Welcome to my homepage
    Here is my attempt to make a homepage, hope somebody can use it.
I have a big interest and that is airplanes and what could be more close that to make that for a living and so I did, I have now been working in the Danish Airforce for nearly 40 years as an aircraft mechanic on several airplanes first the North American F-100, then on the Swedish SAAB F-35 Draken, and in the last years as tecnician,in a bunker, before I retired in 2013.
   I also enjoy the "taste" of a little bit of airplanes, and that is flightsimulator: Microsoft flightsimulator FSX and my plan was to make links to pages,where to download planes,(also panels and sounds), that have been in service in the Royal Danish Air Force, and also include some Danish sceneries. You are also welcome to email me and ask if there is something You want to know.
But now after I have started to make sceneries to FSX/P3Dv3, it seems like it had become my first priority, now I nearly never fly FSX, instead I use most time to making sceneries or try to repaint some aircraft. 
All my sceneries can be downloaded here:
                     (Just press on the links below)
flightsim.com  or:  simviation.com  
          or: avsim.com


My first scenery was Avnoe AB (on the south of Sjaelland), which was flying school for Danish Air Force until 1993, where it was moved to Karup AB.
Avnoe AB (vol. 2.0) can be downloaded from here:
Pictures se here:  FSX EKAV scenery
My second scenery is Skive Airport EKSV (close in the middle of Jutland), it´s an VFR airport with lighted runway so it can be used 24 hours a day, made it a photo-real background with some animated windsocks and windgauges, made all the objects in FSDS except for a few objects from Rwy12.
I think it´s better because I have learnt so much in the proces by making this scenery, so it´s going the right way.
Pictures se here: FSX/P3D EKSV scenery
My third scenery 

FSX/P3D scenery Oksboel shooting area EKOL  
is finally finished
Look above to see, where to download the scenery    
Pictures se at: FSX/P3D EKOL scenery              
My fourth scenery          
MY FSX/P3D scenery Oelgod airfield finished.
Now I finished making the small airfield Oelgod (Ølgod) airfield, which are laying close to the center of Jutland near the city Oelgod (Ølgod).
It contents of a grass runway 20x550m and the challenge is that the runway is surrounded total by big trees, making starts and landing difficult especially in windy conditions.

          Look above to see, where to download the scenery

Pictures se at: FSX/P3D Oelgod airfield 
------------------------------------------ My fifth scenery 

Roodewal weapons test range FARW finished 
I got a mail from Willie a flight-simmer in South Africa, who asked about I could make a scenery of Roodewal shooting range laying in north east corner of South Africa.
So I tried to make that and it was quite fun, during that I made my first military truck and a T-34 russian tank to use as target, I could reuse some of my target from EKOL.

Look above to see, where to download the scenery  

Pictures se at: FSX/P3D Roodewal weapons test range FARW
            My sixth scenery 
Update:   🤭
Due to an error some of the objects were not showing in EKNF, therefor I have uploaded a vol.2, that solves this problem, so before install EKNF vol.2, it´s necessary  to remove EKNF (first edition) complexly from the PC.      

Nr. Felding airfield EKNF is finished 
I have now made a minor airfield close to where I live. It´s mainly used for sailplanes and ultra-light aircraft. It contains a grass runway 30m wide and 930m long, There are one hangar, a garage and some tre cottages, I have put animated windsocks up.                          

Look above to see, where to download the scenery  

Pictures se at: FSX/P3D EKNF scenery.                    
            My seventh scenery 
Silkeborg airfield EKCR is finished 
This time I made another minor airfield close to where I live. It´s mostly used for gliders, but also some motor aircraft. It contains a grass runway 30m wide and 1050m long, There are some hangars, several buildings and cottages, I have put animated windsocks up.                          

Look above to see, where to download the scenery  

Pictures se at: FSX/P3D EKCR scenery.                    
-------------------------------------      My eigth scenery 
Viborg airfield EKVB is finished 
This time I made another airfield not so far from where I live. It´s mostly used for gliders,ultra-light and GA aircraft. It contains 2 grass runways 33x680m and 32x507m There are some hangars, several buildings, I have added windsock,anemometer and a campfire all animated, also a fueltrigger by the fuelstation, so You can get fuel on your plane by using parking barke close to the fuelstation.                          

Look above to see, where to download the scenery   

Pictures se at: FSX/P3D EKVB scenery.   
Important info:
Unfortunately (an error) in my campfire effect file causes an error, when You try to install EKVB scenery, so therefor I have uploaded an fix error file, that You after download, just overwrite the earlier effect files that was included in the scenery package.                   
    Latest : I have started to try to improve the Karup AB scenery (EKKA).
It´s a part of the freeware scenery: "Denmark Scenery 1.4", which some guys made years back, but now I thought it was the time to improve it, by making hangars and buildings that look closer to the real thing. So I put some pictures in the site. "My Karup sceneri", where You Can look at them.
But I must admit that now and then, I need a break from thework.

        Airbase Vandel scenery (EKVA)

I also stated to make Airbase Vandel EKVA scenery, but because I don´t have view pictures from when it was operational, it needs some work in Adobe photoshop. The airbase closed in 2003 and the Danish Air Force sold it, now it´s on private hands and they do not allow me to come into the area to take pictures of the building (from outside only)