Photo Safari

Photo Safari

Our speciality is the classic photo safari where the guests travel between game reserves and safari lodges (click for example)

Spend a night or two in each lodge or tented camp, and enjoy the local nature and wildlife on daily excursions - the so-called gamedrives - each morning and evening, or en route to your next destinations.

Kenya is known by safari connesseurs for its stunning nature and plentiful wildlife - and for being a paradise for bird watching.

Kenya houses Africa's Big Five - and has a wide variety of habitats for wildlife - from deserts to mangrove swamps and every thing in between.

Essential Kenya

Safaris don't have to take months and cost a fortune. Visiting the most spectacular and popular game reserves in Kenya can be done in a week.

For a short safari packed with adventure, beautilful nature and wildlife we recommend a trip as follows:

- 2 nights in the breathtakingly beautifull Samburu. A semi-dessert area were you 'll be surprised by the abundance of wildlife that can make a living in these arid surroundings. Elephants, the endangered Grevy's zebra and the 3 big cats are commonly seen here - along with gerenuks, Grant's gazelles and many other more common species like giraffes, buffalos and Dik-Diks.

- 2 nights in Lake Nakuru National Park with the famous soda lake tainted by pink flamingos. The surrounding national park may be your best chance of seeing rhinos in Kenya, and the chances of seeing lions, leopards and hyenas are quite good too.

- 2 nights in the Maasai Mara - Kenya's most famous game reserve. At the right time of year you may be lucky to see the wilderbeasts crossing the Mara River, and you are almost guaranteed to see several hundreds of thousands of wilderbeasts and zebras here. Besides the 3 big cats, you've also got a chance of seing a serval cat here, and off course giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, elephants and numerous species of gazelles and antelopes.

Depending on your plane connections, you may also find time to visit Thomson's Falls and make a stop on the Equator for a demonstration of the Coriolis Force, or pay a visit to some of Nairobi's attractions, like the giraffe centre, the elephant sanctury, Nairobi National Park or the National Museum and snake park.

Connesseurs' safari

Have you already seen the most popular places? Tired of following the beaten track and staying in crowded lodges - and are you up to a safari adventure out of the ordinary?

Here is a suggestion to a fantastic yet affordable trip for connesseurs:

Fly to Mombasa and take a day or two at the beach to relax after the flight and perhaps do a bit of snorkeling at a coral reef.

Drive to Tsavo East N.P. and stay a night or two in Satao Camp; an un-fenced incredibly charming pearl of safari style arcitecture where you get really close to the wildlife.

Take an en route gamedrive to Tsavo West N.P. and stay at least 2 nights at Kilaguni Lodge. A place of stunningly beautiful nature, plentiful wildlife and a must-see lodge with the most incredible view of a salt lick with Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background.

Drive to Amboseli N.P. and stay a night or two in the most incredibly beautifull lodge you'll ever come across: Elerai Lodge. The lodge is located a bit away from Amboseli N.P. - which can be a bit crowded at times, but the lodge is an experience on its own and certainly worth the drive. A guided walk in the surroundings is also a must.

Drive to Nairobi for a bit of relaxation, shopping and luxury - and perhaps a visit to a few of the attractions Nairobi has to offer.

Drive to Country Club in the Aberdares for a walk in the park - really close to the animals and stay for the night. Next morning transfer to The Ark for gameviewing from the lodge. Stay over night and start early next morning on an all day gamedrive in the mountains surrounding the lodge. Breathtaking nature is spiced up with plenty of wildlife - and chances are that you'll have the mountains to yourself.

Drive to Crater Lake and stay a night at the Crater Lake Lodge. Fantastic scenery and a chance to take a guided walk along the lake and over the crater rim - and ending with sundowners and snacks at an incredible view point. Extremely charming place with very few tourists.

Drive to Samburu / Buffalo Springs / Shaba Game reserves for a couple of nights with gamedrives morning and afternoon. The nature is so fascinating up there, that no matter how many times you have been on safari, you'll keep coming back to this area for more.

Drive to Sweetwater Tented Camp in Ol Pejeta game reserve and on the Equator. Very charming lodge with salt lick placed in the middle of a park with plenty of wildlife - night game drives and a chance of experiencing a sunrise above Mount Kenya.

Return to Nairobi when you / if you can.

Sunrise over Mount Kenya seen from Sweetwatyer Tented Camp.

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Recently my colleagues working for a UN Body in Geneva visited Kenya and were privileged to have Felix take care of the visit! Wonderful Felix!!!!!

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My name is Juan Jesus Ahumada from Spain a Professional wildlife photographer. What packages do you have for person like me for at least 7 day Masai Mara only

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