Kennel Rieckholm

2014: We hopefully expects bostonterrier puppies in week 42 - stay tuned for more info :)


We have been looking for a dark brindle/white girl with the perfect pedigree  and I think we have found her

Boston terrier
 - We have mated  Spirgaardens Miss Rosa in august 2014 and hopefully expects puppies in week 42

- We plan to mate Divadogs Bera Banana in the beginning of 2015


Welcome to Kennel Rieckholm!

We breed in the Danish kennel klub DKK

We are a small danish kennel with:


- Spirgaardens Miss Rosa born 2007.

- Divadogs Bera Banana born 2011.


We will have our new boxer girl at the end of July

Our goal is to breed to the standard :

Which is for the boxer:

- Good family and working dogs with great health and look. 
We health check for : HD, Heart and Spondylosis.

And for the bostonterrier:

- Good family and agile sports dog with great health and look.
We health check for: Patella luxation and x-ray the back, neck and tail.

Our dogs live in the house with us, and are part of our family who play and have a good time with us and our children

As you can see at the pictures:

Our boxer Joana and our Bostonterrier Rosa had puppies at the same time in spring 2010. They had no problem in switching puppies and thought it was wonderfull to nurse eachothers puppies