flyer english 2016
English flyer 2016

How would you like to spend one week (or maybe two weeks) during November/December 2015 in Gran Canaria on a “Square Dance” holiday?

Dancing to the combined Calling talents of:

          Jerry Jestin and Paul Bristow

Week one:


Mainstream, Plus & A1


          19th November 2016


        26th november 2016


Week two:


     A1 - A2 - C1


        26st November 2016

  03 th December 2016


This event is organised, each year, by Elin and Bent Petersen, from Denmark.  They make the arrangements for Dancers – travelling from Denmark and Sweden – to fly into Gran Canaria and spend a week, basking in the sun, taking in the sights and Square Dancing on the largest of the tropical islands that are located off of the west coast of North Africa.

This event is open to dancers from all parts of the world, subject to space being available.  If you would like to join in with the fun, here’s what to do:

1) Register your interest with Elin and Bent ( contact details below )                            

2) Organise your flights and hotel  by Jet2holidays

Once you have done all that - just sit back and wait for the colder months to come along, then jump on your flight and join us – it’s as simple as that ! ! !

Dance Tickets: 95 Euros (per person) for each week


Elin and Bent Petersen , Gillesager 270 , 2605 Broendby, DK   Denmark

Tlf.+45 51 90 38 97    e-mail:

Colina Mar Hotel Web-Site:

You can do the booking by Jet2holidays.



Jerry Jestin in white