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During a safari in Kenya in 2000, the founder of Pens for Kids Denmark Claus Hjørnet invited me (Felix Mutua Muthama) to become a representative for the charity organisation Pens for Kids.

Pens for Kids collects pens from donors in Europe, USA and Australia and send them to Pens for Kids representatives like myself for distribution among disadvantaged children in Kenya and other countries where they are needed for the kids' education.

In the pictures below you can see me handing out pens to underprivileged kids in schools or orphenages in my local community.

In some of the pictures the children hold up signs to thank the sponsors who donated the pens or money to Pens for Kids that made it possible for them to afford attending school.

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18.06 | 10:18

Recently my colleagues working for a UN Body in Geneva visited Kenya and were privileged to have Felix take care of the visit! Wonderful Felix!!!!!

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