Retired - Pensjonister
F CH Ultra Du Chevalier De St. Maxime (d.o.b 19/09/2003)

Sire: FUCH Reglisse Du Chevalier de Saint Maxime
Grandfather: Honore Des Bruyeree Coreziennes
G. Fathers father: Kuparikummun Black Poison
G. Fathers mother: FUCH Eliette Du Petit Dragon D'or
Grandmother: Newness De La Gaie Maisonnee
G. Mothers father: FUCH Lightning Magic Equinox
G. Mothers mother: FUCH Lisbeth-Black Du Chevalier De Saint Maxime

Dam: Symphonie Du Domaine D'Osiris
Grandfather: LU B CH, FUCH Lewis De Socrettaz
G. Fathers father: Buster De Socrettaz
G. Fathers mother: Bretton Electrou Molecule
Grandmother: LU B CH, FUCH Myrrah Du Chevalier De Saint Maxime
G. Mothers father: FUCH Lightning magic Equinox
G. Mothers mother: FUCH Lisbeth-Black Du Chevalier De Saint Maxime

Merci beaucoup Maryse et Julie pour cette magnifique Carlin!

Ultra bor hos familien Vonakis.
R.I.P 2013

Irma (d.o.b 27/09/2006)
STAMTAVLE:/ PEDIGREE                        TISPE/ FEMALE

Sire: FUCH, Ultra  Du Chevalier De Saint Maxime
Grandfather: FUCH Reglisse Du Chevalier De st. Maxime
G. Fathers father: Honore Des Bruyeres Correzien
G. Fathers mother: Newness De La Gaie Maisonee
Grandmother: Symphonie Du Domaine D'Osiris
G. Mothers father: LU  B CH Lewis De Socrettaz
G. Mothers mother:LU B CH, FUCH Myrrha Du Chevalier De St. Maxime

Dam: Pumopechi's Believe in Love
Grandfather: NUCH Moloss Best Of Chevignon
G. Fathers father: NUCH Røysings Jolly Anton
G. Fathers mother: SUCH Moloss Wild Love
Grandmother: Agera
G. Mothers father: Cherimoy's Syver
G. Mothers mother: Tangetoppen's Min Dorris

5 x CK

Irma bor hos Hanne & Ross.

Irma is the mother to our D and G- litter.

Irma is retired 2011
Alice Av Pugling (d.o.b 30/05/2008)
 Rina Remmert/ Lucille Andersen -Pugling Kennel

MNeCH BiHCH DKCH NUCH SUCH FINCH NORDCH INTCH (FCI) PORCH AzoresWinner 2007 Tangetoppen's Gentleman
Grandfather: Int Nord UCH Didiel Andes Lo Maximo
Grandfathers father: Didiel Andes Ring Side Rumour
Grandfathers Mother: Didiel Andes Matilde La Obsesion
Grandmother: NORD FIN BiH LT S&M HR EST UCH Tangetoppen's Yatzy Yatzy
Grandmothers father: Nabuco's Atila
Grandmothers mother: CH Tangetoppen's Olivia

Dam: Bibbi
Grandfather: CH Pugsies Jiminy Cricket
Grandfathers father:  CH Ci- Types Charlie The One And only
Grandmothers Mother: CH Kastanjans Jersey Lily
Grandmother: NUCH Mopsebo Enya
Grandmothers father: CH Moloss Best Of Chevignon
Grandmothers mother: Klehaugens Edna

3 x CK

Alice is the mother to our H - litter and N -litter

Bella To Pugling Du Chevalier De St. Maxime (d.o.b 10/12/2006)
Mmes Julie & Maryse Crosnier - Chevalier Du St. De Maxime - France

Sire: Multi Ch. Gio. Do. Gio. Semola (B)
Grandfather: Multi Ch, Gio.Do. Gio Papillon
G. Fathers Father: Ch, Tito D'Agata Blu Ottone
G. Fathers Mother: Multi Ch, Gio. Do. Gio. Luna
Grandmother: Ch, Marbelton Just Mite
G. Mothers father: Ch, Sheffawn Take That
G. Mothers mother: Teeko's Neater 'n' Sweeter at Marbelton

Dam: Ursula Bella Du Chevalier De St. Maxime (F)
Grandfather: Rouky Du Chevalier De St. Maxime
G. Fathers Father: Honore Des Bruyeres Correziennes
G. Fathers Mother: Orianne De La Roseraie De La Therouanne
Grandmother: Sissi De Generation Pelerin's And Co
G. Mothers father: Deren Anna Monan
G. Mothers mother: Ostine De Generation Pelerin's And Co

1 x CK
1 x HP

Import from France

Nous remercions nos amies Julie & Maryse!

Bella bos hos Jonas og Wenche.

Bella is the mother to our E- litter and K- litter

Edith "Ågot " Av Pugling
STAMTAVLE:/ PEDIGREE                   Tispe/ female
 Rina Remmert/ Lucille Andersen -Pugling Kennel

Sire: CZ SL SK BH MNE N CH Pugsies Jiminy Cricket ( Bertil )
Grandfather: LPI, LPII, DK SUCH Ci-types Charlie The One and Only ( Zigge)
G. Fathers father: NV-98 N SUCH Danpug Sergeant Pepper
G. Fathers mother: FIN NORDCH Kingsize Fawn Curry
Grandmother: S N INT CH Kastanjans Jersey Lily
G. Mothers father: WW-98 SV-99 FIN SUCH Solna's Adam's Rib
G. Mothers mother: Kastanjan Fortune-Flora

Dam: Bella Pugling Du Chevalier De St Maxime
Grandfather: IT LU INT CH  Gio.Do.Gio Semola
G. Fathers father: Gio.Do.Gio Papillon
G. Fathers mother: Marbelton Just Mite
Grandmother: Ursula Bella Du Chevalier De St. Maxime
G. Mothers father: Rouky Du Chevalier De St. Maxime
G. Mothers mother: Sissi De Generation Pelerin's n Co

Ågot lives with the Beck family.

3 x CK
Ågot is the mother to Pugling's J- litter and P-litter
Edith is PDE tested  N/S
Takk til Fam Beck som tar så godt vare på Ågot <3

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