No puppies in 2021 



We plan a litter in sommer 2022 from Rieckholms Nugget of Gold 🙂


We plan a bostonterrier litter in sommer 2022 from Rieckholms Nelly 🙂 


We open the wiating list when the future mothers have been mated🙂

Contact: rieckholm@yahoo.dk

Our puppies grow up in the bedroom/living room, and are used to children in all ages, other dogs, all the sounds in a normal home, running in the garden, driving in the car, collar and leash, go for little walks etc. The socialization is of utter importance for us!!

 See us at Facebook: Bostonterrier fra kennel Rieckholm or kennel Rieckholm DK

- At the picture is Rieckholms Luke Skywalker, IPO3, AD, BH, HD-B, Heart-0, Spondylosis-1


Our goal is to breed to the standard for both breeds :

And in addition to that I also have these criterias:
- Good family and working dogs with great health and look. 

We health check for : HD, Hearth, Spondylosis and kidney.


- Good family and agile sports dog with great health and look.
We health check for: Patella luxation, eyes and x-ray the back, neck and tail.

Our dogs live in the house with us, and are part of our family😀We train them, they run besides the bike, we go for long walks at the beach and in the woods or in the local dogpark.

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