This is our new boxer Giselle vom Bruchsee - born 04.08.2014

Welcome to Kennel Rieckholm!

We are breeders in the Danish kennel klub -  DKK

We are a small danish kennel with:


- Divadogs Bera Banana born 2011.

- Giselle vom Bruchsee born 2014Cool

Our goal is to breed to the standard :

Which for the boxer is:

- Good family and working dogs with great health and look. 
We health check for : HD, Heart and Spondylosis.

And for the bostonterrier:

- Good family and agile sports dog with great health and look.
We health check for: Patella luxation and x-ray the back, neck and tail.

Our dogs live in the house with us, and are part of our familySmiler stort

Rosa and her C-litter



We plan a new bostonterrier litter in spring 2015Cool

Divadogs Bera Banana will be in heat in the end of december and will be mated january 2015!

We hope to plan a new boxerlitter late 2016Hjerte


See us at Facebook: Kennel Rieckholm Dk