVild

Puppies 6 weeks

The puppies are growing so fast. See more here

F-litter 5 weeks

Wow time is flying - the little devils Cool are now 5 weeks - see more here

Show Winner

All the prices of the day including the floers :)

Giselle vom Bruchsee (Gucci) was at the last show in Dk 2015. The jugde was from Italy  - Paola WatternCool

Gucci was in a very large young dog class at 13 dogs and she won the class - Excellent 1, CK {#smileys123.tonqueout}

After that she had to compete with all the bitches and she was awarded Best Bitch with Certifikat and Klubvinder CertifikatVild

In the end she was competing with the best male of the day - a norwegian boy - and again Gucci won and was BOB - only 15 months old Hjerte

I am over the moon - what a day - Gucci and her handler Charlotte did a very great jobCool





F-litter 4 weeks

There are so much happening with all the puppies right now - see more here

F-litter 3 weeks

Find Mum ;)

The puppies are doing just great, and they growCool See more here

F-litter 2 weeks

Fanta 2 weeks

The puppies are 2 weeks and doing great. See more here

F-litter 1 week

The puppies are now 1 week. See more here

The puppies are finally here october 30.

Mille had no less than 8 puppiesVildSee more here

Mille 7 weeks pregnant

Now Mille is 7 weeks pregnat and getting very very big. See more here

Mille 5 weeks pregnant

Mille is now almost  weeks pregnant and the belly is starting to show Hjerte See more here

Gucci show

Gucci was at a show with a swedish jugde. Unfortunately I was at the hospital but had a very nice girl to show Gucci Cool Thanks to GinaKærlighed Gucci was a bit insecure with her new handler, but received excelent 2 and a very nice description:


Bra storlek, feminint huved, mørke øgon, bra udtryk, bra hals og ryg, bra brystdybde, udmærket muskulatur, bra ben og tasser, bra vinkler og rørelser, bra pels og farve

Novas first show

Rieckholms Elora-Nova has been at her first show and had L - meaning promising. It was her families first show, so unfórtunately the jugde even though he gave her a very nice description-  jugded her down because of poor handling!! The little puppy was 4 months!!! So I think it was very hard.

The jugde wrote: 4 måneder gammel tæve, med godt udtryk, korrekt ansatte ører, korrekt bid, kunne have lidt mere tilbagelagte skuldre, korrekt ryglinie, gode bagbensvinkler, godt bryst, lige forben, benstilling for og bag, kunne vise sig bedre, mangler ringtræning

Mille in heat

Mille has started her heat today the 20. of augustSmiler


We will mate her at the end of the month and are looking forward to the F-litter!

Eddie 11 weeks

Eddie loves the washer <3

Eddie has left for his new home - we miss him allready - but we know we have found the perfect home for himHjerte

The puppies 9 weeks

Eto'o on the best pillow - old labrador Jatzy

Now Eto'o has left for his new home - and we only have Eddie here( He is going to norway in the end of september). 

We want to wish Eto'o and his new family a good life togetherSmiler stort



The puppies 8 weeks

The last picture of all 5 of them together

Elora - Nova ( Nova for short) left for her new family as the first puppy. She will be owned by me - kennel Rieckholm, but will be living with her family. We think we found the perfect family for herSmiler

Elfie and Ekko have left for their new homes - we will miss them dearly - but we know that they both have perfect homes - so we just want to wish them and their families good luckHjerte

The puppies 7 weeks

All the sleeping beayties - love them <3

Love them all - see more here Mum and auntie are allways there to play and protectHjerte

The puppies 6 weeks

The puppies are now 6 weeks and time flyes way to fastTrist But we are enjoying them even more if possible. See more here

The puppies 5 weeks

The puppies are soo great, they have developes nicely Hjerte See more here

The puppies 4 weeks

The puppies are now 4 weeks, and doing great - see more here

The puppies 2 weeks

The puppies are now 2 weeks and doing great - Rosa is the best mother everHjerte See more at their own page

Puppies 6 days (9 june)

The puppies are doing great and Rosa is enjoying her mothehoodCool 

Boston puppies

Rosa gave birth to a beatyful litter of puppies the 3. and 4. of juneSmiler There are 3 boys and 2 girls. The birth was so easy and Rosa had everything under controlHjerte She is the born mother. Now Rosa needs to rest and then I will take pictures later 

Boston Puppies

Rosa is waiting her last litter the 10th of june. Her stomach is already quite big and she is looking good. Unfortunately she doesn't want her stomach to be photographed, so we must wait until next timeHjerte So here is Rosa as a pup Cool

Boston puppies

Ok it looks like a little tummy - but she has cheated before....

We are hoping and waiting for Rosa to show signs of pregnancy. Well she again has morning sickness and wants to sleep all the time, but every time she has been into heat she has been like that 2- weeks after. So we just have to wait....Forvirret

Puppies in may

Rieckholms Lucky Lady  Has become puppies - 4 males and 2 females. There are 1 red/white male for sale and 1 white male. All the puppies are sold!


Again Rieckholms Luke Skywalker is making me proudVild

He is participating in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FOR WORKING BOXERS: ATIBOX in IPO3!! In Belgium the 8th. - 10 th. may

I am looking forward to hear how it went, unfortunately I do not have the oppurtunity to go there and cheerVred

4.th of april

Giselle vom Bruchsee has been shown at the Danish kennel klub show!

We have had a long break in training, so I was a bit exited to see how she would behave because she is now a teenager with a big TCool

But this girl is soo clever - she hadn't forgotten what she learned as a tiny baby so she behaved very nicely in the show ring and enjoyed showing offHjerte

First she was BEST PUPPY BITCH, then she was BEST PUPPY IN BREED  and in the end she was BIS PUPPY NR 2VildVild I am ower the moon with my little girl and soo proud



Spirgaardens Miss Rosa has been mated today withK. C One and Only Georgi. See more under E-litter


Mille has cheated us all and herstomach has dissapeared and there are no puppies Trist - we are very sorry about that but it is how nature is unfortunately Kan ikke li'

Mille 4 weeks pregnant

Mille in her favourite position - on top of her friend Jatzy

Now Mille is 4 weeks pregnant - see more here Cool


Mille has now been mated and we expect puppies this easterCool See more at their own page: Rieckholms E-litter

Bostonterrier puppies

Finally Mille ( Divadogs Bera Banana) has gone into heat and she will be mated in the end of january 2015 Cool

We are so super exited and are looking forward to this litter.