C R A F T E D - F U R N I T U R E - D E S I G N

Batchair.dk Wings Natural rattan in Nougat colour on a frame of Stainless steel.

F L E X L I N E R . D K - X L 1

D A Y L I N E R . D K is designed by Knud Vinther and published on September 20th 2016 at 02:30 p.m.

Antique fenders from the big sail ships used as a new concept for stools, cushions, swingers and tables.

Published in 2010. Republished here on 11th of May 2018.

Black leather on Antracite Rattan and stainless Steel.

Spiderchair.dk Runner. 6 mm woven PP braided cord on a frame of stainless steel.

B A T C H A I R . D K W I N G S on location in a living room and in the garden.

Corollo.dk 3 in Curry colour with a hide and in Midnight Blue with a black sation cushion.

Corollo.3 DK is made of double sided natural rattan on a frame of steel with solid anchors for the skew teak-legs. Several colours are available. See www.corollo.dk for more information.

C O R O L L O . D K 4 with Dark Jade coloured natural rattan on a frame of steel with feet of solid stainless steel.

Tangochair.dk - 2 types of chairs: Matchromed frame with 4 mm natural leather and leather webbings. Another model with stainless steel webbings and a 14 mm thick leather cushion.These models shall be available during 2017.

Tangochair.dk - the new type with a 10 mm thick leather cushion in top of the frame with stainless steel webbings.

Tangochair.dk with 4 mm cow hide leather on a frame of matchromed steel. An additional 1 cm thick cushion, made of aniline leather on coldfoam, is available. Tangochair.dk med 4 mm kernelæder på et stel af matforkromet fjederstål. En 1 cm tyk hynde af koldtskum, betrukket med anilinskind, kan tilkøbes.

Watch the architect Steen Oestergaard´s own website www.ostergaard-design.com.

Tangochair.dk made of matchromed spring steel with a sand coloured semianiline leather cushion.

Natural rattan on a frame of stainless steel. Colour Burgundy.

Right: Batchair.dk Wings in Kubu Grey Skin on a frame of stainless steel.

B A T C H A I R. D K W I N G S - DAYBED is designed by Knud Vinther and published here on September 29th 2016 at 05:30 p.m.

S P I D E R C H A I R . D K R E L A X with 6 mm white or black PP braided cord on a frame of stainless steel.

Tricane.dk is a new table with a stainless steel frame, a handwoven natural cane shelf and a tempered glass top. Designed by Knud Vinther and published on August 18th 2016 at 01:48.

Danish artpainter Hans Oldau Krull with "The Sax Player" in our showroom.

Knud Vinther. Danish designer of Batchair.dk - Corollo.dk - Flexliner.dk - Spiderchair.dk - Blixenchair.dk

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