Giselle vom Bruchsee - born 04.08.2014




2016 We plan our first boxerlitter in 7 years in the end of 2016 with Gucci


2017 Our next bostonterrier litter will be in spring 2017 with Nova

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Our puppies grow up in the living room, and are used to children in all ages, other dogs, all the sounds in a normal home running in the garden, driving in car and bus etc. The socialization is of utter importance for us!!

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We are breeders in the Danish kennel klub -  DKK

We are a small danish kennel with:

Rieckholms Elora-Nova Health: patella 0 - born june 2015.
- Rieckholms Fanta Fantastic born october 2015.
- West Lund Danish Dynamit by Dandy - born september 2015.
- DKCH, AK Giselle vom Bruchsee born 2014 HD-A, 
- At the picture is Rieckholms Luke Skywalker, IPO3, AD, BH, HD-B, Heart-0, Spondylosis-1

Our goal is to breed to the standard for both breeds :

And in addition to that I also have these criterias:
- Good family and working dogs with great health and look. 

We health check for : HD, Hearth, Spondylosis and kidney.


- Good family and agile sports dog with great health and look.
We health check for: Patella luxation and x-ray the back, neck and tail.

Our dogs live in the house with us, and are part of our familySmiler stortWe train them, they run besides the bike, we go for long walks at the beach and in the woods.