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Debbie Bliss
Jane Ellison
Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton
Jean Moss
Jenny Watson

Debbie Bliss:
A Fine Romance
An Andes Story
Andes 2
Angel Prints
A Tweed Story
Baby Cashmerino 1
Baby Cashmerino 2
Baby Cashmerino 3
Baby Cashmerino 4
Beach Belles
Celebrating Family
Donegal Tweed
Eco Baby
Eco Family
Folk Chic
Land Girl
Luxury Silk DK
Paloma 2
Party Angel
Rialto Aran
Rialto Chunky
Rialto Classics
Rialto DK Prints
Rialto Lace
Simply Crochet
Summer Collection
The Charleston Collection
The Village
Time for Tweed
Winter Garden

Jane Ellison:
Araucania, Winter Jewels
Noro Family
Noro Joy
Noro Kids
Noro Love
Noro Passion
Noro Unlimited

Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton:
Noro Eternal

Jenny Watson:
Araucania Collection, Bøger 1, 2, 4 og 6
Araucania, Tepa
Araucania, Botany Lace
Noro Catwalk
Noro Catwalk 2
Noro City Girl
Noro Flowers
Noro Flowers 2
Noro Mini Knits
Noro Mini Knits 2 
Noro Mini Knits 3
Noro Style

Jean Moss
Araucania, Wandering Spirits