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Ulla Runchel... was born in Denmark and has lived in Spain for many years, where she developed PDT (photo dynamic therapy) with fibro optica, etc. She is a visionary and futurist searcher of new ways to cure illness using PDT with light, sound and color, through crystals. her most recent book is entitled "The Age of Light". She writes her books in the mountains of Mijas, Spain in peace and harmony with nature. LEGAL NOTICE: All Rights Reserved. You may not copy and distribute in any way, shape, form or fashion without my explicit written permission. http://www.shirleymaclaine.com/stories/spirits/story-210
You have your own access to the power of self healing.


I work with space and time, matter and
 antimatter, that's the way to create my reality, Ulla Runchel.


"Everything I write has been written before.

All I am thinking has been created before.

All I develops, is developed before.

Everything I say has been said before.


It does not mean that everyone understands.


It says only that we are individual in our karma

and what we have chosen, to understand the goals with life

to others, and ourselves.


Although everything is deleted from one common energy in the Universe

so it is repetition, I do through my whole life.

Since The One knowledge, has always existed.

Is that I sit and write now, has been written before, LOL".

Love Ulla.



Grape extract kills cancer cells

Grapes contain potentially beneficial chemicals

An extract from grape seeds can destroy cancer cells, US research suggests.

In lab experiments, scientists found that the extract stimulated leukaemia cells to commit suicide.

Within 24 hours, 76% of leukaemia cells exposed to the extract were killed off, while healthy cells were unharmed, Clinical Cancer Research reports.


The Crystal Universe: A Glimpse of the Cosmic Wisdom

You have your own access to the power of self healing.




Hi everyone, the main objective here on my web is that, we can be able to learn to heal our-self by using "mind over matter” use our intuitive mind to re-place and move energies in our own body,.


 I will be a part of this futurist way to share and forward some of my techniques and drawings into a symbiosis by many years’ insights and topics, I have had visions about during the years.


Many people world wide is  practice this tools we call (healing) of today, by their own visions in glimpse comes to us in commune, my thought is we can maintaining our own health by working with our Body, Mind and Spirit. I will continual write daily according to what we all would like to share, mostly I will write about my visions from the last 25 years.

It seems that worldwide healing, meditation, visualization is a big deal to balancing our nerve-system to cut the stress syndrome, which are the huge problem to many of today.

 Children have stress more than ever, and young people who is living with electromagnetic disturbance by invisible radiation from Mobil-computer, etc.etc. Are moving into the same flow as us growing up, they are whirling into the stress waves we radiate out in our homes they sleep, live and play in this top tuned down going energy, without knowing the alert problem.


We live in this NOW, we are in the middle of a new time age, the body is not used to all the stress, and without make noticed we walk around as a “half human being” felt with imbalances in body, soul and mind.


We are a product of this now; this century will be dedicated to space, climate, and gene science. We are going to stick together as far as science of the future is concerned - especially young people are going to work closely together: about how we are going to steer the weather in future here on Earth, how to fight new diseases, how to share the resources of Earth for the benefit of the entire humanity. Research will be done in fighting bio-terrorism. The world has shrunk to the size of a grain of sand, since almost everybody have access to the Internet and can find answers to a lot of questions in a nano-second.



When we are at home, the first thing is to open the computer, and hanging inn to late over AM. Bad for the body and the brain and the organs etc. The knowledge of this healing abilities have we all access to, this is a tools we can remembering from our own intelligence, which are hidden wisdom in safely stored in our brain, a file we can open when we are prepared for this. Maybe I could be a key to help you with these abilities, which is a help to traditional medicine. A fusion of scientific and energetic knowledge. The main question is less illnesses and STRESS, how can we deal with this new energy? Soft music, healing, positive thinking, workout, fitness, exercise physical and mental, a "clean booster" in body and mind. Healthy food, and lots of laughs and good friends and much, much more.

Ulla Runchel

Clairvoiant og Forfatter


Artikler af Ulla Runchel
(Articles in English: further below)

 2.Fremtidens menneske
Jeg fløj ind i visdommens dimension
Det kosmiske kors
Korncirklernes mysterium
Menneskets celledannelser er sammensat af...
Den tredimetionelle verden
Hvad PDT kan bruges til i fremtiden
10. Søndags tanker
Sort masse og sort lys
Planeten Jorden
ESP evner
Røngten øjne
Universets midte i det bevægeli stof
Elskede familie
Den tredimensionale kundalini rejsning
Min sjæls indre kerne
Livet er en gave
PHOTON energi
Fredag Aften, en ganske almindelig dag.
Heidi Svendsen, et fremtidens menneske.
En engel på jorden
Drøm / virkelighed /bevisthed.
Om Merete
 33. Hypnose til behandling af sygdomme.
Julen er hjerternes fest.
Den Krystalinske sarkofag
Fremtidens Børn
Tid er energi som er konstant
Plads i mit hjerte
Kommentar til tiden
Texas Gule Rose
Kiral (chiral) molekyler.
Forskning i meditation 
Chacabuco  , Chile

Fremtidens menneske er en fusion af teknology og psyke.

 5.The cosmic egg 
The Mystery of Crop Circles 
6. X-ray-eyes 

Photon Energy 
The blue dot. 
Timeis Energywhich is constant
The Cosmic Cross
  Building Bridges

50. Star born 
ThE Diamond self healing light Therapy

53. KHUFU 
The Master Mind Teleportation Technique
55. Wondering 
We are all coming from the same source, and then everything stopped
57. You find out we have to use the resources of the universe
that we can live well on our small planet.

58.The Silver 
To dare to be themselves
A trip to France, Saint Emilion
61. Black holes
62. The invisible Force: Self-Healing


Bogen  "Lysets Tidsalder"



Lovies Ulla Runchel, writer, healer, ESP, remote view etc.

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