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About booking Squaredance at gr. Canaria

Unfortunately, We cannot book rooms for dancers, as I have done previously, this is because Thomas Cook have booked 125 of the rooms at Colina Mar. However, you can book your accommodation by Thomas Cook, using the web-site links shown below. When you reach the web-site you can look at "Hotels" to book Colina Mar or at the packages (including flights) which seem to be good value!


You can do the booking by Thomas Cook.



Hello, we are Elin and Bent from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Since 1995 we have been dancing square-dance, and in 1996 we did our first tour with the dancers. We took a bus tour to Alsace in France. It was a great success, the mayor in Ribeauville invited us to come again the next year, and when we came the year after, he did a lot of dancing arrangements for us and he was very proud to present us.

The next years we had SD-arrangements around in Denmark, every year with a lot of happy dancers, but we could see that we could have 7 days at Gr. Canaria for the same price as we pay in Denmark.

Now we are going to Gr. Canaria for the 10. Year and it is still growing. We are happy to see that many of the dancers are coming every year, and new dancers are coming every year, great.

In 2013 we are proud again to present Bronc Vise and Paul Bristow, and we believe that many dancers will come to our arrangements at Gr. Canaria, and they are all welcome.

If You want to go with us, you can book a travel package by Thomson or Thomas Cook to Hotel Colina Mar in Puerto Rico, Gr. Canaria.
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