What´s the harm ?
Harm caused by believe in Tullio Simoncinis idea

It is easy to find testimonials on the internet, praising Tullio Simoncinis approach. But reports of actual harm caused by acceptance of his ideas are also surfacing. You just wont find them on Tullio Simoncinis or his proponents web sites, as they wish to give you the impression, that their treatment is harmless and cheap in contrast to chemotherapy, which is both damaging to the body and unwanted by oncologists for themselves. One should understand, that these reports are only the "tip of the ice berg". Dead people don´t talk, and only seldom do relatives step forward.

Unknown male, Italy
34 years old diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. Treated by Tullio Simoncini with infusion of sodium bicarbonate into the tumor. As a result the bowel perforated, and the patient died. The italian court system sentenced Simoncini to 3 years in jail for manslaughter, but he has since then been paroled as part of a general amnesty issued by president Silvio Berlusconi.


Unknown male, USA
Diagnosed with likely glioblastoma (An aggressive type of brain cancer). He was told that it would cost 20.000 Euros cash for insertion of a catheter into the brain (at a clinic in Serbia) and an additional 150 Euros cash/day for infusion of sodium bicarbonate (in Rome). In the course of Tullio Simoncinis treatment with Sodium Bicarbonate (2nd or 3rd day), he developed massive brain hemorrage and heart attack. Subsequently he was declared brain dead, and life support was removed. The relatives paid approximately 40.000 $ in cash (app. 28.000 Euros) directly to Tullio Simoncini.
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Sylvia, Holland
58 years old. Diagnosed with breast cancer. Decided not to have conventional treatment. Instead she went to a clinic for the Tullio Simoncini treatment. She paid nearly 11.000 euros (~ 15.500 $). She died because of complications to injections of sodium bicarbonate.
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Marjolein Bouwman, Holland
25 years old. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Decided to have sodium bicarbonate infusisons by Tullio Simoncini instead of conventional treatment. Was declared cured by Tullio Simoncini. Later on it turned out that she was not cured, and the cancer had now extensively metastasized. Died of cancer.
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"Aysha", Italy
Young woman diagnosed with cancers in both breasts (in 2004 and 2006). Originally treated with surgery, chemotherapy followed by reconstruction of the breasts. Subsequently a recurrence in the skin was found. She decided to have it treated by Tullio Simoncini instead of conventional treatment. The condition worsens, and Tullio Simoncini loses interest in her. Because of the progression she was being attacked on an internet forum on alternative medicine, and finally banned. The people she expected to care about her let her down in the end. She died in october 2008.
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Beth, USA
Young woman diagnosed with breast cancer. Decided not to have conventional treatment. Among the treatments she had chosen was injections of sodium bicarbonate into the tumor by Tullio Simoncini.
She blogged about her experiences and received comments from several people warning her against Simoncinis treatment. Because of lack of effect she had surgery at a clinic in Rome recommended by Tullio Simoncini. It is unknown if her blogging activity combined with attention from skeptics played a role in Simoncini's advice.

The lymph nodes were free, but it is not clear how that was estasblished. According  to an update on her blog more than a year after surgery, she was cancer free at that time. To cover her expenses a fundraising initiative had been initiated. The fundraisers said she needed 50.000 dollars.

Her blog is now closed for public view. So we will never know if she remained well, or if she had a recurrence. But the fact remains that Simoncini's therapy didn't help at all.

Unknown male, France
60 years old diagnosed with bladder cancer. Decided to treat himself with instillation of sodium bicarbonate into the bladder according to Tullio Simoncinis guidelines. The cancer grew, and consequently blocked the flow of urine from the kidneys into the bladder. To correct the effects of this he had a "nephrostomy catheter inserted". He insisted on continuing the sodium bicarbonate instillation, and refused to have surgery. The cancer at that point was so advanced, that even highly advanced surgery might not be effective.
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Robert Fyvie, Scotland
54 years old diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2006. Four years later inoperable liver metastasis was found. He refused chemotherapy. The family raised £9.000 for holistic treatment in Thailand. And subsequently £10.000 for inserting a catheter in the liver for sodium bicarbonate infusion at a clinic in Rome. He died 5 months later.

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 Brian William Haw, United Kingdom
51 years old diagnosed with lung cancer in september 2010.Refused to have surgery followed by chemotherapy. Moved to Germany to have the bicarbonate treatment according to Simoncini’s principle in combination with intravenous Vitamin C. Died June 2011.

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Luca, Italy

27 years old male diagnosed with brain cancer in June 2012. He and his family opted for Simoncini's treatment instead of conventional treatment. They payed 20.000 Euros (25.652 US Dollars) to a clinic in Albania (Simoncini is not allowed to practice in Italy). After seven infusions he developed severe headache, and the treatment was paused. It was resumed a few days later, and in addition to the headache, he developed severe convulsions. These convulsions were treated with an injection of Valium. The patient was then transferred to another hospital where he died within a few minutes.

More details here (Article in Italian)


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